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Socks suppliers update models with color, pattern

Bands of complementary tones heighten visual interest in recent socks.

China’s hosiery industry is keeping up with fashion trends by releasing socks in bold hues and motifs. This product development strategy is a departure from the previous emphasis on basic pairs.

Women's polyester socks

This pair of women's polyester socks from Shenzhen Winsome is decorated with flowers and leaves.

Current designs for women feature contrasting shades such as gray with blue and yellow with black. Knee-highs are increasingly popular and have polka dots, hearts, stripes or plaids. Novelty themes include peace symbols, skulls and zebra- skin patterns. Variants in a solid tint highlight lace or faux fur trimming at the welt.

Men’s models still come in restrained tones of olive, khaki, gray, navy blue and black. Quiet accents are in the form of thin grids, horizontal bands, scattered circles and patches at the heel and toe.

Despite this, makers are not losing view of comfort and functionality. Casual and formal pairs, especially those for males, now employ breathable, odor-resistant and anti-fungal materials more often. Cotton releases with individual toe sections help digits stay dry.

For sports versions, branded yarns such as Coolmax, Thermolite and Thermogear are utilized to regulate temperature during exercise. Supplex is chosen because it is moisture-absorbent and quick-dry. The combination of wool and PP results in hiking styles that are warm, durable and can wick perspiration.

To enhance shock protection for various activities, the insoles are knitted in a terry construction. Ribbed cuffs secure placement even while moving vigorously.

Whether for informal, dressy or athletic events, China-made socks are available in ankle, quarter, crew and knee lengths. Thigh-high women’s versions are also offered.

Prices start below $0.70 per pair and can exceed $1.20 depending on the textile composition, thickness, coverage and design intricacy.

Companies blend assorted fibers to achieve different degrees of absorbency, breathability and elasticity. This practice also helps with keeping quotes stable and staying within buyers’ budgets. To illustrate, businesses are reducing the share of cotton in mixtures as rates for the natural material have more than doubled in the past year.

Suppliers plan to raise prices by up to 15 percent in coming months as costs continue to climb. To minimize markups, makers are using less packaging, bundling two or three pairs at a time. The step has decreased wrapping expenses by 10 percent.

Customers may also encounter some delay in deliveries due to a shortage of power. The deficit has forced many factories to stop production for an average of two days per week, therefore hampering the completion of orders. It is the main deterrent for exporters from upgrading machinery.

Product gallery

Socks price guide

Women’s socks

Product gallery

Haining Changhui Knitwear Co. Ltd

Model: CH-LL-50
MOQ: 2,000 pairs
Delivery: 20 days
Description: Women’s socks; 80:10:5:5 cotton-spandex-nylon-elastic tape; sizes 22 to 24; 63g per pair

Ankle socks

Haining Changhui Knitwear Co. Ltd

Model: CH-LS-81
MOQ: 2,000 pairs
Delivery: 20 days
Description: Ankle socks; 80:10:5:5 Coolmax-spandex-nylon-elastic tape;
sizes 23 to 25; 26g per pair

Calf-high socks

Shanghai Wallyn International Trading Co. Ltd

Model: Wallyn001
MOQ: 200 dozen pairs
Delivery: 45 days
Description: Calf-high socks; cashmere; sizes 35 to 41; tan

Calf-high socks

Shanghai Wallyn International Trading Co. Ltd

Model: Wallyn002
MOQ: 200 dozen pairs
Delivery: 45 days
Description: Calf-high socks; bamboo rayon; sizes 35 to 41; navy

Calf-high socks

Shanghai Wallyn International Trading Co. Ltd

Model: Wallyn003
MOQ: 200 dozen pairs
Delivery: 45 days
Description: Calf-high socks; bamboo rayon; sizes 35 to 41; khaki

Men’s socks

Shenzhen Winsome Enterprise Co. Ltd

Model: Win-S-01
MOQ: 3,000 pairs
Delivery: 45 days
Description: Men’s socks; 75:23:2 cotton-nylon-spandex; size 3 or 4

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