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Fujian makers enhance bags' ease of use


The second installment in this three-part series discusses product trends and prices.

Fujian bag makers continue to underscore sports and travel designs made of plastic and fabrics. The selection consists mostly of backpacks, duffels and totes, although shopping,cosmetic and laptop carriers are also available. About 80 percent of output is made of PVC and textiles.

Product development currently emphasizes comfort and organization. In line with the former, rear panels on backpacks are fitted with air mesh to facilitate ventilation. Straps and handles can have a layer of Vapel mesh to wick sweat away from the skin. Cushioned grips and shoulder pads ease strain.

As regards keeping contents orderly, specialized sections are allotted to commonly carried belongings. These include water bottles, media players with earphones, laptops, shoes and soiled clothing. Depending on how often the items need to be accessed, the compartments may be secured using a zipper, hook-and-loop tape or elastic bands, or left open.

Polyester and nylon are the main fabric options. They are available in different constructions, thickness, colors and patterns, which can be combined. Taking into account the same specifications, bags made of polyester are generally 30 percent less expensive than nylon.

Prices of backpacks from Fujian are between $1.50 and $25 per piece. Low-end models go for up to $5 and utilize 420 to 800d polyester with a PVC coating. The solid-colored products may be unlined or have a polyester inner layer. Apart from two main compartments, there may be one front and two mesh side bottle pockets. The top handle is in webbing and the shoulder straps are padded.

Midrange designs top out at $15. They come in 600 to 1680d polyester or nylon canvas, oxford or ripstop. PVC or PU is applied to the surface. The lining is polyester. The handle and rear panel are cushioned. Blocked hues and printed motifs provide added visual appeal.

The most expensive styles are made of 900 to 1680d polyester or nylon covered with PVC or PU. Printed or jacquard patterns adorn the polyester interior. The handle is in PVC or Vapel mesh. Hiking, hydration and solar types are part of this segment, with the last reaching $50.

Duffel bags are quoted at $2 to $20. Basic variants employ 600d polyester, with some having pure polyester lining. There are a maximum of four compartments and a single hue.

Intermediate versions, which utilize 600 to 900d polyester or nylon with PU or PVC coating, start at $4.50. They may adopt an allover print.

High-end variants exceed $10. The primary materials are 1200 to 1680d polyester and nylon that have an overlay of PU. Both fibers are used for the reverse side. The handles and straps are padded. Rolling types are included as well.

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