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Acrylic photo frames' aesthetic, material enhancements lead R&D

Feature advancements enrich the line and broaden clients’ options.

photo frame makers in China are improving visual appeal and product features to widen buyers’ options. Companies are integrating LEDs and adopting different printing methods, novelty contours, better materials and various closures.

Acrylic photo frame

Yiyuan Acrylic's AP01 model has a magnetic closure.

Increasing the aesthetic value is always a priority of suppliers in the line. Among the new design elements are LEDs, which are gaining traction in electronic versions.

Manufacturers are likewise placing decorative texts and patterns to enhance regular models. The widely used application methods for such task are silk-screening and pad transfer printing. Both techniques yield fine renders and are suitable for multicolor motifs. Between the two, the former is manually performed. Embossing and debossing are additional options available to buyers.

Companies are bolstering output of pieces in novelty shapes as well. These include versions in animal, cartoon and flower contours. But while such models are gaining ground, square and rectangular releases are still best-sellers.

In enhancing product features, suppliers are adopting alternatives to locally sourced acrylic. Many are turning to variants from Taiwan, which are clearer and boast stronger shock and fade resistance.

Meanwhile, a number of manufacturers are modifying material composition. Guangdong Foshanshi Nanhai Jingzhi Plastic Co. Ltd, for instance, will increase its acrylic’s PC content to boost the pieces’ ability to withstand shock, fire, UV and high temperature.

To secure the front and back panels, several makers are incorporating metal and magnets. This allows easy assembly and dismantling when changing pictures. Further, since such parts are small, they do not affect the overall appearance of the display, resulting in a clean and transparent look.

Another option is the use of screws. This yields a similar aesthetic outcome but entails the utilization of a hand tool and takes up more time.

Low-end models are smaller than 3in and go for $0.50 to $1. These are made of domestically sourced acrylic, which is not highly transparent and may fade after six to 12 months. With a thickness of less than 10mm, such pieces could easily break when dropped on the floor.

Listed at $1.25 to $3, midrange alternatives measure between 3 and 5in. The inputs are either sourced abroad or come from a large local provider with strong QC, resulting in good opacity and clarity lasting three to five years. The photo frames also boast resistance to shock, fire, extreme temperature and UV. They are 10 to 20mm thick.

Upscale releases are priced from $3.25 to $5, with select designs being more expensive. Products are bigger than 5in and have a thickness of 20 to 30mm. The materials used are the same as in midrange models. Patterns, colors and texts are silk-screened, pad transfer-printed or laser-engraved.

Quotes are predicted to be stable in the next six months. Any increases would be due to rising raw material and labor costs, and the yuan’s appreciation, and will be kept to about 10 percent. The tight competition resulting from the huge supplier base inhibits businesses from implementing significant markups.

Product gallery

Acrylic photo frame

Product gallery

Guangdong Foshanshi Nanhai Jingzhi Plastic Co. Ltd

Model: JZ005
MOQ: 500 pieces
Price: $3.69
Description: High-transparency acrylic from Taiwan; silk-screened or laser-engraved designs; 5x7cm front and 10x15cm back frames

Acrylic photo frame

Guangdong Foshanshi Nanhai Jingzhi Plastic Co. Ltd

Model: JZ002
MOQ: 500 pieces
Delivery: 25 days
Price: $2.88
Description: High-transparency acrylic from Taiwan; silk-screened or laser-engraved designs; 10x15cm frame

Acrylic photo frame

Meiyida Arts & Crafts Co. Ltd

Model: MY-01
MOQ: 500 pieces
Delivery: 20 days
Price: $2.55
Description: Magnetic closure; polished surface; 4x6x0.47in

Acrylic photo frame

Xinbaoli Acrylic Display Co. Ltd

Model: XBL XK-1
MOQ: 1,000 pieces
Delivery: 25 days
Price: $0.50 to $2
Description: Magnetic closure; polished surface; 50x60mm

Acrylic photo frame

Yiyuan Acrylic Product Co. Ltd

Model: AP01
MOQ: 100 pieces
Delivery: 3 days
Price: $2.50
Description: Magnetic closure; polished surface; 8mm-thick acrylic; silk-screened or laser-engraved designs; 4x6in

Acrylic photo frame

Yiyuan Acrylic Product Co. Ltd

Model: AP06
MOQ: 100 pieces
Delivery: 10 days
Price: $23.25
Description: Polished surface; inlaid with LED; A4

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