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Watch-type GPS trackers ride wearable device trend

Makers are also developing slim designs and incorporating two-way audio, several alerts, camera, pedometer and MP3 playback to add value.


Pocket-sized Bluetooth units lead mobile phone speakers sector

Most models deliver 1 to 3W and can work not just with mobile phones but with other devices as well.


Quadband W-CDMA units lead China's supply of watch phones

Makers boost value further by adding Wi-Fi and GPS. Designs mix fashion and sports elements.


Call center phones with wireless headsets next big trend

Most headsets are wired, but more Bluetooth, DECT and RF wireless types can be expected in coming months.


Li-polymer mobile phone battery makers extend battery capacity, life span

More models support 2,000mAh or greater capacity and up to 500 charge/discharge cycles.


Small NFC phones sector projected to expand

NFC phones from China are suitable for staff time card, traffic and card payment, e-wallet and information sharing among different enabled devices.


Latest mobile phone chargers support multiple devices

Makers are expanding the input, output and capacity range of their chargers so these can work with more electronic products.


Higher gain, lower VSWR advance China's 802.11n antennas line

Supply of 802.11n antennas is expected to continue on the upswing to match demand for faster data rates.


DMR, dPMR units spur digital category in handheld two-way radios sector

Digital handheld radios rise in supply even as analog units remain dominant.


Quadcore chipset, 5in or larger screens next big trends in China smartphones

Advanced smartphones support 1 to 4GB RAM and 4 to 16GB NAND flash, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS. Some units enable NFC and MHL connectivity.


Large-capacity yet slim units main trend in power banks sector

Makers are raising product value further with LED torch, solar panel, compass, thermometer, speaker or card reader.


HDMI 1.4 connectors breach mainstream

The latest standard continues to increase its output share of the line. A number of makers have shifted production focus to 1.4.

HDMI 1.4 connectors join their 1.3 counterparts in China’s mainstream selection amid the line’s ongoing shift to the higher standard. Units in the latter specification, however, continue to dominate output but with a narrowing lead. For many suppliers, 1.4 variants now surpass 50 percent of yield, which is expected to climb further. For some, the share has reached 100 percent. Makers such as Changzhou Gemini Electron Co. Ltd and Ulo Group Co. Ltd plan to boost their 1.4 turnout in the months ahead. The former’s target is at least 90 percent of total production from the current 85 percent. Changzhou Gemini currently releases 50,000 HDMI connectors each month.


Design, function upgrades lead trends in smartphone case line

Makers pattern design R&D after newly launched smartphones to ensure fit and ease of use.


Gigabit, managed units edging out Fast Ethernet switches

Makers keep up with trends for higher data rates and more complex deployments.


Elevated performance, bigger screens R&D core in smartphones line

Makers adopt the latest chipset and OS to boost product value.


HSPA, M2M capability enrich 3G router selection

Companies boost product value and compatibility to match various applications.


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