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Console and coffee tables reflect edge in craftsmanship

Console and coffeetable suppliers elevate product value with handcarved patterns and an assortment of inlays.

India makers of console and coffee tables are directing R&D efforts toward design enhancements to boost competitiveness in the international arena.

Console table
This colonial style console table from Rayman utilizes mango and MDF.

Bolstered by a large labor pool of skilled artisans, suppliers are banking on their strength in craftsmanship to come up with new models. As such, many of the latest releases boast intricate handcarved and inlaid details.

Products from Rayman Exports, for example, are embellished with bone, marble, mother-of-pearl and gemstone inlays. The company also offers metal pieces that have embossed patterns, and meenakari and jali artwork.

In terms of structure, basic straight models are popular. Coffee tables from Perfect Creations are available in round, rectangle and square. For console types, semicircle versions are drawing increased attention.

Releases in colonial styles, meanwhile, banner Daksh Handicrafts' selection. These pieces have legs or side panels, which feature manually carved patterns, as bases. Most enterprises also fuse antique and contemporary motifs to differentiate themselves from rivals.

Elevating aesthetics further, manufacturers are launching items in combination materials.

Interio Crafts is mixing wood, brass, iron, glass and marble to yield eye-catching designs. The manufacturer's models come with distressed, stained, matte and lacquer finishes.

Most makers are likewise refining product appearance by eliminating sharp edges and exposed nails. Increasing portability, companies are releasing compact and lightweight pieces.

Treatments that resist the growth of fungi and termites are also being applied to enhance durability. Suppliers are likewise underscoring environmental protection via the utilization of lead- and nickel-free finishes.

In general, enterprises provide quality and safety certification on request. Products from ISO 9001:2000-compliant Rayman meet QMO and ICL standards.

Tables in various designs
Price rivalry
Product gallery
Tables in various designs

India suppliers offer console and coffee tables in a variety of designs, shapes and sizes. Wooden models range from $20 to $300. These are often made of sheesham wood, acacia and mango, the last of which costs 20 percent less than the first type. Metal and glass pieces, meanwhile, start at $50 and can exceed $1,000.

The materials, construction and pattern application method are the main price differentiators.

Coffee tables: Low-end wooden versions utilize mango or MDF, and are available in straight-line structures. Either square or rectangular, popular sizes are 24x24x24, 30x24x30 and 45x30x30in.

Typical releases come with four legs, although some have bottom shelves or use the side panels as base. Patterns may be handcarved or in the form of inlays. For finishing, models are stained, polished and lacquered in different colors. Prices are $20 to $60.

Midrange pieces often combine antique and contemporary styles. These are round or rectangular, and adopt sheesham wood, mango or MDF. Standard dimensions are 24x24x30, 45x30x30 and 60x60x45in. Products stand on four legs, side panels, or single- or two-tier shelves. Drawers are another common option.

Most designs have curved edges, and are adorned with bone, metal and marble. Coffee tables in this segment are listed at $65 to $150.

Releases in the high-end go for $155 to $300. Sheesham wood and acacia are the most common material options, although pieces made of mango are still being offered. The sizes are 30x30x30, 45x30x30 and 60x60x45in.

Models boast intricate handcarved or embossed patterns, inlays, or meenakari or jali artwork. The bases are usually shelves or drawers with one or two layers.

Some of the most expensive coffee tables have silver or tempered-glass tops in geometric shapes and teak frames. Designs are often embossed. The quotes are $800 to $1,100.

Console tables: India-made pieces come in wall-mounted and floor-standing configurations, and straight, curved and semicircle designs. Models utilize the same materials and pattern application as coffee versions.

Low-end releases start at $90 and top $120. Midrange tables go for $125 to $200, while quotes for upscale pieces are between $205 and $300. Products in the last two price points may have storage spaces, or one or two drawers at the base.

Price rivalry

India makers of console and coffee tables are facing stiff price competition from neighboring countries in the Asia-Pacific region. In Indonesia, for instance, suppliers are using wood that costs 30 to 40 percent less, allowing them to offer models at lower rates.

Resultantly, even well-established India retail companies such as Reliance, and Mahindra and Mahindra are sourcing pieces from the area.

Despite this, the majority of suppliers are optimistic that current product enhancement efforts will translate into sales increases in the future.

Interio, for example, predicts between 10 and 15 percent growth in overseas revenue this year. Perfect, meanwhile, expects at least a 25 percent jump in its outbound shipments in coming months.

Export prices rose by 2 to 5 percent recently due to swelling wood costs. In 2011, however, manufacturers anticipate material outlay to stabilize, leading to steady quotes.

Coffee table
Product gallery

Daksh Handicrafts Pvt. Ltd

Model: 1507
MOQ: 50 pieces
Delivery: 60 days
Price: $86
Description: Coffee table; mango, MDF; colonial style; marble finished top; legs may have carved patterns; 100x70x56cm

Coffee table

Daksh Handicrafts Pvt. Ltd

Model: 1510
MOQ: 50 pieces
Delivery: 60 days
Price: $78
Description: Coffee table; mango; colonial style; natural, stain and lacquer finish; curved legs; 100x70x56cm

Console table

Interio Craft

Model: 3
MOQ: 50 pieces
Delivery: 45 days
Price: $92
Description: Console table; sheesham wood; walnut finish; straight design

Coffee table

Perfect Creations

Model: PC-08
MOQ: 100 pieces
Delivery: 45 days
Price: $150
Description: Coffee table; sheesham wood, acacia; bleach, stain, sealer and lacquer finish; round or straight design; four stools; 85x45cm

Console table

Rayman Exports

Model: BNTB-006
Delivery: 45 days
Price: $198
Description: Console table; mango, MDF; colonial style; semicircle design, curved legs; with bone inlay, side molding; matte finish; bottom shelf

Console table

Rayman Exports

Model: WMTB-025
Delivery: 45 days
Price: $142
Description: Console table; mango, MDF, white metal sheet; colonial style; semicircle design; embossed patterns; matte finish; bottom shelf

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