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Home-use tooth whiteners in the foreground

Makers are raising output of whitening lights, gel and kits to satisfy demand.

China’s dental cleaners industry is seeing a surge in output of home-use products for tooth whitening. This comes in response to the growing popularity of DIY models.

Tooth whitener

Beyond’s professional-use kit includes desensitizing post-treatment fluoride.

Among the latest releases are whitening lights in handheld battery-powered constructions. These typically operate at 2 to 10min intervals.

The majority is based on the traditional tray confi guration, although some suppliers have developed versions that resemble a headset. Such products can be connected to a portable media player.

Whitening gel, on the other hand, is usually packaged in a syringe. This enhances portability and allows application after consumption of stain-causing food or beverages.

Further, at Shanghai Sunshine Industry Co. Ltd and Zhengzhou Huaer Electro-Optics Technology Co. Ltd, many of such products are offered in a sheathed design reminiscent of a lipstick tube.

These versions have heads that dispense gel onto a built-in brush when twisted.

The housings are made of plastic or aluminum. Options in the latter input are available in silver, black, gold and other colors. At Ningbo Rinover Medical Instrument Co. Ltd, new models come in a toothpaste-style container.

Whitening gel in lipstick and toothpaste confi gurations range from 2 to 3mL in capacity. The fi rst type goes for $1 to $1.65, depending on material and color, while the other is $0.30 to $0.40. In addition, many suppliers are now offering home kits in various combinations. Gel and teeth trays or lights are typical inclusions, with desensitization gel sometimes present.

Beyond Technology Corp. Nanchang’s selections can come with premier gel, which should be applied before the whitening element to achieve better results.

Kits may boast travel cases and mirrors to raise convenience further.

The company also has products considered more economical. This type of models include small gel containers that are good for five to 10 people.

Product gallery

Whitening gel

The model STWP01 whitening gel from Shanghai Sunshine comes in a lipstick-style housing.

Advanced parts raise capability

Professional tooth-whitening lights from China are being equipped with new sources of illumination. These increase suitability for specific user requirements.

Blue LEDs, which operate at a wavelength of 480 to 520nm, are the basic choice. At Beyond, halogen generators augment such components for an intensity range that enables three output settings.

At Shanghai Sunshine, select models combine four blue and two red diodes. The former are in the 430 to 490nm wavelength, while the others work at 620 to 640nm to reduce post-whitening irritation.

Further, makers are aiming at delivering even lighting, which yields optimal results for individual teeth but requires each to be illuminated at a 90-degree angle.

To achieve this, most companies adopt arch heads. Adjustable arms and rotating heads can also be employed, with the first coming in trailing and gooseneck configurations. Select units even feature heads that swivel up to 360 degrees.

Shanghai Danyang Photoelectricity Co. Ltd accomplishes even whitening by following the converging lens light principle. Methods are said to be superior to those of arch heads and raise prices by more than $30.

In addition, suppliers are taking steps to improve convenience. Time and status may be shown via LCDs or LED screens, with certain products having separate displays for the dentist and the user.

Easy-operation keys are prevalent, although touchscreens are gaining in popularity. Remote controls are likewise available.

A growing number of companies are increasing portability. Shanghai Sunshine, for example, offers a professional unit in a KD design that can be placed in a toolbox.

Further, many makers are developing lightweight releases targeting the salon segment. These versions are usually repositioned professional models with more attractive housings.

Tooth-whitening product range

Lights: The majority of professional units utilize LEDs that can top 100 in number. The specific amount is not a measure of illuminative output, as this characteristic is dependent on the specifications of the bulb. The intensity is from 6,000 to 9,000mcd, while power is between 50 and 60W.

While UV and infrared rays are not generated in high levels, they still tend to cause discomfort to the patient during use. Resultantly, some companies are incorporating multiple film layers in the filter lenses as a shield for the lighting components. For UV bulbs, more than 500 sheets may be placed to keep temperature increases within 5 C.

The timing range of most units is 1 to 60min per application, although certain versions can only reach 20 or 30min. Operation raises whiteness from 5 to 14 Vita shades.

In addition, Beyond’s Polus model comes with a detachable component combining a single-tooth whitening light and a light-curing module.

The standard configurations for professional products include the caster-equipped floor and clipped types.

The majority of releases in this category are priced at $180 to $1,200. The size and quality of key components are the main determinants.

The most popular tooth-whitening lights in the home-use segment are in a tray construction consisting of an LED-equipped plastic handle and a silicone teeth tray.

Such product types do not need a cheek retractor and go for less than $1 to $6. These are primarily dependent on illuminative intensity.

One unit from Ningbo Rinover is equipped with seven LEDs and a 2min cycle, and can raise the whiteness of teeth by eight Vita shades per operation at 20min intervals.

The STWL-12 model of Shanghai Sunshine comes in a design reminiscent of a phone headset. It is quoted at $28 and does not include a cheek retractor.

Gel and kits: The key ingredient of whitening gel is hydrogen peroxide or urea hydrogen peroxide. Of the two, the former dominates and delivers superior results but often proves a greater irritant to users.

These compounds are mixed with silicon dioxide to enable the gel consistency. Many makers add desensitization ingredients to hydrogen peroxide formulations to reduce unwelcome side effects.

Tooth-whitening kits from China are available for professional and home utilization.

The majority of products are priced from $4 to $10 although at Beyond they start at $20 and can top $100 due to their imported content.

Professional whitening light

Product gallery

Beyond Technology Corp. Nanchang

Model: BY-FT110 (Polus)
Description: Professional whitening light; LED and halogen bulbs; three sections of 480 to 520nm wavelength; 15,000 optical fibers; 8 Vita shades in 30min; 360-degree rotating arm; arch lighting; touchscreen, keys; remote control; detachable light and light-curing module; 49x46x107cm, 27kg

Professional whitening kit

Beyond Technology Corp. Nanchang

Model: BY-PD201 (Complete)
MOQ: 1 set
Delivery: 14 days
Description: Professional whitening kit; gel with 35% HP, gingival protection dam, mouth prop, lip balm, facial protection wipe, cotton roll, saliva ejector, cotton stick, premier gel, post-treatment fluoride for desensitizing

Home-use whitening kit

Beyond Technology Corp. Nanchang

Model: BY-SW298 (StayWhite)
MOQ: 1 set
Delivery: 14 days
Description: Home-use whitening kit; gel with 6% of HP (vanilla, mint or orange flavor), two EVA teeth trays; travel case with mirror; operation at 1hr per day for 14 days

Professional whitening light

Meditech Equipment Co. Ltd
(Meditech Group)

Model: TW-1X
Description: Professional whitening light; six LEDs, 450 to 490nm wavelength; 20min per session; 60W; integrated handheld unit consists of light head, touch-sensitive keys, power cord; can be installed on matched floor-type rack or dental chair

Whitening gel

Shanghai Sunshine Industry Co. Ltd

Model: STWP01
MOQ: 5,000 pieces
Delivery: 5 days
Description: Whitening gel; lipstick-style aluminum housing with PP or PE inner sheath; gel dispensed on built-in brush when head is twisted; 2g

Whitening gel

Shanghai Sunshine Industry Co. Ltd

Model: STWP02
MOQ: 5,000 pieces
Delivery: 15 days
Description: Whitening gel; lipstick-style plastic housing; gel dispensed on built-in brush when head is twisted; 2g

Whitening gel

Zhengzhou Huaer Electro-Optics Technology Co. Ltd

Model: HR-01
Description: Whitening gel; lipstick-style aluminum housing with twist head and plastic window; carbamide (hydrogen) peroxide content 16, 22, 35 or 44%; 2 or 4mL; clear, silver, gold, black, frosty silver, other colors; packaging can be specified

Home-use kit

Zhengzhou Huaer Electro-Optics Technology Co. Ltd

Model: TW-HK02
MOQ: 1,000 sets
Delivery: 14 days
Description: Home-use kit; three syringes, each with 3mL teeth whitening gel (35% of carbamide peroxide), two teeth trays, one LED, user’s manual, Vita shade guide

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