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Paired personalized jewelry gains ground

New trinkets are emblazoned with phrases that capture romantic and paternal sentiments.

Personalized jewelry makers in China are launching more designs that are sold in sets of two.

Personalized bangle
HK Silver Charm laser-engraves messages on bangles such as on the silver-plated brass DT520 model.

Pendant necklaces, rings and bangles for lovers are decorated with romantic messages. Classic contours such as squares, hearts, and male and female symbols are utilized for the charms. Some styles have embedded clear rhinestones, crystals or zircons. Neutral colors are employed to suit both men and women.

Taking cues from this type of product, suppliers are introducing matching pendants for parents and children. Items depict cartoon characters or animals in mother, father, son and daughter roles.

Inspirational brooches, bracelets and necklaces are popular as well. They feature universally positive words such as “hope,” “dream” and “believe.” Short prayers are also applied.

Individual letters that are strung onto chains are widely available because they are used as initials or combined to form text that is meaningful to the wearer. In addition, many companies offer models that highlight birthstones and zodiac symbols. The former, in particular, are often featured in earrings for girls.

These themes are comprehensive enough in terms of appeal to be made in batches of thousands. The MOQ for name plates, however, may be as low as 100 pieces.

As regards shaping methods, die casting is adopted to create unique contours. To decorate with text and patterns, some suppliers carry out laser engraving on metal surfaces. The process does not require molds. Instead, the motif is encoded and modified via the computerized machine’s software. Lines can be as thin as 0.015mm and output is consistent. The technique is not for suitable ceramic, glass and wood.

Mechanical engraving, etching, embossing and debossing are also options.

Enamel and epoxy are utilized to impart color. The latter is translucent and protects from rust, but does not withstand heat and oil.

Prices of China-made personalized jewelry start below $1.50 and can reach $20. Quotes are mainly influenced by the materials and design complexity. The former account for 30 to 50 percent of outlay. Labor for handcrafted models contributes up to 60 percent to the unit cost.

Low-end styles are mostly initial or zodiac charms on a bracelet or necklace. These are made of zinc alloy, steel or lampwork glass. Metal models are plated in rhodium or silver.

The centerpiece of midrange releases is generally a name, message or birthstone. Stainless steel, sterling silver and zinc alloy coated with rhodium, silver or gold are employed.

The most expensive designs come in similar materials and themes, but have more intricate patterns and profuse embellishment.

Product gallery

Personalized jewelry price guide


Personalized bangle
Product gallery

HK Silver Charm Jewelry Ltd

Model: DT151-1
MOQ: 300 pieces
Delivery: 10 days
Price: $6.80
Description: Bangles; brass, black titanium steel; crystal inlays; laser-engraved text; free of lead, nickel, cadmium

Personalized bangle

HK Silver Charm Jewelry Ltd

Model: DT520
MOQ: 300 pieces
Delivery: 10 days
Price: $3.50
Description: Bangle; brass; silver plating; laser-engraved patterns; free of lead, nickel, cadmium

Personalized pendant

Shenzhen Light World (Jewelry) Technology Co. Ltd

Model: LP-W01
MOQ: 200 pieces
Delivery: 10 to 15 days
Description: Pendant; stainless steel; ion plating; CZ inlays; hypoallergenic; free of lead, nickel, cadmium

Personalized his-and-hers pendants

Shenzhen Reegis Technology Co. Ltd

Models: BS028, BS029
MOQ: 100 pieces
Delivery: 15 days
Description: His-and-hers pendants; stainless steel, germanium, silicone; rack plating; contains liquid titanium said to generate anions; free of lead, nickel, cadmium

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