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Buying Services / Sourcing Consultants

Find sourcing agents/consultants, product assembly firms, project management companies and others who can assist you when sourcing from China.


Quality Inspection Tips PassageMaker
Quality Inspection TipsPassageMaker
Silk Road InternationalChina Sourcing Information Center
Silk Road InternationalCSIC

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Media / Conferences

Connect with companies that provide China networking opportunities, trade information, news & events updates, advertising & marketing assistance and more.


RetailinAsia.comThe Wholesale Forums (UK)
RetailinAsia.comThe Wholesale Forums (UK) 

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Financial Services

Find companies that offer screening, risk management and other financial services.

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Quality Management

Learn about organizations that can help with quality control, verification, audits, testing, inspection, compliance issues and more.


Sofeast Quality Assurance

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Find shipping, freight forwarding and logistics assistance for your company.

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(Please note that inclusion in this list does not constitute an endorsement by Global Sources. Buyers are recommended to perform appropriate due diligence before contracting for services.)
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