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Makers of spring, summer casual wear underscore performance, aesthetics

Functional and earth-friendly materials, and eye-catching details add value to casual wear selections.

Suppliers of spring and summer casual wear in China are increasing output of models that boast enhanced comfort, utility and visual appeal.


Yintian’s YT-YY001 model raincoat is made of nylon, PVC and PEVA. The MOQ is 1,000 pieces.

Rainwear manufacturers are improving the breathability of recent designs. Many are adopting fabrics with a kind of PU coating that repels water but does not obstruct airflow. The treatment heightens ease of use even as temperatures rise.

In addition, companies are yielding rain coats and rain jackets that look similar to fashion releases. A few can even be worn on clear days. Women’s styles come in bright colors and may have an allover floral or butterfly print.

For T-shirts and polo shirts, environment-friendly and functional materials are used. Textiles that contain mercerized or organic cotton, linen, corn-derived PLA, and soybean and protein fibers are among the popular choices. Most are treated for UV protection, quick drying, and odor, wrinkle and static resistance.

Flat and 3D motifs can be embroidered, silk-screened, heat-transferred, or offset- or discharge-printed. Women’s selections are fitted with cap, puffed, raglan or batwing sleeves to boost attractiveness. A contoured waist provides distinction as well. Lace, applique, beads, sequins and rhinestones decorate models further.

Recently launched shorts for females are designed to emphasize the figure. Leg openings are often cuffed to highlight the lower limbs. The usual trimmings are braided and woven tape, and gold-finished and textile-covered buttons.

Similar to their counterparts, men’s variants now come in red, orange, purple, green and other vibrant hues. Plaid continues to be a trendy pattern. The garments may undergo washing and incorporate wrinkle effects to become more eye-catching.

China garment factories still turn out large quantities of low-rise skinny and straight-cut jeans. Pants with boot-cut and flared legs are also available. Releases generally adopt two front and two back pockets, and a small coin compartment. As regards denim skirts, straight and flared constructions are mainstream.

To increase product value, companies are employing textiles that have a percentage of polyester, Tencel, linen, spandex or jute. The first heightens wrinkle resistance, while Tencel provides warmth and shape retention. Linen enhances drape and moisture permeability.

Dark blue and black are the preferred shades as they help make the body appear slimmer. Upscale styles for women are adorned with prints, embroidery, rivets, beads, rhinestones and applique. Skirts may feature flounces, lace embellishments, or portions in plaid or floral-print cotton fabric.

Jeans and denim skirts undergo garment washing not only for preshrinking and softening purposes but also to achieve a distressed or weathered look. Plants commonly utilize enzymes, bleach, acid and stones. A few manufacturers offer sandblasted designs as well. Wrinkles and whiskers remain popular details.

Metal zippers and buttons are adopted as closures. The former typically have a pewter, or regular or antique brass or copper finish. Some suppliers utilize powder-coated plastic fasteners.

Product gallery


These women’s jeans from Caballo come in 98:2 cotton-spandex.

Products & prices

Made of PVC or EVA, low-end rain cloaks and rain jackets from China are below $3 each. They are fitted with snap buttons for closure and come in a single color. Some designs have hoods and pockets.

Nylon or polyester is employed in upscale rainwear, which ranges from $3 to $12. A coating of PVC or PU is often applied to the material. Items that boast the latter are generally 15 to 20 percent more expensive than PVC-treated variants.

Mesh fabric is often adopted as lining, but fleece may be utilized in high-end selections. The seams are welted to prevent water from seeping through. A concealable or detachable head covering is typical.

Zippers, metal and snap buttons, and hook-and-loop tape are the common fasteners. The cuffs can be fitted with the last two, or have drawstrings or elastic bands. Several companies offer matching pants.

T-shirts are between $2 and $15 per piece, while polo shirts are $2.50 to $20. The least expensive styles adopt lightweight cotton, CVC or T/C. Adornments are minimal.

Semicombed, combed, mercerized or organic cotton, and textiles that contain PLA, soybean or milk protein, or feature functional coatings are mainly used in high-priced models. The materials weigh 180 to 240gsm. Designs boast more trimmings.

China-made shorts start at $5 per pair and can go above $7. The simplest versions are in cotton, T/C, pure or blended polyester, acrylic or rayon. Plastic fasteners are employed.

Factories utilize cotton-spandex, linen, viscose and wool in fancier releases. Products have metal closures and highlight increased decorative elements.

The majority of jeans from the country are azo- and formaldehyde-free, regardless of price. Those quoted at $3 to $6 per pair are low-end and come in 6 or 8oz pure cotton. The pants are often enzyme- or stonewashed. At $6.50 to $10, midrange products may contain 2 to 5 percent spandex, polyester or Tencel. The input weighs 6, 8 or 10oz. The most expensive variants are $10.50 to $20. They are made of 9 to 11oz denim with 5 to 10 percent unbranded spandex, Lycra, linen or jute.

Besides enzyme- and stonewashing, upscale models may go through handbrushing or sandblasting. They commonly incorporate wrinkles, whiskers and more embellishments.

Denim skirts go for $3 to $12 apiece, depending on the fabric weight, construction intricacy, and the type and amount of materials and trimming used.

Hooded rain jacket

Product gallery

3S I/E Shijiazhuang Co. Ltd

Model: 3S-Men-01
MOQ: 1,000 pieces
Delivery: 75 days
Price: $9
Description: Hooded rain jacket; 100% polyester, PU coating; 170gsm; custom sizes; polybag, carton packaging; Oeko-Tex Standard 100

Denim skirt

Caballo Co. Ltd

Model: 11S4P012M79C
MOQ: 500 pieces per color
Delivery: 45 days
Price: $10.52
Description: Denim skirt; 100% cotton; 9 to 11oz; sizes S to XL; polybag packaging

Men's polo shirt

Enturbo (Xiamen) Import & Export Co. Ltd

Model: EM6347
MOQ: 3,000 pieces per color
Delivery: 60 days
Price: $4.05
Description: Men's polo shirt; 100% cotton; 170gsm; embroidered logo; sizes S to XXL; polybag packaging

Women's T-shirt

Enturbo (Xiamen) Import & Export Co. Ltd

Model: ZUT036
MOQ: 3,000 pieces per color
Delivery: 60 days
Price: $6.35
Description: Women's T-shirt; 95:5 nylon-spandex; 180gsm; sizes S to XL; polybag packaging

Rain jacket

Protex Chinalight Industries Ltd

Model: PW203
MOQ: 2,000 sets
Delivery: 30 days
Price: $8.60
Description: Rain jacket, pants set; polyester, 0.18mm-thick PVC coating; sizes S to XXL; 1.05kg per set; fabric pouch packaging

Rain jacket

Protex Chinalight Industries Ltd

Model: TJ657
MOQ: 1,000 pieces
Delivery: 30 days
Price: $12
Description: Rain jacket; nylon, PU coating; breathable; sizes S to XXL; 0.85kg; polybag packaging

Polo shirt

Yintian Industrial Co. Ltd

Model: YT-PLS001
MOQ: 1,000 pieces
Delivery: 30 days
Price: $3.50
Description: Polo shirt; 100% cotton; 180gsm; sizes S to XXL; polybag packaging

Women's jeans

Yintian Industrial Co. Ltd

Model: YT-NZK001
MOQ: 1,000 pairs
Delivery: 30 days
Price: $5
Description: Women's jeans; 100% cotton; 500 to 700gsm; sizes S to XXXL; polybag packaging

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