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Suppliers of makeup mirrors develop handier compacts

Reduced size and the addition of LEDs are practical features for active lifestyles.

Manufacturers of makeup mirrors in China are enhancing portability in their new designs.

Pocket mirror
Gift Fairy offers the 1020MR621C model, an iron pocket mirror with chrome plating. Acrylic rhinestones decorate the 65x60mm product.

Companies are introducing smaller and lighter pocket models that fit medium-sized purses currently in vogue. Round types have a diameter of 6 to 7cm, while square variants are 6x6cm. A few are launching rectangular kinds measuring only 6x3cm. The thickness may be reduced to just one-third or one-half of mainstream styles.

Products come with a chain and clasp that can be attached to keys or a bag's handle so that they are easy to locate. Some releases adopt LEDs to help users apply cosmetics on the go. The component is powered by a lithium battery.

Apart from compacts, makers offer handheld and tabletop versions. Functionality is also the R&D thrust for these models. For example, a new desk configuration can be removed from the base and brought manually to the face. Anti-fog finishes are applied as well.

Nearly all makeup mirrors from China have at least two sides, one with 3 or 5x magnification, and another without.

Quotes start below $0.20 and can exceed $0.50. The main price determinants are the housing material, shape, trimmings and features.

The case is made of plastic, fabric, metal or wood, with the first two considered the least expensive. The options for synthetics are acrylic, PS, EVA, ABS and PP.

The specific metal types utilized are iron, zinc alloy, stainless steel and iron, and brass. They are finished with a layer of chrome, gold, silver or copper. The plating may be lead-free in upscale releases.

Other than geometric contours, novelty forms are often adopted for pocket designs. These include heart, fan, cat and handbag figures. Such models are costlier to fabricate because of the special molds required.

For embellishment, rhinestones are inlaid into fruit, bird, butterfly, leopard, shoe and bow patterns. Some clear housings contain crystals that move around freely.

Enamel, epoxy, PU leather, rubber, printing and embroidery are also used for ornamentation. Models with LEDs and anti-fog finishes are upscale.

Size is another a factor as it dictates the amount of materials utilized. Most handheld and tabletop styles, therefore, are classified as midrange and high-end.

Products are available from a variety of suppliers, most of which offer makeup mirrors as a sideline to photo frames, keychains and jewelry. Such businesses outsource the reflector and concentrate on decorating the case. Those that specialize in household mirrors, meanwhile, can conduct cutting, grinding, coating and washing in-house.

Many trading companies also carry a selection of compacts that may be bundled with other premiums, including pill boxes and business cardholders.

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Product gallery

Makeup mirrors price guide


Pocket mirror
Product gallery

Gift Fairy Co. Ltd

Model: 1020MR506
MOQ: 1,000 pieces
Delivery: 30 days
Description: Pocket mirror; iron; chrome plating; acrylic rhinestone inlays; ribbon motif; 55x55cm; individual white box packaging

Pocket mirror

Gift Fairy Co. Ltd

Model: 1020MR621C
MOQ: 1,000 pieces
Delivery: 30 days
Description: Pocket mirror; iron; chrome plating; acrylic rhinestone inlays; butterfly motif; 65x60mm; individual white box packaging

Pocket mirror

Gift Fairy Co. Ltd

Model: 1020MR626
MOQ: 1,000 pieces
Delivery: 30 days
Description: Pocket mirror; iron; chrome plating; acrylic rhinestone inlays; 70mm diameter; individual white box packaging

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