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New optics boast better performance

Releases offer clearer images, greater durability and convenient features.

China suppliers of optics are ramping up R&D efforts and upgrading manufacturing systems to provide easy-to-use models with better optical specifications and rugged constructions. Through these, makers hope to widen market reach, with several targeting a larger share of the outdoor recreational sector and others the premiums segment.


Dandong Xunlei offers the XL-HT750-OD model with twist-up or fold-down eyecups.

Image clarity is one of the concerns being addressed. Many companies are adopting lenses made from grade A optical glass for a sharper and clearer view. Multiple layers of antireflective coating are applied on the components to improve light transmission.

Lenses and housings are constructed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions, including weather changes and high temperatures. A number of releases are water-resistant up to 5m.

In the midrange and high end, manufacturers continue to incorporate extra functions such as compasses and thermometers for greater user convenience. Twist-up eyecups are also being fitted onto several binoculars for the comfort of people wearing eyeglasses.

Some makers have released units with digital functions. Such products remain limited in number, however, since the ICs typically need to be sourced from Taiwan or farther overseas.

To ensure monoculars and binoculars remain easy to carry even with several add-ons, a number of enterprises are opting for magnesium alloy as housing material. The metal results in designs that are 30 percent lighter than aluminum alloy versions.

Jaxy Optical Instrument Co. Ltd is among the manufacturers already offering such products. The maker’s recent releases include magnesium alloy binoculars that can float on water.

China suppliers communicate with both buyers and raw material providers regularly to keep up-to-date with the latest trends. A number also participate in trade shows.

Makers see export sales remaining on an upward track this year, despite recent events in Japan, the Middle East and other markets. Nonetheless, the outlook is cautious, with several companies keeping growth projections to 10 percent. This is in contrast to 2010, when the industry posted an increase of more than 20 percent in overseas revenue

Product gallery

Binoculars dominate output

China suppliers offer a variety of optics for leisure, astronomical and military purposes.

Binoculars dominate the line, accounting for about 90 percent of output, because of its many applications. The selection includes models for tours, sports and other public events, hunting, bird watching and sailing.

Prices start at $2 and increase depending on the housing material, prisms and lenses used.

For the first, rubber, PVC, ABS, aluminum and magnesium alloy are the main options, with the last two typical in high-end models.

Lenses come in acrylic or grade A to C optical glass. These have a ruby, blue or green sheen in basic and midrange versions, while upscale types are multicoated.

For prisms, BK-7, BK-9 and BAK-4 constructions are employed. The third is said to deliver clearer and brighter images as it is able to transmit light better.

China-made binoculars are capable of 3 to 40x magnification. The best-sellers, however, are those with 7, 8, 9 and 10x specifications.

In the midrange and high end, value-added features are common. Many designs have a built-in thermometer, clock, stopwatch and compass.

Upscale releases are also typically resistant to water, fog, dust and other elements.

Export-bound designs comply with international standards such as ASTM F963, EN 71 and CE.

Binoculars, telescopes and other optics can be sourced from more than 100 companies in China. Most suppliers are engaged in mixed production, offering related lines such as microscopes and cameras.

Small and midsize operations constitute the majority of the industry. Companies belonging to the first group have fewer than 100 workers and generate less than $3 million in annual sales. Midsize enterprises, which employ as many as 500 people, post revenue ranging from $3 million to $15 million each year.

Manufacturers with a larger workforce account for roughly 10 percent of the supplier base. Several are state-invested.

Most optics suppliers are located in Chongqing municipality, and the provinces of Yunnan, Sichuan, Shanxi and Jiangxi. Some companies also cluster in Zhejiang province.

Binoculars price guide


Product gallery

Bright China Industries (Group) Ltd

Model: BT80080
MOQ: 100 pieces
Delivery: 45 days
Description: Monocular; 80mm objective diameter; brass and wood housing; wooden tripod


Bright China Industries (Group) Ltd

Model: FWC750
MOQ: 300 pairs
Delivery: 45 days
Description: Binoculars; 7x magnification; 50mm objective diameter; rubber and metal housing; with compass; water-resistant


Dandong Xunlei Technology Co. Ltd

Model: XL-HT2080
MOQ: 50 pairs
Delivery: 20 days
Description: Binoculars; 20x magnification; 80mm objective diameter; 3.2-degree angle of view; 186ft/1,000yd field of view; 4mm
exit pupil; 17mm eye relief


Dandong Xunlei Technology Co. Ltd

Model: XL-HT1050-BK
MOQ: 50 units
Delivery: 20 days
Description: Binoculars; 10x magnification; 50mm objective diameter; 6.5-degree angle of view; 342ft/1,000yd field of view; 5mm exit pupil; 19mm eye relief; 3m minimum observing distance; BAK-4 prisms


Jaxy Optical Instrument Co. Ltd

Model: WG01
MOQ: 200 pairs
Delivery: 15 days
Description: Binoculars; 4x magnification; 30mm objective diameter; 11-degree angle of view; 578ft/1,000yd field of view; 7.5mm exit pupil; 3m minimum observing distance; rubber-coated housing; 85x108x40mm; various colors


Jaxy Optical Instrument Co. Ltd

Model: WM014
MOQ: 50 pieces
Delivery: 10 days
Price: $20
Description: Monocular; 6.2-degree angle of view; 393ft/1,000yd field of view; 2.7mm exit pupil; 11mm eye relief; 5m minimum observing distance; 33x135 to 342mm; 280g


Oriental Industries Co. Ltd

Model: FD241025
MOQ: 200 pairs
Delivery: 60 days
Description: Binoculars; 10x magnification; 25mm objective diameter; black rubbercoated aluminum and plastic housing; silver paint; ruby lens coating; 115x100x42mm


Oriental Industries Co. Ltd

Model: FW330830
MOQ: 200 pairs
Delivery: 60 days
Description: Binoculars; 8x magnification; 30mm objective diameter; 114/1,000m field of view; rubber-coated metal housing; multicoated lenses; water-resistant; 14x15x5.5cm

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