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Enhanced models of motion controllers boost gaming experience

Motion controller makers are adding features to simulate movements and actions better while enhancing aesthetics.

Riding the profusion of next-generation video game devices in the market, China suppliers of motion controllers are underscoring enhancements to improve performance and visual appeal.

Motion controller

Shenzhen Sycco’s SK604 model supports 20hr continuous gaming without charging.

Besides ease of use, manufacturers are adding features to enrich the gaming experience. Conventional table tennis motion controllers, for example, typically employ plastic materials and are plugged into the Nintendo Wii to simulate game motion.

Enterprises such as Pcase Electronic Shenzhen Co. Ltd, however, offer units that resemble actual rackets. Its Ping-Pong Winner model has built-in RC, MotionPlus function, speakers and vibration motor in a table tennis racket design.

It can simulate different skilled motions, including loop or chop drive, making the experience more realistic. Controller kit packs are bundled to aid compatibility. Light gun sets, for instance, come with built-in nunchuks and MotionPlus to capture complex movements accurately.

Some suppliers are incorporating nongaming-related features as value add-ons. The W-041 model from GT-Coupe Electronic Co. Ltd has timer and calorie alarm functions. It can display the calorie count on the built-in digital screen.

As regards design, manufacturers are emphasizing compact sizes and bright colors. Miniature variants are intended for women and children, while large ones are aimed at users with bigger hands. The TYW-1197 model from Shenzhen Yuyuanxin Electronic Technology Co. Ltd is a mini RC with optional built-in MotionPlus that comes in various colors.

To differentiate products in a line that is increasingly becoming homogeneous, some makers are exploring personalized styles and molds. Most have an in-house team that handles design development, working with concepts, colors and patent covers with the aid of surface-processing methods such as silk-screen.

China suppliers target the majority of their releases at Wii consoles. In response to the rollout of the Wii Remote Plus in 2H10, most companies now integrate MotionPlus function in their controllers. The option, however, jacks up the price by $4 to $6, but the additional 3-axis gyroscope helps ensure a more accurate motion capture.

As for the Sony PlayStation Move, a handheld motion controller for the PlayStation 3, enterprises are preparing to launch compatible controllers, kits and peripherals. Play Sources (HK) Technology Co. Ltd has introduced a light gun and charge station. The Quad model of the latter category can power four PlayStation Move or two PS3 controllers simultaneously. The light gun is designed to work with all light gun-based PlayStation Move titles. Only a few makers, however, are producing compatible motion controllers because of IPR issues. Prototypes with generic designs are expected to come out in the months ahead to bypass patent problems.

The main export markets are Europe, North America and Japan.

Remote controller for Nintendo Wii

The TYW-1197 model from Shenzhen Yuyuanxin is a mini remote controller for Nintendo Wii.

Integrated controller packs dominate

China suppliers offer primary and subcontrollers, sold separately or as a set. The former have eight buttons, 3-axis accelerometers, two vibration motors and speakers. They run on two AA batteries and can connect via Bluetooth and IR optical sensors within a 5m maximum working distance. Built-in or external MotionPlus can be added.

Subcontrollers do not have speakers and link to the primary unit via cord. These also have 3-axis accelerometers for motion sensing and tilting. Suppliers such as FX Electronics HK Co. Ltd are manufacturing wireless variants, which are $4 to $5 more expensive than corded alternatives.

The majority of mainland China makers provide basic and enhanced controller packs. The standard inclusions are music, sports, light gun or steering wheel kits for motion games. Basic sets are typically plastic, while the latter have multifunction capability such as integrated MotionPlus or nunchuks. Accessories, including wrist straps, silicone sleeves or covers, are usually bundled with the package.

Color and pattern customization can be done on request. Many suppliers also partner with or directly purchase internal circuit boards from third-party providers. Shenzhen Sycco Development Technology Co. Ltd, for instance, codevelops its internal software with a Taiwan-based partner. Most enterprises conduct in-house design and mold making, plastic injection and assembly. Manufacturers ensure that their products conform to CE, FCC, RoHS and EN 71 requirements.

Remote control set for Nintendo Wii

Product gallery

FX Electronics HK Co. Ltd

Model: FXW-216
MOQ: 100 units
Delivery: 10 days
Description: Nunchuck and remote control set for Nintendo Wii; compatible with US games; can fit any hand; controller-toconsole Bluetooth connection; vibration motor; fits all electronic appliances with a USB charging cable

Navigation controller for PlayStation Move and PlayStation Eye

FX Electronics HK Co. Ltd

Model: FXP3M-040
MOQ: 100 units
Delivery: 10 days
Description: Navigation controller for PlayStation Move and PlayStation Eye camera; analog stick, directional buttons; intuitive XMB menu navigation; Bluetooth; rechargeable Li-ion battery

Motion controller for Nintendo Wii

GT-Coupe Electronic Co. Ltd

Model: W-039AM
MOQ: 1,000 units
Delivery: 30 days
Description: Motion controller for Nintendo Wii; motion sensor, speaker; first-party accessories, several game consoles and related games software compability; Bluetooth; LED player-number and batterystatus indicator; MotionPlus; ABS

Ping-Pong winner for Nintendo Wii

Pcase Electronic Shenzhen Co. Ltd

Model: Ping-Pong Winner
Description: For Nintendo Wii; table tennis racket mold; pen-hold or tennis-player grip; MotionPlus; power through Nintendo Wii console or PC via USB; sound and vibration feedback; rechargeable lithium battery, USB charging cable

Light gun for PlayStation Move

Play Sources (HK) Technology Co. Ltd

Model: PY-8329
MOQ: 1,000 units
Delivery: 15 days
Description: Light gun for PlayStation Move; for all light gun-based PlayStation Move titles; retro-futuristic style; sleek design; lightweight, easy to handle

Motion controller for Nintendo Wii

Shenzhen Sycco Development Technology Co. Ltd

Model: SK619
MOQ: 1,000 units
Delivery: 40 days
Description: Motion controller for Nintendo Wii; up to 20hr continuous play without charging; up to four players; accurate complex motion capture; built-in MotionPlus technology; compatible with all Wii titles for MotionPlus; up to 10m operating range; two AA batteries

MotionPlus adapter for Nintendo Wii

Shenzhen Yuyuanxin Electronic Technology Co. Ltd

Model: TYW-1156
MOQ: 1,000 units
Delivery: 20 days
Description: MotionPlus adapter for Nintendo Wii; enhances the motion strength of Wii remote; 3.3VDC operating voltage; 15mA maximum operating current

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