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Cosmetic bag, case selections highlight design diversity

Releases range from patterned pouches to professional train cases with mirrors and LEDs.

China suppliers of cosmetic bags and cases are utilizing various materials to create an array of styles for different budgets.

Cosmetic case
The HZ5-138 model from Hangzhou Case unfolds into a makeup station by propping it up on a separate stand. It comes with a mirror and LEDs.

In the low end, PVC and mesh are utilized for a clear or translucent look. This allows users to spot a lipstick or brush quickly.

Models that employ cotton, polyester and nylon are easy to decorate with prints and embroidery. Fabrics may also be combined with PU leather for upscale releases. A few designs simulate evening clutches.

For box-type containers, plain or patterned ABS and acrylic panels are adopted for a casual feel. Suppliers wrap MDF with synthetic hides to create a classic or vintage appearance. Aluminum is preferred for trolleys geared toward professional makeup artists.

Companies are also enhancing functionality. One new innovation is a train case that unfolds into a workstation. It is propped on a separate telescopic stand. The lid incorporates a mirror surrounded by LEDs, while the trays extend for easy access to cosmetics and tools.

Makeup bags start below $1 and reach $4.50 per piece. Materials and size are the main determinants of price. In general, products are individually marketed but may be bundled in matching sets of two or three. Suppliers can even pair them with handbags.

The least expensive styles employ PVC, mesh, or cotton or polyester fabric. They are fastened using a plastic snap button or nylon zipper. Some have plastic piping, which helps preserve the pouch's shape.

Textiles are commonly adopted for midrange models, including nylon. Polyester is the choice for lining. Many designs are printed and utilize a nylon zipper closure.

High-end releases come in satin or PU leather. Most are lined with cotton or polyester and framed with plastic piping. One or two additional compartments or pockets are provided, as is a mirror. Contents are secured using a nylon zipper plus a metal or magnetic snap button.

Cosmetic cases range from just under $5 to $200. The most basic versions consist of an aluminum frame and acrylic sheets.

The same metal is utilized in upscale variants together with MDF. This is covered in leather, or ABS or aluminum panels. A major difference between midrange and high-end styles is the size and the number of trays and drawers inside. These sections are sheathed with EVA, nonwoven fabric, velvet, or cotton or polyester jacquard. The priciest releases incorporate trolley systems, LEDs and detachable stands.

A latch closure is employed for most hard-shell containers. Some have combination or padlocks. The former is about $1.30 more expensive.

China suppliers purchase fabric and plastic within their province, but metal parts are usually from Guangdong.

Product gallery

Cosmetic bags & cases price guide

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Cosmetic bag
Product gallery

Ching Mei Plastic Bag Fty

Model: CM-10010
MOQ: 3,000 pieces
Delivery: 21 days
Price: $0.78
Description: Cosmetic bag; clear PVC; 70d polyester handle; plastic snap button closure; 15x10x31cm; polybag packaging

Cosmetic bag

Ching Mei Plastic Bag Fty

Model: CM-10112C
MOQ: 3,000 pieces
Delivery: 21 days
Price: $0.55
Description: Cosmetic bag; 600d polyester; floral print; 16.5x6x11cm; polybag packaging

Cosmetic bag

Ching Mei Plastic Bag Fty

Model: CM-10193
MOQ: 3,000 pieces
Delivery: 21 days
Price: $1.12
Description: Cosmetic bag; polyester satin; 190 tex polyester lining, water-resistant; PVC piping; magnetic button closure; one small interior pocket; 21x6x12cm; silver; polybag packaging

Professional cosmetic case

Hangzhou Case Tools Co. Ltd

Model: HZ5-138
MOQ: 50 pieces
Delivery: 25 working days
Description: Professional cosmetic case; unfolds into makeup station; aluminum, MDF frame; ABS sheet panels; with LEDs, mirror, detachable stand; 640x490x270mm

Cosmetic case

Hangzhou Case Tools Co. Ltd

Model: HZ-10603
MOQ: 600 pieces
Delivery: 25 working days
Description: Cosmetic case; aluminum, MDF frame; PU leather panels; 292x178x190mm

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