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Increasing labor productivity will be key to China success

by Renaud Anjoran

The conference organized last week by the European Chamber of Commerce in China was extremely interesting.

I took notes during the other speakers’ presentations, and a theme came back again and again: if China doesn’t increase its labor productivity, times are going to get tough:

  • Tough for China because its potential growth will be seriously capped.
  • And tough for the importers, because costs will have to rise a lot.


China's November exports speed up, beat growth projections

China’s exports in November jumped 12.7 percent YoY to $202.2 billion, more than doubling October’s 5.6 percent gain and topping easily general growth projections. Many analysts forecast an increase of 7.1 percent for the moth.


Top 20 home products (November 2013): Ceramic knives a cut above the rest

November 2013 buyer inquiries rose YoY for 15 categories in's top 20 home products, with ceramic knives the most popular, generating 1,034 percent more requests for information.


3D printing popularity gaining; insiders interpret application trends

It is said that 3D printing will usher in the fourth industrial revolution and bring with it dramatic changes to the world. In this article, industry experts share their insights on the latest buzzword on the Internet, newspapers and magazines.


Clunky and boring are out; 24 power banks with fun designs

Say goodbye plain black rectangular power banks as suppliers incorporate a dash of whimsy into their new designs.


Stop moving from low- to lower-cost locations, says China trade advisor

Is your company constantly playing catch-up by moving from low-cost to lower-cost production hubs? If the answer is yes, you probably need to rethink your sourcing strategies.

In an interview with Global Sources, Kristina Koehler, China Director of the Klako Group says the country with the lowest labor costs may not be the best choice. Importers need to assess a range of other factors such as the cost of transportation and electricity, supply chain risk, workforce skills, and tax incentives before choosing a location.


Apparel trends for spring/summer 2014 [Infographic]

Ruffled, pleated and color-blocked peplum tops. Patterned suits in engineered motifs and stripes. Black & white ensembles emphasizing geometric silhouettes. These are some of the hot fashion styles to look forward to in spring and summer 2014.

Learn more about these and other top inspirational apparel trends for the season in the infographic below.


China suppliers expect to sustain exports in first-half 2014 [Survey]

China suppliers believe they can sustain export revenue in the first half of 2014, although optimism is marginally lower than it was for the last six months of 2013. This is according to the latest Global Sources survey of 529 exporters.


Top 20 home products (October 2013): Placemats, table linen rejoin list

Three-digit growth rates in October propelled a couple of categories back into's top 20 home products and allowed another to enter the list for the first time.


Top 20 garments & fashion accessories (October 2013): It's in the bag

Two bag types stood out in an otherwise slow October for's top 20 garments and fashion accessories.


Global Sources top 20 electronics (October 2013): Smartphones hot

The smartphones hot streak continues. October 2013 marks the 13th consecutive month that buyer inquiries for the category have increased on-year. China suppliers have been spurring interest in the line by releasing units boasting quadcore chipsets or 5in or larger screens.

October also saw power banks generating 89 percent more buyer inquiries from September to reverse a two-month decline. The segment remains solid as the second most popular product in the top 20 electronics listing, a position it has held since June 2013.


17 gift ideas that guarantee romance this Valentine's Day

There is so much more to Valentine’s Day than flowers, chocolates and stuffed bears.

Verified China suppliers on offer a selection of gifts and novelties that will surely melt the heart of that special someone.

Start your Valentine’s Day sourcing by checking out our slideshow of whimsical and practical gift items below.


Buzz builds around wireless, smart, wearable at China Sourcing Fair

The latest consumer electronics from Greater China region suppliers lined the halls of Hong Kong’s AsiaWorld-Expo in October as China Sourcing Fair: Electronics & Components had its four-day autumn edition.

Nearly 4,000 booths featured gadgets boasting high-tech features, including advanced wireless, intelligent and HD technology. Hints of fashion were glimpsed as suppliers displayed wearable devices.

China Sourcing Fair: Electronics & Components is one of the world’s fastest-growing electronics trade events. It ran simultaneously with Korea Sourcing Fair: Electronics & Components and China Sourcing Fair: Security Products.

Here is a snapshot of the major trends observed at the show.


Yuan internationalization can facilitate China's trade with emerging countries, says prominent economist

Alicia Garcia-Herrero, Chief Economist for Emerging Markets, Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (BBVA) believes the internationalization of the yuan, or "RMB-ization", can deepen China's trade relations with emerging markets.

In an interview with Global Sources, Alicia explains that a global yuan can minimize the impact of developed countries’ monetary policy on trade growth.

She also sheds light on how certain buyers can benefit from using the yuan as a trade settlement currency, and how importers can cope with forex rate fluctuations.

In her current role at BBVA, Alicia spearheads a team spread across 10 countries analyzing economic developments in the emerging world, with particular focus on Latin America, Asia and Turkey. She is also a member of the advisory board of the Hong Kong Institute of Monetary Research, and advisor to the European Commission on China.


A breath of fresh iPad Air: 14 fancy, functional cases

Always quick on the draw, China volume manufacturers already offer a selection of cases for the iPad Air, just days after the fifth-iteration iPad went on sale in multiple countries.

On, models range from novelty versions with textured surfaces and playful colors to practical and sturdy types. Under the last, China suppliers offer keyboard cases and even those with a pullout wallet.

Check out our selection below of 14 out of the numerous iPad Air cases from verified China suppliers on


Top 20 garments & fashion accessories (September 2013): Month for pretty

Overall, September was a solid month for the top 20 garments and fashion accessories on, with inquiries that month increasing from August for all but six categories.


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