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Durable, intelligent keyless entry locks on the rise

New models come with fewer housing parts and multiply access modes.

Topping product development targets of China's keyless entry lock suppliers are enhancements geared to provide better protection against unauthorized entry.

To reduce models' susceptibility to lock picking, makers are designing constructions with fewer junctures. Companies are releasing more one-piece units, which are made via die casting. Such products generally target the high end since they are 10 to 20 percent more costly to manufacture.

As regards access modes, most keyless locks have at least two. For card-operated and fingerprint-recognition systems, the major categories in the line, a password often has to be entered as well before entry is gained.

Keyless entry lock
Wenling Wenqiang offers models that can be unlocked via fingerprint recognition, a remote control or a password.

Zhongshan Tieshen Lock Industrial Co. Ltd is employing a face recognition technology, which was developed in-house. Developed for residential applications, its MR55 model targets the high-end markets of Japan, South Korea, the US and Europe. The product is designed to work with other keyless entry systems.

For better anti-theft protection, a number of card lock suppliers have introduced devices that emit an alarm when an unauthorized card is used. At Qingdao Dannuo Co. Ltd, the selection includes units that relock automatically if the door is not opened within 10s.

Yongkang Egate Electronics Technology Co. Ltd offers a digital lock cylinder that can replace standard mechanical types directly. Used in conjunction with card systems, the product allows controllers to schedule access to an area. It records entry and exit data, which can be retrieved by a handheld terminal.

Manufacturers are pursuing higher accuracy rates to minimize false acceptance and rejection. Yuhuan Wasble Machinery Co. Ltd's WSB631 and WSB661 models boast specifications of over 98 percent.

Aiming for greater user convenience, several companies have released keyless locks that can be opened via a remote control or a mobile phone. Shenzhen Jieli Products Co. Ltd is among the enterprises that have taken this route.

More designs are also being installed with a low-voltage warning function to indicate when batteries need to be changed. Some units can be accessed 100 more times after the alarm, giving users a chance to make the replacement.

Card locks
Fingerprint locks
Product gallery
Card locks

Accounting for half of China's output and exports of keyless entry locks, card types are normally priced below $100.

The selection consists of IC and RF systems, with the former accounting for about 60 percent of production.

In both categories, many models have an LED that indicates when the room is occupied. A number also alerts users when the door is improperly closed or unauthorized entry is detected.

Among IC card locks, designs for 35 to 75mm-thick doors are the mainstream. Most releases have a dynamic current of 180mA.

RF solutions typically suit 32 to 70mm doors. Priced about 40 percent higher than IC types, many of these systems come with a dynamic current of 120mA.

Fingerprint locks

Models in this category are priced below $80, but upscale designs can go for $220 or higher.

Designs that can record between 50 and 150 fingerprints are common. Most require that the fingertip be placed on the reader for 0.5s or less. Identification and verification are completed within 1s. Units generally have an FAR below 0.0001 percent, while FRR is less than 1 percent.

Locks not exceeding $130 are often in zinc alloy. These employ domestically sourced recognition modules that support 100 fingerprint enrollments.

Models that reach $220 come in stainless steel and aluminum alloy. Their identification systems, usually imported from South Korea, can record 150 fingerprints.

Pricier locks are available in brass. Units adopt recognition modules from the US or Germany.

Lock with fingerprint access
Product gallery

Jiangmen Keyu Intelligence Co. Ltd

Model: 9000RL-F
MOQ: 1 set
Delivery: 10 days
Description: Fingerprint access; 120 to 200-fingerprint capacity; 500dpi resolution; -18 to 55 C operating temperature; backup mechanical keys; four AA alkaline batteries

Lock with RF card access

Qingdao Dannuo Co. Ltd

Model: HAX-8002
MOQ: 500 sets
Delivery: 15 days
Description: RF card access; <15 static, 120 to 180mA dynamic power; 6V operating voltage; low-voltage alarm at <4.8V; backup mechanical key

Lock with Milfare One card and password access modes, can be unlocked via remote control, mobile phone

Shenzhen Jieli Products Co. Ltd

Model: Watchdog D2
MOQ: 100 sets
Delivery: 10 days
Price: $100 to $150
Description: Milfare One card and password access modes, can be unlocked via remote control, mobile phone; 98-card memory capacity; 3 to 16-digit PIN code; for wood and metal doors

Lock with password access

Wenling Wenqiang Electronic Technology Co. Ltd

Model: WQ-4000
MOQ: 200 sets
Delivery: 45 days
Description: Password access; one-touch open/close; auto relocking, security and heat-sensing functions; high-voltage protection

Lock with fingerprint access

Yuhuan Wasble Machinery Co. Ltd

Model: WSB661
MOQ: 300 units
Delivery: 35 days
Price: $39.75
Description: Fingerprint access; zinc alloy housing; electroplated finish

Lock with card access

Zhongshan Tieshen Lock Industrial Co. Ltd

Model: MR22
MOQ: 10 sets
Delivery: 30 days
Description: Card access; zinc alloy housing; compatible with MR55 model; CE,FCC

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