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3D, HD cameras lead high-end selection

Makers are upping the ante on functionality with imaging and entertainment upgrades.

3D and HD top enhancement efforts in China’s promotional camera line as suppliers keep pace with digital imaging advancements. R&D improvements also revolve around integrating entertainment features, and developing novelty designs, and disposable and underwater versions.

Bean-shaped camera

This bean-shaped camera from Shuoying is equipped with a 1.3MP CMOS sensor.

Models supporting 3D technology have two lenses and sensors. The resultant pictures and videos can be viewed on built-in displays without the use of special eyeglasses. The devices can connect directly to any 3D TV or monitor.

Releases from Inlife Handnet Co. Ltd employ a 3in parallax barrier on the screen. The camera settings are switchable between 2D and 3D. The products conform to CE, UL, FCC and RoHS standards.

Units boasting 720p resolution and HDMI output are likewise becoming popular in the high end. These have anti-shake and auto-off functions.

Some releases delivering 3D and HD images are from makers offering nonpromotional versions that add logo printing and customization services for buyers of the line.

Less expensive alternatives may also have video capability, albeit at lower resolutions. For instance, a green bean-shaped variant from Shuoying Industrial Shenzhen Co. Ltd supports QVGA at 20fps. It reads AVI files and yields 1.3MP photos. The unit boasts a continuous shooting mode and onscreen icons, and can connect to a computer running on Windows 2000, XP, Vista or 7.

The addition of entertainment features is catching on as well. A children’s promotional camera from Global Products Industry Ltd, for instance, has a voice recorder, MP3 player and game console capability. The product comes in a crab-inspired design.

Most digital cameras from China have built-in LEDs, flashlights, TFT LCDs, SD card readers, and anti-shake, smile snapshot and face tracking functions.

With regard to aesthetics, novelty variants are prevalent. Units in fun colors, including red, green and pink, are popular. Miniature options are targeted at the younger demographic. Those in keychain constructions are likewise available.

Many disposable and underwater versions come in visually appealing designs and colors.

Some of the latest single-use releases have flash, are focus-free and preloaded with 35mm color film typically delivering 27 exposures. Leading the selection are wedding cameras with patterns and hues customized to match the occasion’s theme.

Meanwhile, ocean-inspired motifs are found on a number of underwater variants. Several models can be submerged as deep as 15m. Disposable versions are available as well.

Makers are optimistic of rising demand from the US and Europe. Most companies in the line also plan to extend their reach to the Middle East, South America, Southeast Asia and Africa.

Product gallery

Disposable camera

Vinjas' disposable camera comes with preloaded color film.

Promotional camera selection

Digital and film models are available from China. Both types have disposable and underwater versions. Prices range from $1 to $30.

Most digital releases use CMOS sensors and come with 1.1 to 2.2in screens.

They are equipped with video capability and a resolution of 300,000 pixels to 2MP. Low-end units have up to 1.3MP.

Some upscale variants produce 3 to 5MP still images and boast 8x digital zoom, voice recording function and video capture. They have earphone jacks, speakers, microphones, and A/V output and USB ports. These support JPEG, MP3 and AVI.

Makers use CMOS sensors from Taiwan, the US and Japan, and LCDs sourced from mainland China or Taiwan. Lenses are likewise available locally and overseas.

As for promotional film cameras, disposable releases come with 35mm film, limited zoom capability, and plastic and fixed-focus lenses. Prices range from $1 to $2.20. One alternative with a wedding motif and high-quality color film goes for $1 or $1.50. An integrated flash is optional. Single-use underwater units are suitable for daytime activities and may have built-in flash. A few sports products are shock-resistant.

The majority of upscale variants are bundled with focus-free color film delivering 12 to 27 exposures. Such releases are functional at more than 4m deep. Quotes are between $1.60 and $1.90.

Reusable underwater film cameras are available as well. Models from Vinjas Co. Ltd have fixed-focus lenses, no flash and a maximum tolerance of 4m. Packaging specifications are accepted.

High-end versions come in detachable tightly sealed casings, and boast preloaded film and built-in flash. These are priced at $2 or $2.20.

Compact 3D camera

Product gallery

Inlife Handnet Co. Ltd

Model: SDC-821
Description: Compact 3D camera with two lenses and two sensors; one-click shooting; 3D videos at 1280x720p; built-in 3in 3D screen; ABS housing; black, silver or red; 0.14kg; 110x70x28mm; 24 units in master carton; CE, UL, FCC, RoHS

Bean-shaped camera

Shuoying Industrial Shenzhen Co. Ltd

Model: DC072
Description: Bean-shaped camera; CMOS sensor; 1.3MP 280x1024 pixels, 300,000 pixels 640x480p; QVGA 320x240 pixels at 20fps; JPEG, AVI; 0.95in CSTN LCD; USB 2.0; two AAA batteries; Windows 2000, XP, Vista and 7; 89.7x65.7x25.8mm

Compact digital camera

Shuoying Industrial Shenzhen Co. Ltd

Model: DC-109QA
Description: Compact digital camera; CMOS sensor; 300,000 pixels, 1.3 & 3MP; VGA 640x480 pixels at 30fps; JPEG, AVI; SD, MMC and SDHC up to 32GB; 1.44in TFT LCD; 4x digital zoom; LED flash; USB 2.0; Windows 2000, XP, Vista and 7

Disposable camera

Vinjas Co. Ltd

Model: VJS-DCA
MOQ: 5,000 units
Description: Disposable camera in wedding motif; preloaded with high-quality 35mm color film; flash; focus-free; outdoor and indoor use; 25 units per inner box; four boxes in 405x355x294mm carton; 13kg net, 14.5kg gross weight

Disposable underwater camera

Vinjas Co. Ltd

Model: VJS-DUC
MOQ: 5,000 units
Delivery: 20 days
Description: Disposable underwater camera; preloaded with 35mm color film; focus-free; outdoor use; 3m maximum depth; customized packing and design accepted; 14.5kg net, 16.5kg gross weight

Disposable camera in Christmas theme

Vinjas Co. Ltd

Model: VJS-DCA
MOQ: 5,000 units
Delivery: 20 days
Description: Disposable camera in Christmas theme; preloaded with 35mm color film; flash; focus-free; outdoor and indoor use; 25 units per inner box; four boxes in 40.5x35.5x29.4cm carton

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