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Logistical advantages fuel growth of Jiangsu's fitness equipment sector

The first installment of this two-part series discusses the factors making the area a key sourcing center.

Home to more than 300 manufacturers, Jiangsu province is among the major sources of fi tness equipment in China. The local industry’s selection encompasses various strength training and cardio exercise machines. Stability balls, resistance bands, hand grips, yoga mats and other accessories are also available.


One of the key manufacturing centers in the area is the prefectural city of Nantong. This hub serves as base for about 170 suppliers, several of which have advanced production facilities.

Kunshan city is another important sourcing center. The supplier pool there has grown to 20 makers from only six in 2004. Treadmills, ellipticals, spinning bikes and strength training equipment are among the major exports of the area.

Enabling the continued development of the hubs is their convenient access to a comprehensive supply network. Within Jiangsu province are more than 1,300 businesses that can provide various raw materials and components.

Taicang city alone hosts 500 makers offering steel tubes, bearings and other inputs. Enterprises providing services such as molding and surface treatment are also present.

Another factor sustaining growth of the clusters is their strategic location in the Yangtze River Delta region. Jiangsu is one of the most active trading hubs in China, having large harbors such as Lianyungang and Nantong.

The first links the province to more than 150 countries, including Japan and South Korea. In addition, Lianyungang port is located near rail, road and air transportation facilities, easing the movement of manufacturing inputs and finished products to and from the factories.

Nantong harbor, meanwhile, connects Jiangsu to over 60 countries. Bulk cargoes handled by the facility include iron and nonmetallic ores, steel products and industrial chemicals.


The last installment in this two-part series describes the products that can be sourced from the area.

The range of fitness equipment manufactured in Jiangsu province comprises various strength training and cardiovascular exercise machines. In the former, the selection includes multigyms priced between $120 and $500 each. Units below $200 have one or two stations. They have a frame made of square steel tubes 1.5 to 2mm thick and fitted with PVC- or PP-covered seats that can bear 100kg. A 4 to 5mm-thick cable is common.

For about $300, buyers will find home gyms with three stations. Designs at this price point are supported by 2 to 3mm-thick round or elliptical steel tubes. Their PU-upholstered seats can accommodate 100kg. For the cable, aircraft-grade varieties are adopted.

More expensive products can have up to four stations made of round or elliptical steel tubes that can be as thick as 10mm. Their seats are in high-density foam covered with PU or genuine leather, and can bear 150kg. For the steel cable, 5 to 5.8mm-thick aircraft-grade versions are used.

Additionally, some machines come with an ergometer that shows the number of repetitions, calories burned and other workout information. A few store exercise data.

In the cardiovascular exercise equipment segment, treadmills remain popular. Prices for home-use models start at $120, while machines for commercial settings are at least $1,000.

In the former, designs use 1.5 to 3mm-thick steel tubes for frames. Foldable constructions are widely available.

LCD screens are common in models below $400. Pricier units are fitted with LED versions.

In commercial treadmills, the frame is usually in 3 to 5mm-thick steel tubes. LED touchscreens, numerous preset programs and various entertainment add-ons are common.



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