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Multifunction units advance USB speakers segment

Companies are also broadening product compatibility by ensuring releases work with several devices.

China suppliers of USB speakers are underscoring multifunction models that are compatible with a host of other devices to enhance product performance. They are likewise developing portable and visually appealing releases toward improved user convenience.

USB speaker

The AT-07 model from Anhui works with the iPad, iPod and iPhone, MP3/MP4 and CD/DVD players, notebook PCs and mobile phones.

Enhancement initiatives are yielding units with FM radios, volume control, LCD screens, remote controls, electronic clock display, Bluetooth and alarms. Manufacturers are also incorporating a dock to connect to the iPod and iPhone.

The NV-13 model from Shenzhen Narui Electronic Co. Ltd is fitted with an FM radio, an SD/MMC card slot and a 13-LED torchlight.

For broader compatibility, USB speakers are being designed to work with CD/DVD and MP3/MP4 players, the iPhone and iPod, and notebook and desktop PCs.

In terms of designs, makers are rolling out versions that are not only portable but also visually appealing. The former is targeted at users on the go. Jiaxing Electronic & Technology Co. Ltd’s SD-010E1 model can fit into a pocket or handbag and can also be worn as a pendant, wristband or necklace. Shenzhen Narui’s NV-150 model can be mounted on a bicycle.

To enhance aesthetics, USB speakers adopt diverse colors, shapes and materials. Most options are in white, black, red, blue, green, silver or pink. For the housing, manufacturers use ABS, PU, EVA or aluminum. The last input costs 10 to 20 percent higher than plastic. Even so, Jiaxing Electronic is still planning to introduce more versions based on this material because of strong demand for such variants. Makers are also incorporating LED lights for a decorative effect.

Product gallery

USB speaker selection

Products from China can be loosely classified into two types based on the power source, namely those that run on AA batteries and others that use Li-polymer. The last kind is currently mainstream with a more than 60 percent share of output and exports.

Devices deriving power from Li-polymer batteries can be recharged through the PC. If fully charged, products can work for 4 to 6hr continuously. Those using AA dry batteries can provide 3 to 5hr of playtime.

China-made USB speakers support 1 to 12W power output and 90Hz to 20kHz frequency response range. They deliver at least 93dB S/N ratio with about 0.1 percent 1W, 1kHz degree of distortion. With outlay for raw materials such as ABS, PU and aluminum alloy stabilizing beginning early 2011, makers expect prices to remain at current levels. Quotes start at $1.50 and may exceed $25.

USB speaker

Product gallery

China Electronics Shenzhen Co.

Model: M-219
MOQ: 3,000 units
Price: $6.30
Description: 2-channel; 2x1W power output; ≥70dB S/N ratio; 1.5in 2 or 8ohm driver; transparent plastic housing; 52x56x52mm; 200g

USB speaker

Jiaxing Electronic & Technology Co. Ltd

Model: SD-010E1
MOQ: 3,000 units
Delivery: 20 days
Price: $4.50
Description: 2x2W power output; 4ohm impedance;275Hz to 20kHz frequency response; 10%, 1kHz THD; two 2W speakers; FM radio, volume control; EVA, PU housing; two 1.5V or AA batteries; 180x108x48mm

USB speaker

Shenzhen Cowin-tec Co. Ltd

Model: KHY-868
Price: $25.40
Description: 12W power output; 100Hz to 20kHz frequency response; ≥75dB S/N ratio; four 1.97in 4ohm drivers; remote control, electronic clock and alarm, radio, iPod converter; 100 to 240VAC, 9VDC 1,500mA adapter; 3.5mm audio cable; 212x188x183mm; white, black

USB speaker

Shenzhen Narui Electronic Co. Ltd

Model: NV-13
MOQ: 1,000 units
Delivery: 15 days
Price: $6.50
Description: microSD card slot, 13-LED torchlight, FM radio; 60mAh rechargeable battery; 170x85x100mm; 300g

USB speaker

Sunsonny Electronics Tech Co. Ltd

Model: SP-16
MOQ: 500 units
Delivery: 30 days
Description: 2x4.3W+16.7W power output; 4ohm impedance; 90Hz to 20kHz frequency response; ≥93dB S/N ratio; ≤0.1% distortion; SD card slot; square bass radiator, IR remote control; 12VDC 136x230mm case

USB speaker

Tons International Ltd

Model: AE01030
MOQ: 1,000 units
Delivery: 20 days
Price: $1.50
Description: 2-channel; 2x0.5W rms power output; 4ohm impedance; 200Hz to 18kHz frequency response; 9V 200mA; 50.8x63.5mm

USB speaker

Wealth Land Electronics Ltd

Model: BYHM1001
MOQ: 1,000 units
Delivery: 20 days
Price: $10
Description: 3W rms power output; 5W 4ohm speaker; 5VDC input, 3.7VDC operating voltage; microSD, TransFlash card slot; FM radio; WMA format; 600mA Li-polymer battery, 6hr battery life; 124x60x34.5mm

USB speaker

Welldy Technology Co. Ltd

Model: WD-UMS2013
Price: $9.73
Description: 2x3W rms power output; 100Hz to 18kHz frequency response; ≥75dB S/N ratio; FM radio, TransFlash card slot; aluminum housing; rechargeable Li-ion battery; 3.5mm auxiliary cable; 102x53x40mm; 141g; black, white, red, blue, green

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