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Makers raise output of basic evening dresses

Uncomplicated, minimally trimmed formalwear in cotton or polyester dominates releases.

India suppliers of evening dresses continue to emphasize the low-end and midrange lines as these remain more lucrative than high-priced releases.

Evening dress

Fashion Sphere offers the Shimmer model, a shift dress featuring Lurex-trimmed chiffon sleeves.

The latest models come in simple constructions. Most are knee-length or a few inches shorter. Round, sweetheart and V-necks are typical, although a few variants incorporate keyhole kinds.

Sleeveless styles may have spaghetti or halter straps. Detailing such as smocking, pleats, pin tucks and frills is limited to selected portions of the garment.

As regards materials, cotton voile and cambric are the popular options for the least expensive cocktail dresses. Releases made of polyester satin, chiffon, georgette and crepe are offered at slightly higher quotes.

Companies turn out both solid-colored and patterned dresses. Pink, purple and other feminine hues are increasingly being adopted. Black and red are still mainstream.

Evening dresses with stripes, plaids, or a floral- or animal-skin motif boast heightened vitality. Additional elements, including lace overlays, piping, and small crocheted and embroidered trimmings, may be utilized as complements.

Models between $5 and $12 per piece are considered low-end, while intermediate versions go for $13 to $17.

Several manufacturers also turn out upscale formalwear, which ranges from $18 to $100. The products are usually made of silk in a plain, satin, chiffon or georgette weave. A few suppliers adopt polyester-Lycra blends. Releases boast more intricate constructions and detailing. Companies use different fabrics in one garment occasionally to highlight texture or create volume.

Glass and pearl beads, sequins and rhinestones are employed to enhance visual appeal. Swarovski crystals, lace, and crocheted tape or applique may adorn cocktail dresses as well. These decorations are sometimes manually placed on the neck, one of the shoulders, sleeve openings, waist or hem.

Suppliers anticipate 15 to 20 percent export growth within the next 12 months, buoyed by stronger overseas demand for India-made evening dresses. Various challenges, however, are posing a threat to the sector’s development.

The high cost of materials and transportation is a major concern for manufacturers. While cotton rates, which climbed during the past year, have recently been stabilizing, rising fuel values are pushing up expenditure on other inputs and shipping.

Current labor laws in the South Asia region are also a deterrent to growth in the garment industry. For example, a company that maintains at least 100 staff members cannot dismiss anyone without permission from the government. This may have dissuaded businesses from expanding. In fact, more than 80 percent of apparel suppliers in India are small operations.

Makers are developing their client base to attract additional orders and sustain viability. They get to know prospective clients by attending trade and fashion exhibitionsabroad. Latin American countries such as Brazil are emerging markets for evening dresses.

Product gallery

Evening dress

Product gallery

Fashion Sphere

Model: Shimmer
MOQ: 300 pieces
Delivery: 90 days
Price: $12.80
Description: Polyester satin; keyhole neckline; polyester-Lurex chiffon sleeves

Evening dress

Fashion Sphere

Model: Summer Love
MOQ: 300 pieces
Delivery: 90 days
Price: $14
Description: Polyester georgette; sweetheart neckline; spaghetti straps; pleated bodice

Evening dress

Maharana of India

Model: 5021
MOQ: 500 pieces per color
Delivery: 60 days
Price: $21
Description: Polyester georgette; polyester-Lycra lining; embroidery, rhinestones, glass beads applied by hand

Evening dress

Maharana of India

Model: 5923
MOQ: 500 pieces per color
Delivery: 69 days
Price: $25
Description: Polyester georgette; polyester-Lycra lining; double-layer skirt with handkerchief hem; embroidery, rhinestones, glass beads applied by hand

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