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Role-play toy suppliers maximize plastic's strengths

Makers of role-play toys benefit from the design versatility and easier production process of plastic.

China manufacturers are leveraging the advantages of plastic when creating role-play toys.

Shopping cart play set

Lianfeng's model AK8507 shopping cart play set is made of PP, PS, HDPE and LDPE. It contains 72 items.

A key benefit is the ease in fabrication compared with other materials such as wood. The synthetic generally requires just three steps: forming, spray-painting and packaging.

Further, through injection molding, suppliers are capable of creating a wider variety of shapes. Detailed and novelty designs are available, including teacups, blenders, coffee makers and juicers.

Realistic styles are also more common among plastic role-play toys as makers can incorporate functional elements. To illustrate, high-end cash registers operate similarly to actual machines, with a money drawer that rings when opened and a working calculator. There are flashing lights and musical ICs as well.

In addition, polymers allow for a greater range of sizes. Models can be smaller than 5cm or even exceed 100cm. Large variants are currently on the rise, especially since the material is more cost-efficient than other inputs.

Seventy to 80 percent of China’s output of role-play toys are plastic. The selection includes doctor, cooking, home and kitchen appliance, cash register, beautician, detective, and department and grocery store kits.

Most releases are made of ABS, PC, PS, PP, HDPE, LDPE or HIPS granules. The first four are the most widely adopted. Generally, suppliers employ up to four materials in one design. For instance, PS is used for transparent parts, while PC is ideal for wear-prone areas. ABS and PP are typical choices for the main body. Between the two, the former is more expensive.

Pricewise, the major factors are the materials utilized, design, number of accessories and size. Low-end models are $0.50 to $4, and are primarily made of locally sourced ABS or PP. Tea, kitchen, tool and doctor sets are common and include 10 to 40 items. They are below 60cm.

Midrange role-play toys are quoted at $5 to $10. The category boasts replica designs such as home appliance, detective, cash register, kitchen, tool and doctor kits. The number of accessories is from 40 to 80. Releases adopt domestically procured or imported ABS for the body and measure 70 to 120cm.

Products that exceed $10 are considered high-end. The selection is similar to the midrange except functional features are added. These include flashing lights, music and clickable buttons. Each set consists of more than 100 items. Imported ABS is employed. Large, realistic styles are available and popular in the US, the EU, Japan, Australia and Canada.

Early this year, prices increased between 5 and 10 percent amid mounting raw material costs. Considering input rates are expected to remain high, makers do not foresee a reduction in quotes in the next few months.

Product gallery

Plastic role-play toys price guide

Kitchen set

Product gallery

Lianfeng Plastic Products Fty

Model: AK8504
MOQ: 1,500 sets
Delivery: 45 days
Description: Kitchen set; PP, PS, ABS, POM; sound function; 66x59x77cm; four sets per carton; EN 60825, 62115, 71

Shopping cart set

Lianfeng Plastic Products Fty

Model: AK8507
MOQ: 5,000 sets
Delivery: 45 days
Description: Shopping cart set; 72 items; PP, PS, HDPE, LDPE; phthalate-free; 55x52x46cm; six sets per carton; EN 71, ASTM, HR4040

Tool set

Lianfeng Plastic Products Fty

Model: AK8509
MOQ: 5,000 sets
Delivery: 45 days
Description: Tool set; PP; 54x51x83cm; six sets per carton; EN 71

Kitchen set

Rui Feng Da Toys

Model: RFD100602006
MOQ: 5,000 sets
Delivery: 35 days
Description: Kitchen set; PP; one set per blister pack, 192 sets per carton

Vanity table with mirror

Rui Feng Da Toys

Model: RFD110307024
MOQ: 60 sets
Delivery: 20 days
Description: Vanity table with mirror; PP; flashing LEDs; 45x25x71cm; gift box; EN 71

Ride-on toy whale

Yifeng Imp. & Exp. Trading Co. Ltd

Model: 1102Z074
MOQ: 5 cartons
Delivery: 40 days
Description: Ride-on toy whale; 6P PVC; 46cm

Cash register set

Shantou City Chenghai Golden Forest Toys Manufacture

Model: CL108566
MOQ: 1,200 sets
Delivery: 40 days
Description: Cash register set; battery-operated; accessory choice optional; gift box; EN 71

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