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Air-treatment appliances' performance, aesthetic innovations headline R&D efforts

Humidifiers and air purifiers are fitted with multistage cleaning systems and come in trendy shapes.

Efforts to improve performance and aesthetics are leading R&D trends among China suppliers of air-treatment appliances. For the first, many are equipping the latest air purifiers with multistage cleaning systems. In addition to prefilters, ESP, active oxygen, oxygen plus and CCO filters are now prevalent. Ion and negative-ion generators can be installed as well.


This humidifier from Blue Era comes with a 3L water tank.

Further, a number of companies are launching units that utilize low-temperature plasma. The substance enables a bacteria-elimination rate of 99 percent per hour.

Particle filters are another option growing in popularity. They deodorize air and boast operational efficiency of up to 99.99 percent.

For humidifiers, three powerful commercial-grade fans may be employed to boost airflow. Mist volume and humidification levels are frequently adjustable.

To enhance product aesthetics, many makers of air-treatment appliances are exploring designs outside of the typical round and square shapes. Some of the latest humidifiers, for example, come in the form of vases. Select suppliers are also offering ultrasonic atomizing models with porcelain water tanks and shells.

For better safety and quality, materials and components are procured in locations other than mainland China. Blue Era Electric Appliances Ind. Co. Ltd sources ABS, AS and motors from Taiwan, and PCBs from Hong Kong.

Units often meet various international standards, including GS, CE, CB, RoHS and ETL. In addition, Foshan Shunde Juke Electrical Appliance Co. Ltd’s products comply with LVD, EMCC and PSE requirements.

China companies offer a range of air-treatment appliances, comprising mostly air purifiers, humidifiers and dehumidifiers. Among these, the first is the key category, accounting for nearly 50 percent of exports in the line.

In general, the materials, functions and components determine prices.

ABS is typical for the housings of air purifiers and humidifiers. Some models utilize combinations, including ABS and stainless steel for enclosures, to raise aesthetics and durability. A number of well-established makers employ imported ABS, AS and PC for better performance.

Components such as ICs, capacitors, resistors and power switches are mainly sourced domestically.

Product gallery

Disposable camera

Cixi Owner's model AP1005 air purifier is equipped with a HEPA filter.

Air purifier range

Particle, odor and virus removal is the basic function of air purifiers from China. The first is measured by the clean air delivery rate, and requires smoke dust and pollen to be controlled according to a standard range.

Odor elimination involves active carbon, TiO2, UV and O3, while the last employs O3 at ≤0.05ppm, UVA and TiO2, and UVC.

For filtration, the ESP, ozone and HEPA types are popular. ESP versions are washable and permanent. HEPA alternatives usually incorporate UV lights directed toward the intake, eliminating mold spores, bacteria and viruses before these can enter the filter medium.

A growing number of models are fitted with ionizers that produce less than 0.05ppm of ozone, meeting industrial safety standards. Units are offered in fan-equipped and fanless variants, the latter of which are noiseless and energy-efficient but deliver less effective performance.

Most China-made air purifiers are priced from $15 to $100. They have ABS housings and may feature two or more vents to balance airflow. Detachable pipes and centrifugal fans direct wind to upper areas.

Low-end models go for $15 to $25. These come with unpainted and unplated exteriors in domestically procured ABS, 2 or 3-layer PP bodies, ESP filters, and anion and EV generators.

Effective in 5 to 15sqm, they employ simple features, mechanical controls, manual switches and 2.5 to 14W of power.

Midrange products mainly use local or imported ABS housings, and pre-, foam and ionic filters. Activated carbon, 4-layer ESP and HEPA systems are available, while UVA LED or UVC germicidal lamps are typical.

The effective area for such units is between 15 and 40sqm. Most releases in this price segment boast electronic controls, manual switches and a power output of 14 to 40W. Prices are $26 to $45.

Standard upscale versions are made of environment-friendly PPT, PC or ABS. These come with activated carbon pre- and 4-layer HEPA filters, and ion, ozone and oxygen generators. LCDs, oscillation capability, and UVC and UVA germicidal lamps are often included.

The majority of models have microswitches that enable auto shut-off when the cover is opened. Multiple adjustable speeds, electronic controls, timers, water indicators and remote controls are typical. Suitable for 40 to 70sqm areas, products are priced at $46 to $100 or higher.


Foshan Shunde Juke offers this humidifier that uses ultrasonic technology.

Humidifier selection

Humidifier prices depend mainly on the materials and functions. Housings are in locally sourced ABS, although select upscale designs use imported materials. Units belong to either the warm or cool category. Most versions in the former segment generate less noise but are suitable only for single rooms.

In general, warm-air models employ heating elements and are offered in steam, vaporizer and warm mist variants. To address the risk of burns inherent in the first two types, the last can cool the air slightly before release.

Some cool-air products utilize evaporation wick and impeller technology. Ultrasonic humidifiers, which generate sound waves to vibrate the water and create mist, top output. They boast modern constructions, high operating efficiency and minimal noise. An increasing number of suppliers are equipping such versions with anti-bacterial filters and ozone generators.

The most popular units have built-in humidity meters, low-water indicators, auto shut-off capability and variable speed settings. Certain upscale releases can perform air purification, sterilization and dehumidification.

Humidifiers from China are usually priced from $9 to $40. Low-end models often come with steam or ultrasonic technology, domestic PP or ABS housings, cool- or warm-mist functions, tabletop designs and mechanical controls. The water capacity is 3 to 4L. Prices are between $9 and $20.

Midrange products generally go for $21 to $30. Automatic moisture-level settings, ozone generators, local or imported ABS shells, timers, LED indicators and 5 to 7.5L water storage are typical. Tabletop and console configurations, and mechanical and electronic controls are offered.

Some components are made of anti-bacterial nanosilver. Select units even have resin filters to purify and soften water.

Upscale humidifiers utilize transducers that vibrate up to 4,000kHz, or use Japan-sourced TDK parts. Such models hold 7.5 to 9L of water, and usually come with anti-bacterial filters, automatic sensors, and painted housings in ABS from abroad.

Certain designs incorporate LCDs or LED indicators, timers, FM radios, speakers and remote controls. In addition, releases boast air-purifier functionality, electronic controls, 4-layer filters and a humidistat. Prices start at $30 and can exeed $40.

Adapters frequently have a power rating of 30W. Large versions may employ DC adapters while certain small products run on dry-cell batteries.

A number of models intended for gift or promotional purposes come in compact configurations.


Product gallery

Blue Era Electric Appliances Ind. Co. Ltd

Model: SEH2.5D
MOQ: 1,000 units
Delivery: 38 days
Description: Humidifier; adjustable mist intensity; auto shut-off on empty; 2.5L; GS, CE, CB

Air purifier

Cixi Owner Electrical Appliance Co. Ltd

Model: AP1006
MOQ: 432 units
Delivery: 45 days
Description: Air purifier; Wolong brushless DC motor; HEPA filter; low noise, power consumption; GS, CE, RoHS, CB


Foshan City Shunde Qbill Industrial Co. Ltd

Model: QB-H26LCD
MOQ: 726 units
Delivery: 30 days
Description: Humidifier; ultrasonic technology; auto humidity control, shut-off when tank is removed; water-level indicator, timer, LCD; adjustable output; 5L; CE, RoHS, ETL, GS


Foshan City Shunde Qbill Industrial Co. Ltd

Model: QB-H33LCD
MOQ: 864 units
Delivery: 30 days
Description: Humidifier; ultrasonic technology; auto shut-off when tank is removed; water-level indicator, timer; adjustable output; 3L; CE, RoHS, ETL, GS


Foshan Samyoo Electronic Co. Ltd

Model: SPS-878
Delivery: 30 days
Description: Humidifier; ultrasonic technology; manual operation; auto shut-off on empty or when tank is removed; adjustable mist output


Foshan Samyoo Electronic Co. Ltd

Model: SPS-708
Delivery: 30 days
Description: Humidifier; ultrasonic technology; manual operation; auto shut-off on empty; cold mist, constant humidity output; generates ozone; ceramic filter softens, purifies water


Foshan Shunde Juke Electrical Appliance Co. Ltd

Model: ME-A26C
MOQ: 1,572 units
Delivery: 30 days
Description: Humidifier; ultrasonic technology; 100/240V, 50/60Hz, 35W; 280mL/hr maximum mist volume; <35dBA operating noise; moisture-control settings; auto shut-off on empty; low-water indicator; 3L; 15 to 20sqm operating range


Ningbo Premier Electric Co. Ltd

Model: HD-88W
MOQ: 1,000 units
Delivery: 35 days
Description: Mini dehumidifier; 12VDC, 110/120 or 220/240VAC; 75W AC, 58W DC; 600mL/24hr dehumidification; 40dB operating noise; auto shut-off with LED indicator on full; 1.5L; 22x17.1x34.7cm, 1.9kg; GS, CE, RoHS, UL

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