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Material diversity in cigarette cases from India bolsters competitiveness

Makers are utilizing cedar, brass, stainless steel and exotic skins such as alligator and crocodile.

India suppliers of cigarette cases and accessories are concentrating on aesthetic improvements for greater buyer appeal. Material variety is seen as essential to achieve this.

Cigarette case
This cigarette case from Gemini combines paper mache and wood.

Some makers are moving upscale by employing only pure leather or combining it with wood. For the latter, Spanish cedar is a popular option for cigar case interiors, although PVC is an alternative.

Hitaishi Mfg Co. Pvt. Ltd utilizes leather, cedar and rubberwood in its new cigarette and cigar cases.

Velvet is used as the lining, while brass hardware accentuates the exterior. Models have handapplied bone, horn and brass inlay.

The latest releases from XL Enterprises incorporate high-quality tanned calfskin in various textured, embossed and creased finishes. Stainless steel accents can be added.

At Pravat Timbers, MDF and natural aromatic wood are among the typical choices.

Select products come with brass fittings that impart a luxurious appearance. Some makers are even utilizing brass, stainless steel and silver entirely.

Certain suppliers are directing efforts toward environment-friendly inputs. Gemini Enterprises is now using recycled chart papers, which are prepared via glue and rice powder after being deconstructed.
Cases in this material have bases made of wood and coated with nontoxic paint.

The company employs artisans from Kashmir that are experienced in paper mache. These skilled workers apply a variety of themes, including birds and butterflies.

Colors are obtained by grinding and soaking various vegetable and mineral dyes in pigment or stone form. Real gold and silver paint may be used as well.

Material range
Product gallery

Cigarette case
The model 6 cigarette case from Pravat is made of a single piece of maple.
Material range

India suppliers offer cigarette and cigar cases in metal, leather and wood, and material combinations. Accessories such as lighters, snuffers, ashtrays, pipes and cigar cutters also utilize brass, aluminum, stainless steel and wood.

Cigarette cases typically come in alligator, crocodile, camel and other exotic skins, in black, dark brown and tan hues. Many have a flap and belt loop, or a pop-up construction.

Metal models are available with various finishes, including smooth shiny or glossy, matte, textured and embossed. Wood-based products utilize inlay and different surface treatments, while leather pieces are offered in smooth, textured, creased and embossed designs.

Low-end cigarette cases and accessories are priced at $3.50 to $5. These are made of stainless steel, brass, paper mache, locally sourced wood, and wood and PU leather combinations. Items have plain surfaces and a shiny, lacquer, PU or pewter finish, and hold up to 10 sticks.

Midrange pieces go for $6 to $10, and are mainly in brass, stainless steel, rubber- and other wood variants, and reptile and calfskin. Surface treatment choices are more numerous than those of less expensive products, and involve NC melamine, bronze and EPNS. The finish is usually glossy.

The category includes intricate paper mache cases, and wood, metal and leather releases with inlaid, embossed and textured details. The capacity is typically 20 cigarettes.

Quoted at $11 to $20, high-end models employ brass, stainless steel and silver, or combine leather, wood and metal. EPNS and NC melamine are used to impart a glossy or matte finish. Textured, creased, grooved or embossed details can also be added. Topping the selection are cigarette cases made of white metal that have stones and beads or silver accents.

For cigar boxes, prices of low-end pieces begin at $8 and reach $15. These come in MDF, locally procured wood and calfskin, and hold two or three cigars. Intended for travel, they have a plain smooth finish, a textured or creased surface, PU film on the top and a velvet interior lining.

Midrange models are at $16 to $30, and store 10 to 40 cigars. Cedar, and natural aromatic and rubberwood are the standard material options, and calfskin may be added as well. Products are in a smooth glossy or matte finish with a velvet lining and humidor functionality. Some paper mache releases boast intricate designs.

High-end items are offered at $31 to $100. Made of maple, Italian and Spanish cedar, and fine leather, these can hold 100 to 150 cigars. Humidor and hygrometer functionality is built in.

India's cigarette and cigar cases export industry is currently undergoing a downward trend as health concerns narrow global demand. Economic difficulties in the major European markets are also impacting growth. There are few players still in this field, although select makers continue to experience high-volume international orders because of their infrastructure, willingness to reduce profit margins and vigorous marketing efforts. The domestic segment is showing promise as well.

Prices are expected to remain stable in 2H11, although some suppliers are hinting at quote increases due to rising costs.

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Cigarette case
Product gallery

Gemini Enterprises

Model: 1244
MOQ: 50 pieces
Delivery: 45 days
Price: $9.90
Description: Paper mache, locally sourced wood; multicolor handpainted patterns; velvet lining; fits 40 cigarettes; 22.9x15.2cm

Cigarette case

Hitaishi Mfg Co. Pvt. Ltd

Model: BOC 232
MOQ: 100 pieces
Delivery: 60 days
Price: $18
Description: Cedar; smooth surface; glossy brown finish; PVC sheet on top; tray and brass; can be used for cigars

Cigarette case

Hitaishi Mfg Co. Pvt. Ltd

Model: BC 004 B
MOQ: 100 pieces
Delivery: 60 days
Price: $8
Description: Travel type; cedar; plain smooth surface; glossy deep cherry finish; can be used for cigars; 21.5x11.5x3.3cm

Cigarette case

Pravat Timbers

Model: 6
MOQ: 500 pieces
Delivery: 45 days
Price: $10
Description: Cigarette case; handcrafted from single maple piece; also available in rubberwood; smooth natural finish; fits 10 cigarettes; 10x8x1.5 cm

Cigarette case

XL Enterprises

Model: FSC 039
MOQ: 1,000 pieces
Delivery: 30 days
Price: $7
Description: Cigarette case; pure calfskin; textured surface with shiny brown finish; cylindrical design with outer cover, border with stitched details; fits three cigars or six cigarettes; 7.2x14x3.1cm

Cigarette case

XL Enterprises

Model: CO 283 M
MOQ: 1,000 pieces
Delivery: 30 days
Price: $6
Description: Cigarette case; camelskin; grained and textured surface with shiny black finish; overturned flap; fits 20 cigarettes; 8.8x5.8x2.5cm

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