Did you know that there are many more things besides price that you can negotiate for with your Chinese suppliers? With a good grasp of negotiation, the impact can be bigger on your bottom line than just the price alone.

Many sellers are worried about negotiating because they are afraid of offending their suppliers or giving them an impression that they are small and new.


With the Guide to Negotiating with Chinese Suppliers, you will:

  • Understand the mindset of most Chinese suppliers so you can negotiate more effectively

  • Learn six things you can negotiate for besides price

  • Learn when you should email, call, or meet a supplier face to face when negotiating

  • Quickly find the right price that you should be negotiating for

  • Recognize “who’s the boss” in a Chinese Factory so can negotiate the outcomes you want

  • Avoid common mistakes that both newbies and veterans make that can leave money on the table

  • Be prepared with all the tools you need to negotiate with confidence

Gary HuangAbout the author

Gary Huang helps Amazon sellers save time and money when sourcing products from China and to scale their businesses through his webinars, coaching, and free articles on 80/20 Sourcing. Gary also serves as the Co-Chair of the American Chamber of Commerce's Supply Chain Committee in Shanghai. 

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