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Larger, widescreen LCD monitors top trends

LED backlighting is steadily replacing CCFL technology. 3D LCD monitors are gaining traction.

Suppliers of LCD monitors in China are highlighting larger, widescreen models. More than half of many makers’ output now constitutes 19in and bigger screens. Such units represent approximately 70 percent of Weihai Daewoo Electronics Co. Ltd’s yield, while they are 50 percent at Maxpac International Ltd and Guangzhou Viewg Sci-Tech Co. Ltd.

LED-backlit LCD monitor

The 208SE model from Maxpac is a 20in LED-backlit LCD monitor with a 16:9 aspect ratio and 1600x900-pixel resolution.

With demand for larger monitors continuing to climb, 20 and 23in types are expected to rule the mainstream. Their combined share of production is forecast to reach 60 percent by this year’s end.

Meanwhile, 24in and bigger models will represent 20 percent of the turnout.

To follow the trend for environment-friendly devices, many manufacturers in China are moving away from CCFL backlight and shifting to LED. Screens based on the latter technology are predicted to account for 50 percent of global yield by end-2011, driven by the narrowing price gap with CCFL-backlit counterparts.

Other product development initiatives lean toward 3D LCD monitors. The LM2230WD model from Weihai Daewoo, for instance, features Nvidia 3D vision certification. It has an internal receiver, shutter glasses and dual-link DVI. The unit comes in 22, 23 and 27in versions.

Besides these enhancements, improved video interfaces supporting VGA, DVI or HDMI are incorporated in the latest releases from China. A growing number of monitors deliver 16:9 or 16:10 aspect ratio, with the first available in a greater percentage of output.

Some companies, including Weihai Daewoo and Guangzhou Viewg, are enhancing resolution. Future R&D initiatives will focus on higher refresh rates.

Mainland China is the largest manufacturing and export hub for LCD monitors, accounting for 75 percent of the total yield worldwide. Although overseas shipments are projected to rise only 14 percent this year compared with 23 and 21 percent in 2010 and 2009, suppliers are optimistic about the line. Slowing demand for TVs, desktop PC monitors and notebook PCs could hurt sales in traditional markets, but surging orders from Africa, Asia and the Middle East will provide market momentum.

Further, makers are riding on the growing LCD panel industry in the mainland. In the next two years, the segment will have more local enterprises and players from South Korea and Taiwan.

At present, the major providers of the component include
Samsung, LG Display, AU Optronics and BOE.

LCD monitor

This 23.6in LCD monitor from Guangzhou Viewg has 450cd/sqm brightness and 16.2 million colors.

LCD monitor selection

China manufacturers offer 19, 20, 21.5, 21.6, 22, 23, 23.6 and 24in models, with 20 and 23in types driving supply. Widescreen variants in 16:9 and 16:10 aspect ratios are mainstream.

Products typically have 5ms response time and 60Hz refresh rate.

Low-end releases start at $75 and may top $85. Most units in this category are 19in CCFL-backlit types. They deliver 1440x900-pixel resolution and 16:10 aspect and 1,000:1 contrast ratios. Many versions display up to 16.2 or 16.7 million colors with 300cd/sqm brightness.

Midrange models, which begin at $95, cover 21.5, 21.6 and 22in releases, including LED- and CCFL-backlit ones. They have a similar contrast ratio and brightness intensity as entry-level counterparts. Most feature a 16:9 aspect ratio with 16.7 million colors and 1920x1080 pixels.

High-end variants constitute 23, 23.6 and 24in monitors. Besides the features and functions found in intermediate types, devices in this price segment may come with a speaker, DVI and HDMI. Quotes range from $106 to $120 each. Makers in the category predict a 5 percent markup ahead as spending on LCD panels continues to rise.

The key input in LCD monitor production is the panel. Most companies source this from Taiwan and South Korea, including Chimei, AU Optronics, Samsung and LG Display. Many enterprises also procure from mainland providers such as BOE.

Product gallery

LCD monitor

Product gallery

Guangzhou Viewg Sci-Tech Co. Ltd

Model: A1928
Description: 19in; 1440x900 pixels; 8,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio; 300cd/sqm brightness; 16.2 million colors; 160-degree horizontal, 150-degree vertical viewing angles; 5ms response time; 60Hz refresh rate

LCD monitor

Maxpac International Ltd

Model: 238DX
Description: 23in; LED backlight; 1920x1080 pixels; 16:9 aspect, 1,000:1 contrast ratios; 300cd/sqm brightness; 16.7 million colors; 160-degree horizontal, 160-degree vertical viewing angles

LCD monitor

Weihai Daewoo Electronics Co. Ltd

Model: LM2340W
Description: 23.6in; 1920x1080 pixels; 16:9 aspect, 10,000:1 dynamic contrast ratios; 300cd/sqm brightness; 16.7 million colors; 170-degree horizontal, 160-degree vertical viewing angles; 5ms response time; 60Hz refresh rate; 30 to 80kHz frequency; CE, FCC, CCC

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