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Leather jewelry companies mix diverse materials

Design possibilities for jewelry made of hides are expanding, thanks to textile, glass and plastic trims.

Fashion jewelry manufacturers in China are combining leather with various components to add visual interest and texture to products.

The model F-10011 necklace from Shenzhen Fancy is decorated with PU leather squares that have a crocodile-skin pattern. The price is $3.80.

Metal studs, eyelets and chains are the most widely used elements. These are plated in rhodium, silver or gold, and toughen up the look of designs.

Linen rope, feathers, fabrics and wooden beads lend an earthy quality to releases. For a more sophisticated appearance, glass beads, acrylic and natural stones, and Swarovski crystals are incorporated.

The array of colors, patterns and finishes for synthetic and animal hides broadens selections further. Bright hues are possible for PU and PVC leather, while genuine skins are mostly in black and shades of brown. The materials can also be stamped to simulate exotic creatures such as crocodiles, snakes and ostriches. Once cut, the edges may be left raw for a rugged effect, or painted to highlight refinement.

Bracelets and bangles dominate the output of China-made leather jewelry. Many models are for men. Styles have one or multiple layers, or narrow braided strips. They are fitted with magnetic or adjustable buckle closures.

Currently, 40mm-wide bangles are popular in the women's category. These consist of a resin base wrapped in PU leather. Some are studded with stones.

Long straps intended to encircle the wrist at least three times are now also being produced in greater numbers.

For necklaces, the material is frequently used in the form of loose, twisted or woven cords. It can also be cut into geometric charms that hang profusely on metal chains. Hides may serve as a sturdy base for cabochon-embellished bibs. This treatment is adopted for drop earrings as well.

Thick bands with snap closures are employed for rings. These are trimmed with eyelets or a stainless steel head.

Brooches come mostly in floral shapes. The leather is cut into petals and perforated or silk-screened before being handsewn into blossoms and buds. Pink, silver, black, orange and white are the typical colors.

China-made leather jewelry starts below $1.50 per piece. Prices of high-end models exceed $4.

Materials and craftsmanship are the key factors influencing quotes, with the former representing 60 percent.

Many suppliers in the line offer belts and bags as their main products. Offcuts from larger items are then used for design development, sampling and small orders of jewelry. Even factories that do not carry other leather goods in their catalog still purchase waste pieces in local markets to reduce costs. For bulk orders, however, whole hides are procured to ensure consistent quality within the batch.

Product gallery

Leather jewelry price guide

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Product gallery

Dongguan Zhengyong Leather Accessories Co. Ltd

Model: ZY-D1017B
MOQ: 300 pieces
Delivery: 25 days
Price: $1.23
Description: Bangle; woven cowhide; plated snap button closure


Shanghai Weiqi Industry Co. Ltd

Model: WQJ136
MOQ: 1,000 pieces
Delivery: 8 days
Price: $0.80
Description: Bracelet; genuine leather; magnetic closure; 58cm long


Shenzhen Fancy Fashion Co. Ltd

Model: F-10011
MOQ: 300 pieces
Delivery: 20 days
Price: $3.80
Description: Necklace; PU leather, plated metal chain; 70cm long


Shenzhen Silver Charm Jewelry Co. Ltd

Model: PI0065
MOQ: 10 pieces
Delivery: 2 to 5 days
Price: $2.35
Description: Cuff; genuine leather; alloy closure; 20cm long; 3cm wide; nickel-,lead-free


Yiwu Simbo Accessory Fty

Model: EUXB3019
MOQ: 200 pieces
Delivery: 20 days
Price: $3.50
Description: Necklace; iron chain, genuine leather braids, fox tail; antique silver, brass plating

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