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Electric fan makers elevate functionality, aesthetics

New electric fans are capable of 360-degree oscillation and boast in-mold decoration.

The latest electric fans from China pack features that elevate product performance. R&D efforts are also directed toward enhanced visual appeal. Such endeavors are in line with most makers' bid to move upmarket to avoid the cutthroat competition in the low end.

Stand fan
This stand fan from Foshan Shunde Jiling can generate negative ions.

With heating and cooling systems, and air purifying and humidifying functionality already mainstream, suppliers are further incorporating double motors, 15hr timers and
360-degree oscillation capability in new designs.

Guangdong province-based Foshan Shunde Jiling Electrical Co. Ltd has recently launched misting box fans with a capacity of 200mL/h. These also boast mosquito repellent features, and utilize photocatalytic filters and negative ion generators to cleanse the air. Units bear the CB and CE marks.

As regards aesthetics, in-mold decoration or IMD is gaining prominence. In this process, design application is incorporated in the molding stage, allowing the creation of colorful patterns in varying textures. Models are then covered with a layer of transparent resin or plastic to protect details from scratches and fading.

Currently, silver, red and black are the popular shades in the market. Different hues and motifs, however, can be made available on request.

Electric fans selection
Product gallery

Ceiling fan
Shunde Damin’s model DS56-6-2 ceiling fan has a maximum speed of 300rpm.
Electric fans selection

China's range of electric fans includes desk, stand, tower, wall, ceiling and box models. The first two types dominate exports.

The common components are the forward and rear mesh enclosures, fixed screws, blades, motor axes, oscillation buttons, control knobs, timers, switches and pedestals. Products may have mechanical or electronic controls.

Popular desk fans come with grilles in diameters of 6, 14 and 16in, while stand versions have 12, 14, 16 and 18in counterparts.

The blade and housing materials are among the factors that dictate prices. These are often sourced domestically, although imported variants can also be utilized for improved performance and durability.

Apart from these, operational capability and added functions are key price differentiators.

Low-end units go for $5 to $10 and perform only horizontal oscillation. The blades are made of locally purchased PP, and are more prone to cracking and deformation compared with equivalents from overseas. The motors often adopt cold-rolled or silicone steel plates. Some less expensive models also use tin components with inferior magnetic permeability and a shorter life span.

Midrange electric fans have ABS, PP or transparent AS blades. The first material, together with iron plate, is also utilized for grilles and housings. The motors come mainly in locally procured cold-rolled steel plates.

These appliances boast multiple speed modes, low-noise operation, LED screens, and wide-angle horizontal and vertical oscillation. Remote controls, however, are optional. In addition, small parts such as switches and timers are often plated. Prices are between $11 and $16.

High-end releases have blades made of imported ABS or AS, and casings and fan guards in ABS or C25 steel from Taiwan. Electric fans in this segment are capable of double oscillation and five speed modes. Digital and remote controls, and timer functionality are likewise standard. A number of units are also equipped with LCDs or VFDs, ionizers or ozone generators, and cool and warm air output. Prices start at $17 and can exceed $40.

As regards tower fans, most models come in 32 or 40in heights, have three low-noise speed settings and are fitted with a recessed handle for increased portability. These designs feature an advanced wind curve profile that enables maximum air distribution. Select units can simulate a natural breeze in different strengths. Washable filters that trap airborne dust and pollen particles may likewise be included. A number of products also boast remote controls and built-in bulbs to facilitate operation in the dark. Models exceed $10.

Mini electric fans are available as well. Prices range from $0.30 to $3. Such releases have silver-coated ABS or PP housings, and perform 90-degree oscillation. Popular versions are equipped with three wind speeds, 12hr timers and remote controls. More expensive models boast ion generators, temperature sensors and LCDs, FNDs or LED screens.

Products intended for promotionaluse, meanwhile, are handheld, run on batteries or via USB, and measure 5in.

Prices of China-made electric fans increased by about 8 percent last year due mainly to rising material and labor costs.

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12in box fan with humidifier
Product gallery

Foshan Shunde Jiling Electrical Co. Ltd

Model: SW-5 H6SFWCY
Description: 12in box fan with humidifier; three speed and wind settings; 200mL/h misting, 1.5L water capacity; photocatalytic filter, mosquito repellent, negative ion generation features; IR remote control;
LED screen; 9hr timer; 71x71x14mm stator

Stand fan

Natridy Electric Appliance Ind. Co. Ltd

Model: EW-16AR
MOQ: 3,000 units
Delivery: 30 days
Description: Stand fan; 1.35 to 1.4m; adjustable height and tilt angle; three speed settings; 90-degree oscillation; motor with fuse protection; GS, CE

Rechargeable fan

Ningbo Taller Electrical Appliance Co. Ltd

Model: TL2210
MOQ: 1,000 units
Delivery: 30 days
Description: Rechargeable fan; high and low wind modes; adjustable stand; sealed lead-acid battery; two LEDs; AC power supply; optional FM radio

56in ceiling fan

Shunde Damin Enterprise Group Co. Ltd of Foshan

Model: DS56-6-2
Delivery: 30 days
Description: 56in ceiling fan; 300rpm maximum speed; 75W; 3.3kg; wall-mounted control included

25cm desk fan

Zhaochengyi Electronic Industry (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd

Model: ZF-1004D
MOQ: 3,800 units
Delivery: 45 days
Description: 25cm desk fan; two-speed rotary switch; four metal blades, metal tube and base; spider fan guard; chrome finish; low-noise operation; thermally fused motor; 29.5x13x41cm; 2.3kg

40cm wall fan

Zhaochengyi Electronic Industry (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd

Model: ZF-1602RW-CR
MOQ: 1,598 units
Delivery: 30 days
Description: 40cm wall fan; four metal blades, metal tube and base; chrome finish; three speed and wind settings; 8hr timer; thermally fused motor; low-noise operation; remote controlled power switch

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