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Recent sleepwear styles feature handcrafted trims

Indigenous needlework skills give India makers a competitive edge and help bolster the sleepwear line.

India makers of sleepwear are relying on local expertise to gain a differentiation advantage over suppliers from other countries.

This knee-length cotton voile nightdress from MLK features handcrafted embroidery on the bodice.

As the South Asia nation is known for handmade embroidery and weaving, companies add value to the latest models by incorporating manually crafted components. For instance, stitched motifs are placed on select portions of the garment such as the neckline, sleeves, waist and hem. Makers are also using applique, satin bows and lace fashioned by hand to embellish releases.

Designs from MLK Exports (P) Ltd feature chikan needlework, a traditional style from Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh.

Handcrafted needlework is 10 to 20 percent more expensive than those created by machines. Factories hire skilled workers from different areas to produce the decorations.

Nevertheless, businesses are able to offer competitive prices because domestic wages are relatively lower compared with China's rates.

While trimmings such as handmade embroidery are becoming popular, many makers continue to utilize prints as an adornment. Polka dots and plaids are the usual patterns. Beads, sequins, and cotton or satin ribbons may be adopted to heighten visual appeal further.

Recently launched sleepwear models are available in bright and pastel shades of pink, blue, yellow and green. White, black, red and purple variants are being released as well.

India makers cater primarily to OEM clients in the US, Europe, Brazil, the Middle East, Japan and Australia. They offer various sleepwear styles, including nightshirts, nightdresses, teddies and pajama sets. The last are best-sellers, and can consist of a T-shirt, button-down or tank top, or camisole with adjustable straps and a pair of shorts, capris or full-length pants.

Pure and blended cotton weighing 160 to 200gsm are typically employed, but companies are exploring other materials due to the natural fiber's soaring rates. Polyester and rayon are some of the alternative options. Spandex is mixed in for enhanced fit.

Textiles often come in single jersey, poplin, dobby, voile and cambric constructions. The majority of inputs are sourced from Tamil Nadu, Mumbai, and Surat and Ahmedabad in Gujarat.

Several factories have their own facilities for dyeing, finishing treatments, printing and embroidery, which help reduce production expenses.

Welspun Zucchi Textiles Ltd carries out enzyme washing in-house, while Parmeshwar Creations Pvt. Ltd boasts mercerizing, fabric coloring, bleaching and laundering capability.

Prices depend mainly on the type and quantity of the materials, which represent 60 percent of manufacturing costs. Design complexity and trimmings are factors as well.

Nightdresses, and tops paired with shorts, capris or full-length pants are available in the low end. Going for $3 to $5 per piece or set, models come in 80 to 120gsm cotton, polyester or viscose. The textiles usually have apoplin or single jersey construction.

Plastic buttons are adopted for the closure. Printed patterns may decorate releases, although most styles employ solid colors.

The midrange selection includes teddies, nightshirts and pajama sets quoted at $6 to $15. Products are made of pure cotton, or cotton- or viscose-spandex georgette or flannel between 120 and 150gsm. Polyester and imitation pearl fasteners are commonly utilized.

Details such as gathers, ruffles and pin tucks provide visual appeal. Some variants have pockets. Moreover, designs are often adorned with embroidery, satin or twill bands, or crocheted lace. In two-piece sets, one of the garments can be plain while the other is patterned.

Pure cotton or silk voile, cambric, satin and georgette above 150gsm are employed in high-end sleepwear. Acrylic and nylon are also usual material options. Organic cotton may be adopted on request.

Collars, pockets and pleats are among the typical elements in the most expensive pajama sets, teddies and nightgowns, which have a price range of $16 to $25. Embellishments include prints, hand- and machine-made needlework, nylon and satin piping, and knitted lace. Buttons come in nylon or imitation pearl.

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Product gallery

MLK Exports (P) Ltd

Model: MLK 1
MOQ: 350 pieces
Delivery: 90 days
Price: $10
Description: Nightdress; cotton voile; sleeveless; scalloped V-neck; handmade chikan embroidery on bodice; in various Pantone colors


MLK Exports (P) Ltd

Model: MLK 2
MOQ: 350 pieces
Delivery: 90 days
Price: $15
Description: Nightdress; cotton voile; wide shoulder straps; V-neck; handmade chikan embroidery

Pajama set

Parmeshwar Creations Pvt. Ltd

Model: PKJ007
MOQ: 1,000 sets
Delivery: 60 days
Price: $11
Description: Pajama set; 100% cotton; yarn-dyed; collared, button-down, long-sleeved top; pants with elastic waist; plaid motif

Pajama set

Welspun Zucchi Textiles Ltd

Model: 1
MOQ: 500 sets
Delivery: 90 days
Price: $12
Description: Pajama set; 100% cotton; V-neck, button-down, long-sleeved top with pocket; pants with elastic waist, two side pockets; plaid motif

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