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Enhanced designs propel projector accessories sector

Makers are releasing projector screens and mounts with improved operation and appearance.

China manufacturers of projector accessories are developing more upscale products to stimulate sales and offset losses caused by rising costs and the yuan appreciation. Electronic screens are gradually replacing manual units. In the mounts sector, improved aesthetics and safety features top makers’ R&D agenda.

Projector screen
The model SML100 projector screen from Shenzhen Ally is a 100in electronic type with a 16:9 aspect ratio. A synchronous or tubular motor is used.

Suppliers offering the first category carry various sizes in synchronized and tubular motor configurations. In Shenzhen Ally Industrial Co. Ltd, for instance, the type accounts for 90 percent of output. The player provides 80 to 200in models in floor-standing, fixed-screen, manual pull-down and tripod designs, which the manufacturer says have a price advantage over mature manual and tripod versions.

Electronic screens take up 30 to 40 percent of Lumi Legend Corp.’s overall exports. The supplier offers 60 to 300in units.

In a move to push high-end releases, China makers are enhancing the external appearance of products to emphasize their upscale features. The PSGA90 model from Lumi Legend has an aluminum plate frame suitable for advanced home theater setups. Shenzhen Ally’s SML120 model comes with a sleek oval aluminum case.

In terms of screen material, the glass-beaded type is expected to fade gradually in coming months. This used to be popular than the matte white variety because it improves the performance of low-lumen projectors. With technological developments in recent years, however, products with higher brightness rate emerged, rendering glass-beaded screens unnecessary.

In addition to electronic models and enhanced designs, screens for 3D and pocket projectors are rising in number. In particular, roll-type metallic variants are generally suited to the first to enable better visual effects, but only a few suppliers in China are capable of producing these. Because of the huge outlay, enterprises such as Shanghai Soaring Projection Screen Equipment Co. Ltd manufacture the type for cinemas and very rarely for home installation.

Meanwhile, other enterprises, including Shenzhen Ally, are making miniature desktop metallic screens of 20 to 50in for pocket projectors. These have lower luminous flux than home-use counterparts, but the metallic fabric helps provide higher gain and stronger contrast.

Further, suppliers that currently target the miniature market are also eyeing such and desktop variants that will be easy to carry and store for travel and business presentation purposes.

In the projector mounts line, basic models continue to dominate, but enterprises are working on anti-theft and improved structural designs. For example, products from Yuyao Yuda Industrial Co. Ltd have a special triangular screw that can only be twisted by a particular screwdriver, preventing unauthorized opening or disabling. Some makers also provide cages for added security.

As regards aesthetics, a number of models adopt cable routing channel for a cleaner look. New variants from Loctek Visual Technology Corp. use aluminum extrusion and cold rolled steel for firmness. Universal mounts, which are compatible with more than 95 percent of projectors in the market, are increasingly adopted. These allow users to adjust angles and distances up to a certain range.

Projector screen & mount selections
Product gallery

Projector screens and projector mounts price guide
Projector screen & mount selections

China’s projector accessory manufacturers offer mainly screens and mounts for home and office use. Entry-level models make up the mainstream supply in both segments.

Screens: Selections comprise electronic motorized, manual self-lock, fixed-frame, tripod and floor-standing versions. The first is available in synchronized or tubular motor variants. The synchronized motor has a lower speed rate but is relatively quieter compared with the tubular type. The latter is therefore adopted for larger screens of about 150in and above. It is more expensive by about $15 to $20 depending on the size.

Suppliers also offer a range of material options, including matte white or gray, glass beaded and fi berglass. The first is widely adopted for its better performance-to-price ratio. Shenzhen Ally provides grade A or B matte white, white glass beaded and matte gray. Lumi Legend carries all types.

Grade A matte white screens boast better quality, but are $3 to $4 more expensive than B counterparts. Matte gray is pricier than matte white because of its greater contrast rate. Glass-beaded models are quoted $10 to $15 above matte white rates of the same size. Fiberglass versions list 10 to 15 percent higher than the latter for their flat, smooth and noncurling features. These attributes render such variants suitable for large screens.

Makers generally outsource inputs from local cloth suppliers. They can customize the screen size and aspect ratio, and material.

Mounts: China companies manufacture mounts as a secondary line. Most enterprises are primarily TV mount or projector specialists. Nevertheless, the selection consists of ceiling, wall
and roof variants with electronic or motorized operation. The first dominates supply.

Models of up to 400mm long can carry a load of 8 to 10kg, while those stretching to 800mm can accommodate up to 20kg. The bigger variety can support the same load, and its length reaches 1m or more.

Most designs have universal mounting patterns, a 360-degree swivel, and more or less 15 and 30-degree tilts. Cold rolled and carbon steel are common in low-end and midrange variants.
Aluminum alloy or extrusion is for upscale releases.

Prices differ based on the size and materials used. Smaller mounts range from $5 to $15, while midsized ones are between $16 and $25. The larger units can reach $50.

Faced with dented profits, climbing costs and a stronger yuan, some makers have adjusted quotes by 3 to 5 percent to remain in business. They, however, cannot raise prices further in view of the tightening competition.

Aside from tapping the high-end sector, companies are strengthening their presence in traditional markets such as Europe and the US, where demand for projector mounts is constant, to boost sales. Although suppliers plan to explore emerging destinations, these areas are very price-sensitive and accept only low-priced products, which generate smaller profits. Exports to the Middle East and South America have grown minimally in recent months.


Projector mount
Product gallery

Loctek Visual Technology Corp.

Model: PMB601
MOQ: 500 pieces
Description: Projector mount; 180-degree angle; -10 to 10-degree tilt, -5 to 5-degree rotation; multiple holes; aluminum extrusion, cold rolled steel; 800mm to 1.2m; 12kg; in black and silver

Projector screen

Lumi Legend Corp.

Model: PSGA90
MOQ: 100 pieces
Delivery: 20 days
Description: Projector screen; 9in fixed frame, 16:9 aspect ratio; aluminum frame; for cinemas and home theater systems

Projector screen

Shenzhen Ally Industrial Co. Ltd

Model: SML120
Description: Projector screen; 120in electronic; 16:9 aspect ratio; synchronous or tubular motor; RF remote control; 265x149cm, 104x59in view size; matte white (1.1 gain), glass beaded (2.8 gain), high-contrast matte gray (0.9 gain)

Projector mount

Yuyao Yuda Industrial Co. Ltd

Model: YD-PRB-100
MOQ: 500 pieces
Delivery: 30 days
Description: Projector mount; -30 to 30-degree tilt, 360-degree rotation; powder-coat paint, multi-angle adjustment; cold rolled steel; 125mm; 8kg

Projector mount

Yuyao Yuda Industrial Co. Ltd

Model: YD-PRB-101
MOQ: 500 pieces
Delivery: 30 days
Description: Projector mount; -30 to 30-degree tilt, 360-degree rotation; suitable for most kinds of projectors; 400 to 650mm, 650 to 1.1m; 8kg

Projector mount

Yuyao Yuda Industrial Co. Ltd

Model: YD-PRB-108
MOQ: 500 pieces
Delivery: 30 days
Description: Projector mount; 150mm; 8kg; ±30-degree tilt, 0 to 90-degree vertical, 360-degree horizontal swing; anti-theft system; powder-coat paint, multi-angle adjustment; cold rolled steel

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