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Nail care suppliers refine tool design

Practical revisions include double ends, magnifiers and the use of durable materials.

Makers of manicure and pedicure implements in China are boosting the functionality of products.

Manicure set
  Yangjiang Pute's model C303 manicure set consists of an iron clipper, pusher, nipper and scissors in a cat-shaped PU leather case. The price is $0.82.

Companies are giving basic instruments dual purposes. Scissors are fitted with blades sharp enough to cut nails, and tapered tips that trim the cuticles accurately. Pushers have two heads: the wide one removes cuticles, while the angled end cleans under the nails.

Instead of emery board, nail files now utilize iron, stainless steel, glass and porcelain. These materials endure more usage and can be washed and sterilized. Pumice stone is also affixed to one side to smooth foot calluses.

Several nail clippers come with a built-in light and magnifier to promote precision, or a tray for catching fragments. As a means of saving space, some tools are foldable. A wide, textured handle improves grip.

About 70 percent of China-made manicure and pedicure implements are sold in a set. A basic kit starts at $0.50 and can exceed $3. It comprises five pieces: a clipper, file, pusher, nipper and scissors. Some reach 20 articles and include other personal care items such as a comb, ear scoop, tweezers, razor and toothbrush. Utility knives and sewing notions can also be added.

The majority of sets are for promotional use, so the packaging is a main price determinant. PVC, PU and genuine leather are employed for pouches, while cases are made of ABS, aluminum or stainless steel. Snap buttons and zippers are the typical closures. The containers may adopt novelty shapes such as fruits, T-shirts, cartoon characters, animals and bags. The motif is occasionally continued on the tools through a painted finish. Otherwise, the iron and stainless steel instruments are usually polished or plated.

China suppliers also offer electric manicure and pedicure appliances. The tabletop units have a micro DC motor and up to 15 attachments for shaping and buffing nails, and smoothing the skin on the feet at two or three speed settings.

Examples of the interchangeable heads are rough and fine shaping and polishing discs, filing cones, skin removers and cuticle sticks.

Products run on either disposable alkaline batteries or rechargeable NiCd or NiMH cells. Designs using the latter are considered upscale and commonly incorporate a nail polishdryer. The charging time ranges from eight to 12 hours. An LED indicator signals insufficient or full load.

ABS is employed for the housing. To create a metallic look, a titanium finish is applied. Rubber feet are fastened underneath to prevent scratches on the furniture.

Makers generally outsource components such as motors, capacitors, batteries, LEDs and switches. These are then assembled in-house.

Models that follow CE and RoHS guidelines are 10 to 20 percent more expensive than those without certification.

Product gallery

Medicure & pedicure sets price guide

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5-piece manicure set
Product gallery

Yangjiang Pute Hardware Co. Ltd

Model: C160
MOQ: 3,000 sets
Delivery: 25 days
Price: $0.69 per set
Description: 5-piece manicure set; nail clipper, file, pusher; cuticle scissors, nipper; electroplated iron; aluminum case

5-piece manicure set

Yangjiang Pute Hardware Co. Ltd

Model: C224
MOQ: 3,000 sets
Delivery: 25 days
Description: 5-piece manicure set; nail clipper, file, pusher; cuticle scissors, nipper; electroplated iron; PU case

4-piece manicure set

Yangjiang Pute Hardware Co. Ltd

Model: C303
MOQ: 3,000 sets
Delivery: 25 days
Price: $0.82 per set
Description: 4-piece manicure set; nail clipper, pusher; cuticle scissors, nipper; electroplated iron; cat-shaped PU case

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