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Cookware sets adopt better materials that reinforce performance attributes

Makers employ enamel coating for increased strength and copper for better heat distribution.

Elevating product performance remains the priority for China suppliers of cookware sets. At most companies, R&D efforts are steered toward improving durability, safety and heat distribution.

Aluminum cookware set
This aluminum cookware set from Zhejiang Feihong has a heat-resistant outer coating.

In this regard, manufacturers are boosting output of porcelain enamel-coated pots and pans. A nonstick material, the glass enamel is often applied on metal bases, including cast iron and steel, making them resistant to abrasion and corrosion. It likewise serves as a protective layer that prevents food from coming into contact with the core inputs, which may lead to contamination. Further, the coating yields a shiny and vibrant finish that allows for easy and thorough cleaning.

Many aluminum pieces are anodized as well for increased strength. The process also adds color and luster to the exterior for enhanced visual appeal.

The abovementioned processes, however, reduce the thermal conductivity of models. To address this, suppliers are intensifying the adoption of copper as base material. Apart from facilitating quick and even heat distribution, the metal does not take a long time to cool down.

The majority of cookware manufacturers in China carry out nearly all procedures in-house to control quality better. In fact, several industry makers operate automated coating lines. Some well-established enterprises are even equipping their factories with smelting equipment, which can handle six tons of aluminum in a single run.

The US and the EU are the primary export markets. To meet these locations' safety requirements, companies are utilizing FDA-approved inputs. A number of suppliers have also begun subjecting coated parts to salt-spray tests to ensure suitable rust resistance.

Cookware materials
Product gallery

Casserole set
This casserole set from Yongkang Tornado is made of 1mm-thick aluminum.
Cookware materials

Cookware sets from China usually consist of casseroles, steamers, and frying and saucepans. Products are marketed in collections containing three to more than 20 pieces. The lids are often part of the item count. In general, the type and quantity of models can be buyer-specified.

Most products have bodies made of stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum and copper. The first material, together with tempered glass, is likewise adopted for covers.

For handles, the popular options are Bakelite, silicone, glass and metal. These components are welded or attached via rivets.

Nonstick coatings are standard inclusions as well. Versions from international providers such as DuPont, Whitford, Ilag and Daikin are widely used, although some manufacturers employ domestic variants for less expensive pieces.

The type and thickness of the base material are the primary performance determinants for China-made cookware sets.

Stainless steel continues to be the most common option as it withstands scratches and dents, does not react to food, and is convenient to clean. Being a poor thermal conductor, the metal is brazed with aluminum or copper for better heat distribution.

Mainstream stainless steel cookware adopts the 201, 202 or 304 grade variants. Sets contain pieces that are 0.4 to 0.6mm thick, although more expensive versions can reach 3.8mm. In terms of finish, sanding and mirror polishing are typical.

Aluminum is often utilized for frying pans, casseroles and stockpots. Besides being lightweight, the material spreads heat rapidly and evenly. Designs, however, are not scratch-resistant and require anodizing to enhance durability.

Standard aluminum models are made of A000 or A00 types with a thickness ranging from 0.7 to 3.8mm. The metal can be sourced domestically or overseas, the latter costing 20 percent more. Several pieces also have two to four layers of nonstick coating.

Pots, skillets and pans in cast iron, meanwhile, take time to warm up but are able to retain the temperature for extended periods. As such, they are suitable for cooking at high heat.

In general, products come in HT20 and HT22 iron that are 1.5 to 2mm thick, and SP12 and SPCC variants measuring 0.4 to 2mm. The metal is mostly procured locally.

To ensure safety, suppliers submit samples to third-party testing organizations, including SGS, BV and Intertek, for analysis. Resultantly, the majority of cookware sets from China have LFGB and FDA approval.

Export prices are anticipated to rise between 5 and 10 percent in the next half-year due mainly to swelling material costs. To illustrate, rates for 304 stainless steel climbed to $3,300 per ton in February from $3,240 the previous month. Outlay for A00 aluminum increased from February 2010's $2,430 per ton to $2,550 a year later. Companies expect this upward trend to continue througout 2011.

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Die-cast aluminum cookware set
Product gallery

Nice Cooker Co. Ltd

Model: CAK-60901
MOQ: 1,200 sets
Description: Die-cast aluminum cookware set consists of 20, 24 and 30cm soup pots with lids, 24 and 28cm frying pans, and 24x24cm grill pan; PTFE- and PFOA-free ceramic inner coating; black

Aluminum cookware set

Yongkang Jiahui Kitchenware Fty

Model: JM-003
MOQ: 500 sets
Description: Aluminum cookware set consists of 12x3x0.21cm frying and 10x8.7x0.23cm milk pans; nonstick coated interior; heat-resistant painted exterior; yellow, blue, black, pink; 24 sets per carton

Aluminum cookware set

Yongkang Jiandi Industrial &Trading Co. Ltd

Model: JD-EFG-503D
Description: Aluminum cookware set consists of 18cm milk and 24cm frying pans, and 20 and 24cm saucepots with lids; 5mm body thickness; Bakelite handles; enamel outer, ceramic inner coating; decaled patterns; colored box packaging

Aluminum cookware set

Yongkang Tornado Industrial & Trading Co. Ltd

Model: SDS-10A
MOQ: 600 sets
Delivery: 25 days
Description: Aluminum cookware set consists of 26cm frying, and 16 and 20cm sauce pans, and 18, 24 and 28cm saucepots; all with glass lids; 2.3mm body thickness; nonstick coating; two sets per carton

Die-cast aluminum cookware set

Zhejiang Dali Mug Industry Co. Ltd

Model: DL-6S01
MOQ: 1,000 sets
Delivery: 35 days
Description: Die-cast aluminum cookware set consists of 20, 24 and 28cm saucepots with lids; 2.5x5.5mm body thickness; 2-layer Corflon coating; LFGB, FDA, BFR, BGA; colored box packaging

Aluminum cookware set

Zhejiang Feihong Industry & Trade Co. Ltd

Model: ALS1071
MOQ: 500 sets
Delivery: 30 days
Description: Aluminum cookware set consists of 20, 22, 24, 26 and 28cm saucepots with lids; stainless steel handles, nonstick inner, heat-resistant outer coating; colored box packaging

Aluminum alloy cookware set

Zhejiang Kailai Industrial & Trade Co. Ltd

Model: KL-06
MOQ: 500 sets
Delivery: 30 days
Description: Aluminum alloy cookware set; buyer-specified number and type of pieces; 2, 2.5 and 3mm body thickness; detachable Bakelite or wooden handles; FDA-approved nonstick coating; marble painted finish

Aluminum cookware set

Zhejiang Tianxi Industry Group Co. Ltd

Model: TX-XSZB-7KG
MOQ: 600 sets
Delivery: 30 days
Description: Aluminum cookware set includes 156, 190, 220, 233, 243, 273 and 298mm pots; 0.85 to 1mm body thickness

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