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Sourcing Centers

Dongfeng top hub for home appliances


Guzhen primary hub for lighting products


Shaxi, Dachong top garment hubs


Dachong top hub for rosewood furniture


Xiaolan major center for metal products


Zhejiang major hub for medical products

Makers in the province enhance efficiency and safety in upcoming releases.

A well-established supplier base, strategic geographical location and government backing combine to bolster Zhejiang’s position as a leading hub in China for medical and patient care supplies.


Guangdong main hub for RFID readers

Makers offer readers that support different bands and configurations.

Guangdong province, the most important electronic design and manufacturing center in China, also takes the lead in the country’s RFID reader market. The area hosts more than 400 makers of the line. They churned out over $400 worth of products in 2012, representing about half of the nation’s output value for the same year.


Fuzhou major sourcing hub for power generators

Makers project exports will remain on the upswing in the months ahead.

Fuzhou continues to strengthen its position as a major China sourcing hub for power generators. Trailing only the city of Ningde as the largest supply center in Fujian for the line, the area accounts for 30 percent of the province’s output and exports. Fujian itself is a locus of R&D and manufacture for the sector, representing 30 percent of the nation’s production and overseas shipments.


Rotary, rocker, membrane units dominate line

The last installment of this two-part series presents the province’s current and upcoming selections of switches.

Switch suppliers in Jiangsu province turn out mainly rotary, rocker or paddle and membrane types, which collectively represent one-third of production and exports. They also offer keylock, micro, push-button, slide, toggle, limit, reed, timer, pressure, proximity, temperature, tactile, power, foot, roll ball and transfer kinds.


Guangdong rising hub for iPad power banks

Makers tap support industries for power supply products to grow the line.

Piggybacking on a robust supply chain for batteries and power banks for different devices, Guangdong province is emerging as a major manufacturing center for power banks for iPad. The area represents over 60 percent of China’s output and exports of power banks. It hosts about 500 exporters, most of which can produce models for Apple’s popular tablet PC. More makers are expected to enter the line in the months ahead.


Wenzhou remains top outdoor playground equipment hub

Rich material supply and synergy among makers reinforce the city’s status as China’s main sourcing center for the line.

Thriving on abundant material resources and cooperation among industry players, Wenzhou has become the leading production center in China for outdoor playground equipment.


Guangdong biggest hub for mobile phone cases

The province represents up to 80 percent of China’s overall supply in the sector.

Home to more than 1,000 manufacturers of mobile phone cases, Guangdong is the largest hub for the line in China. This province in the country’s southernmost part accounts for over 80 percent of the total supplier base for this sector and contributes 70 to 80 percent to the aggregate output.


Jiangsu strengthens standing as switch hub

The first installment of this two-part series presents the province's advantages as a key manufacturing base for switches.

Jiangsu province is enhancing its status as China’s second largest production base for switches through sustained R&D and further expansion of industries that will boost demand for the line. The area generates about 10 percent of the country’s total output for the category, and has a similar share in export sales and volume.


Shandong fast-rising marine hardware hub

Safety hooks, shackles and wire ropes in steel are among the products offered by suppliers in the region.

Shandong province’s marine hardware industry is still a relatively young sector, but suppliers agree it has a huge growth potential. Makers in the area already contribute 3 to 6 million tons of products, accounting for 1/5 of China’s total capacity for this line.


Hangzhou major office furniture hub

Makers in this Zhejiang city benefit from the strong auxiliary network and infrastructure system.

Thanks to a solid supply chain and well-established transportation system, Hangzhou has developed into one of the leading manufacturing centers of office furniture in China.


Strong supply chain boosts Qingdao truck parts hub

Makers offer a growing range of tires, axles, and brake and engine parts.

Qingdao remains a primary sourcing center in China for truck parts. Makers of the line leverage a mature network of support industries, established transportation system and growing overseas investment to nurture the sector.


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