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Enhanced user interface tops interactive touchscreen terminal R&D

Stable performance in target installations complements efforts to improve line.

Suppliers of interactive touchscreen terminals in China are directing R&D toward improving user interface, enhancing the response time, brightness and contrast ratio, widening the viewing angle and reducing light interference. To suit requirements in the industrial, automotive, public information, gaming and entertainment sectors, they are also concentrating on specific product attributes. Development efforts for these segments cover dust, water and shock resistance, large screen, and high brightness and saturation. The last two apply to both gaming and entertainment.

Interactive/touchscreen terminal

Shenzhen Hechuang’s TDS1739-1 model has a 17in LCD and SAW touchscreen. It delivers 1280x1024-pixel resolution.

To boost competitiveness, most manufacturers are now offering not only monitors but also total solutions. Particularly in the 12in segment, the trend is for embedded systems. Zhangzhou Lilliput and Waysion Technology (Xiamen) Co. Ltd have such models in their catalogs. The products target mainly industrial and automotive uses. Terminals with larger than 12in displays, meanwhile, find increasing adoption in the self-service market, which includes kiosks and digital signage systems.

Makers also accommodate buyers’ specific requirements. The typical additions are network connection, RFID, card readers, bar-code scanners, thermal printers, cameras and phones.

Suppliers are confident touchscreen technology’s iPad-driven broadening adoption will boost this industrial computer category. They are counting on sales growth projections of at least 15 percent for the line by end-2011.

Interactive touchscreen terminals

The selection from China suppliers is categorized by size and touch technology adopted. Units come in 7, 8, 10, 12, 15, 17, 19, 22, 26, 32, 42, 46, 55, 65 and 82in, and in resistive, capacitive, SAW and IR types in 4 or 5-wire configurations.

Resistive variants dominate the category for units smaller than 10in, SAW and resistive kinds 12 to 22in, and IR larger than 26in. Very few models employ capacitive touchscreens.

Winnsen provides mainly 17 to 42in SAW and IR versions. At Waysion, the options are 7 to 10.4in resistive units. The bulk of the maker’s output consists of 4-wire varieties, which represent more than 90 percent of yield. Zhangzhou Lilliput’s interactive touchscreen terminals come mostly in 7 to 15.4in, with 4-wire resistive models leading in terms of volume.

The key components used in producing interactive touchscreen terminals are the LCD panel and touchscreen. Makers source the first from Taiwan and South Korea companies, including Chimei Optoelectronics, HannStar, AU Optronics, Samsung and LG Display. For touchscreens and materials for the housing, they turn to local companies.

Prices are forecast to remain stable until year-end.

Product gallery

Taiwan: Reliability in rugged setups underscored

Industrial computer makers in Taiwan continue to enhance product reliability to attract orders. Most adopt Intel and Via platforms, specifically the former’s Atom and 32nm Sandy Bridge processors. Units running on the last have enhanced high-definition graphics and 3D video support. Atom-based variants integrating the single-core N450 or D410 or the dual-core D510 boast low power consumption.

For storage, suppliers are increasingly turning to solid state disks because their resistance suits conditions in mobile and rugged environments. HDDs, however, are still mainstream as the cost of the former remains high.

Manufacturers are integrating specific product attributes to match intended applications. Adlink Technology Inc. underscores visual performance as it targets use in transportation, military, factory automation, medical and gaming machines. Avalue Technology Inc. highlights fanless and water-resistant designs, concentrating on the chassis.

In addition to R&D-driven initiatives to sharpen competitive edge, companies offer technical and codevelopment services. FabiaTech Corp. has solutions covering firewalls, intelligent routers, mail servers, loading balance, transportation, digital signage, motion automation and vehicle computers.

Interactive/touchscreen terminal

Product gallery

Shenzhen Hechuang Technology Co. Ltd

Model: TDS1501-2
Description: 15in LCD, SAW, resistive or capacitive touchscreen; 1024x768-pixel resolution at 60Hz, 4:3 aspect ratio, 500:1 contrast ratio; 8ms response time; RS-232, USB ports; VGA or DVI output; two 2W 8ohm speakers; FCC, CE, RoHS

Interactive/touchscreen terminal

Shenzhen K&Jad Technology Co. Ltd

Model: Kot-0170US-SA4BCW
Description: 17in TFT LCD, SAW touchscreen; 1280x1024-pixel resolution, 800:1 contrast ratio, 275cd/sqm brightness; 5ms typical response time; water-resistant, optional anti-glare; 7.8kg; ETL, FCC, CE, RoHS

Automotive switch

Waysion Technology (Xiamen) Co. Ltd

Model: VT-71
MOQ: 1 unit
Description: 7in TFT LCD, 4-wire resistive touchscreen; 800x480-pixel resolution, 16:9 aspect ratio, 500:1 contrast ratio, 300cd/sqm brightness; USB or RS-232, two RCA video inputs, audio input; full-function IR remote control; 188x129x40mm; 420g

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