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Differentiation strategies in mechanical door locks line gaining momentum

Makers of mechanical door locks are improving selections and building brands to counter rising costs and other challenges.

China suppliers of mechanical door locks are enhancing product performance and aesthetics to make them stand out in the market. Climbing outlay and intense competition are prompting companies to move up the value chain to obtain better margins and avoid engaging in price wars.

Knob lock

Zhongshan City Yonggu's model 607PB knob lock has a zinc alloy latch with 201 stainless steel strike.

Under this effort, many enterprises are adopting stainless steel for lock bodies and some components in place of zinc or aluminum alloy. Designs fabricated from the first material last 20 to 30 years, unlike zinc and aluminum alloy versions that usually do not surpass 20 and 25 years, respectively. Stainless steel products can be priced 15 to 50 percent higher, enabling makers to generate 10 to 15 percent more profit.

Some makers are increasing the number of latches and cylinders in their designs to boost security. Such is the case for Zhongshan City Yonggu Locks Co. Ltd’s model A1078AC rim lock, which has three of the former and two of the second.

For greater visual appeal, manufacturers are adopting a range of surface treatments. Simple and elaborate constructions are being released to meet the requirements of various exterior and interior styles.

Zhongshan Century Huihuang Lock Product Mfg Co. Ltd, for instance, is offering the model QH051085 lever lock with an antique finish. The product is designed mainly for the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

To ensure models are constructed according to specifications, suppliers are investing in CNC lathes, plasma cutting machines and other automated equipment. Facilities for testing hardness, resistance to forced entry and corrosion, service life and other key performance parameters are also being procured.

For further differentiation, many enterprises are building awareness of their brands abroad. Foshan City LCJ Electric Locks Fty is promoting the LCJ trademark, while Zhongshan City Yonggu is marketing products under the Leju label.

To counter growing competition from electronic entry systems, several mechanical lock suppliers are expanding selections for interior doors, window and cabinets. Market penetration of the former has increased with the price difference between the two segments having gone down, thanks to technological advancements and the rising number of manufacturers.

Product gallery

Door lock

This door lock from Foshan City LCJ comes with an A3 steel body.

Mechanical door lock selection

China offers a range of mechanical locks for interior and exterior doors. The selection includes keyed knobs and levers, deadbolts and locksets.

Models with security ratings of A and B account for the bulk of output.

Designs in the first group are capable of withstanding drilling, prying, pulling and punching for 15 minutes before giving way. Illegal entry via sawing can be resisted for 5 minutes.

Locks with B-level protection can hold out against sawing for 10 minutes. These are designed to hinder other types of attack for 30 minutes.

Most models are meant to be mounted on 35 to 60mm-thick doors. They have single or double cylinders, and 11 to 70mm backsets.

Low-end mechanical door locks are generally made of steel or zinc alloy. These can withstand 100,000 locking and unlocking cycles, and 24hr salt-spray testing.

In midrange versions, stainless steel or aluminum alloy is used for the body, while the components are fabricated from a type of zinc, aluminum or steel. The products are capable of 150,000 to 200,000 cycles, and their finishes can resist 36hr salt-spray procedures.

Upscale designs often have copper alloy parts. These are able to withstand 36 to 72hr tests.

Mortise locks price guide

A3 steel body

Product gallery

Foshan City LCJ Electric Locks Fty

Model: POC3501
MOQ: 300 pieces
Delivery: 10 days
Description: A3 steel body; chrome-plated finish; copper cylinder; 11mm backset

Knob lock

Guangdong Janes Lock Co. Ltd

Model: 805PB-ET
MOQ: 2,000 pieces
Delivery: 45 days
Description: Knob lock; zinc-based levers; brass or stainless steel body; 60 or 70mm backset; 200,000 cycles; for 35 to 45mm-thick doors; ANSI A156.2 Grade 3

Mortise lock

Ningbo Zhenxing Lock Co. Ltd

Model: ZX-172B
MOQ: 3,000 pieces
Delivery: 30 days
Description: Mortise lock; die-cast aluminum or zinc handle, for left- or right- hand doors; iron plate; steel or zinc key; brass- or chrome-plated finish


Ningbo Zhenxing Lock Co. Ltd

Model: ZX-RL-558
MOQ: 3,000 pieces
Delivery: 30 days
Description: Deadbolt; die-cast iron or zinc alloy body; electroplated and PVD finishes

Steel body

Qingdao Golden Diamond Hardware Co. Ltd

Model: Lock Body 7010BR
MOQ: 500 pieces
Delivery: 20 days
Description: Steel body; gold-plated finish

Lever lock

Zhongshan Century Huihuang Lock Product Mfg Co. Ltd

Model: QS020142
MOQ: 500 pieces
Delivery: 15 days
Description: Lever lock; stainless steel body and inner parts

71mm mortise lock

Zhongshan Century Huihuang Lock Product Mfg Co. Ltd

Model: PC011
MOQ: 200 pieces
Delivery: 15 days
Description: 71mm mortise lock; brass body; brass and iron inner parts; single or double removable cylinders; various turn button shapes

Iron body

Zhongshan City Yonggu Locks Co. Ltd

Model: A1078AC
MOQ: 2,000 pieces
Delivery: 30 days
Description: Iron body; steel bolt; zinc alloy latch; 6-pin brass cylinder; 50mm backset; for 35 to 50mm-thick doors

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