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DisplayPort interconnect makers broaden 1.2 output, focus on mDP

Manufacturers continue to advance the line, shifting steadily from the 1.1 standard to enhance market reach.

Production of DisplayPort 1.2 connectors and cable assemblies remains on the upswing as mainland China suppliers accelerate efforts to upgrade the line. They expect the standard to account for 50 percent of turnout, joining 1.1 units in the mainstream by 2015. At present, the former has a 30 to 40 percent share. Makers are boosting the Mini DisplayPort subcategory, in particular, which makes up half of their 1.2 yield. They are taking advantage of the gathering adoption in smartphones, and tablet and notebook PCs, anticipating this will contribute to overall demand upswing of 30 to 40 percent for such interconnects in coming months.


Enhanced thermal conductivity remains on R&D agenda of aluminum PCB makers

Companies adopt better CCLs to boost product performance, and ride the growth trend in LED lighting.

Mainland China makers of aluminum PCBs for LED products continue to work on increasing thermal conductivity by improving the performance of the dielectric layer. To achieve the latter, they plan to use aluminum-base CCLs exceeding the 3W/m•K rating typically adopted in mainstream boards. Manufacturers are tapping the local supply, which now includes up to 5W/m•K laminates from providers Zhuhai Totking and Heshan Dongli.


LED suppliers stress backlights for mobile electronics

Smartphones and tablet PCs continue to drive China’s diode industry, particularly the backlighting sector. Flash LEDs and those for mobile projectors will attract more manufacturers.

China LED makers leverage the trend for higher resolution displays in mobile electronics, particularly smartphones and tablet PCs, to boost the backlighting category. They are eyeing the light source technology’s widening adoption in smartphonecamera flashes and portable projectors as well.


AC/DC adapter manufacturers strengthen switching category

Suppliers raise the type's output share while upgrading product features to meet the trend for high efficiency.

China makers of AC/DC adapters are boosting switching types, leveraging advantage in efficiency over traditional linear units to advance the line. The former currently represent more than 80 percent of output, and the ratio is expected to surpass 85 percent in the months ahead. Suppliers are complementing this with sustained efforts toward features enhancements.


Microspeaker manufacturers emphasize traditional compact forms

Production challenges have compelled suppliers to shelve the earlier objective to develop SMD variants.

Microspeaker makers in China have shifted focus back to conventional small configurations, setting aside the planned R&D on SMD units due to manufacturing difficulties. This is because Mylar, the widely adopted diaphragm material, cannot withstand the temperature in reflow soldering ovens, which exceeds 200 C. It will already soften when subjected to 130 C.


HDMI 1.4 connector suppliers turn attention to HDMI Micro units

Gathering adoption in portable electronics spurs makers to diversify their types A and C-dominated range.

The robust smartphone market is spurring China manufacturers of HDMI 1.4 connectors to increase output of HDMI Micro or type D kinds and enhance the 1.4 specification’s mainstream position. At present, the subcategory makes up about 10 percent of local yield.


Companies in the stamped metal parts line sustain production expansion

Makers are acquiring more machines to strengthen capability for the expected steady rise in requirement.

Mainland China’s suppliers of stamped metal parts focus on equipment acquisition to boost manufacturing capacity amid climbing demand. They are banking on the local industry’s projected annual output growth of at least 20 percent. From an estimated 4.3 million tons in 2013, the mainland’s yield is expected to reach 5.2 million tons in coming months and hit about 6.4 million tons in 2015.


Development of integrated power management components accelerates

Semiconductor companies strengthen their technology base to match the size, performance and cost requirements of popular mobile devices.

Power management components are the new hub of integration, driving the larger electronics design and manufacturing agenda amid the exponential growth in mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet PCs. The overall power management IC market, in particular, is expected to surge to $115 billion by 2015.


New automotive electronics solutions advance 'green', connected vehicles

The last installment in this two-part series discusses efforts in the components industry to produce ECU modules for car subsystems and other on-board electronics.

The key market trends fueling the future growth in automotive electronics include innovations in areas such as fuel efficiency, reduced emissions, and comfort and safety. Car manufacturers must pursue, for instance, engine capacity downsizing while maintaining or elevating power, cut carbon dioxide emission using intelligent sensing, provide new human-machine interface or HMI and enable alternative energy sources. These system designs require robust, stringent automotive electronics solutions.


Multilayer PCB suppliers stress capability for higher circuit density

Makers will turn out units with finer line features and smaller holes to expand reach in key and niche application markets.

China manufacturers of multilayer PCBs will pursue the trend for greater circuit density to demonstrate capability to meet various requirements while emphasizing mainstream configurations adopted in popular electronics applications. They are strengthening the PCB sector’s largest category, riding on the back of the projected 4 percent CAGR of production value in 2012-17. By the end of the period, the country’s output will hit $11.4 billion from $9.5 billion in 2012. In terms of volume, this translates to 73.9 million square meters in 2017 from 66.3 million square meters in 2012.


In-car networking technologies keep infotainment going

The first installment in this two-part series discusses solutions that enable wireless interface between mobile devices and vehicle subsystems.

Communication is one of the key drivers of automotive electronics. Standards are emerging for in-vehicle networking not only to interconnect infotainment components but also to reduce wiring harness requirements among different car subsystems. Two-wire automotive Ethernet and PLC are examples of technologies that are impacting the way car electronics are evolving. New standards and applications for vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-roadside communication are also resulting in new products. All these developments are leading to a broader industry commitment to create advanced networks for traffic monitoring and control.


Supply of SMD crystal oscillators on the rise

Makers focus on matching the trend for miniaturization in popular mobile devices smartphones and tablet PCs.

Portable electronics continue to fuel the shift to SMD types in China’s crystal oscillator industry. Suppliers are leveraging technology comparable to that of their Japan counterparts to boost penetration in key application markets smartphones and tablet PCs. SMD units have about 40 percent share of output, while DIP versions remain dominant. In coming years, the configuration will surpass the latter, spurred by spreading adoption in terminal devices.


USB 3.0 connectors advance to mainstream supply

The steady release of compliant terminal devices drives the shift to the SuperSpeed standard, which will replace 2.0 counterparts by 2015.

Rising shipments of enabled electronics speed up the ongoing transition to the 3.0 specification in China’s USB connectors line. Companies are preparing for the SuperSpeed’s projected ascent to the mainstream in 2015. By next year, they anticipate the category’s share of local output will surpass 50 percent, overtaking the 2.0 standard.


Buzzer manufacturers expand SMD category to buoy line

The widening adoption of microspeakers spurs the release of smaller configurations.

China makers of buzzers are boosting production of SMD types to match the miniaturization trend in electronics applications and compete with microspeakers. The SMD buzzer category’s share of output this year is expected to rise to 50 percent from 40 percent in 2012. Continuous yield increments will push this ratio further to about 60 percent by end-2014, by which time it will have dislodged rival DIP units out of the mainstream.


Multilayer ceramic capacitor suppliers emphasize 0201 types

Large operations also step up product initiatives for 01005 versions to match the miniaturization trend in mobile devices.

China makers of multilayer ceramic capacitors will increase output of 0201 units while major players speed up R&D on 01005 under efforts to grow the line. They are pursuing miniaturization further to take advantage of the product’s spreading adoption in mobile electronic devices. In smartphones, more than 300 MLCCs are required. This will rise to between 700 and 800 units in latest handset releases with quad-core processors and 4G/LTE capability.


Application Watch: China EMS companies strengthen capability, efficiency

China companies enhance production capability to match diverse buyer needs and counter rising labor costs.

Makers in China’s EMS industry are enhancing production capability to improve efficiency and meet diverse requirements while addressing labor challenges. An increasing number of manufacturers are shifting to auto insertion from the widely practiced manual mounting technique. Suppliers are likewise acquiring more equipment or building additional lines or factories to expand capacity.


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