You may have heard horror stories of receiving bad quality and defective goods from China suppliers. These mishaps are often attributed to importers’ neglect to utilize inspection during production.

Take control of your product quality with Factory Inspections: How and When, an eBook that will help you minimize risk of returns from customers, delays and reworks.

Factory Inspections: How and When covers:

  • 4 types of factory inspections, when to use them, and their pros and cons

  • 3 most important things to do to reduce your quality risk

  • Guidelines to consider when providing suppliers with a product specification sheet

  • and more for absolutely free!

samboydAbout the author

Sam Boyd is the founder of Shenzhen, China-based Guided Imports, a platform for e-commerce and Amazon sellers who rely on China for their product supply. Guided Imports focuses on simplicity when it comes to working with new and established importers of all sizes in Chinese manufacturing.

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