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Use of trimmings in baby & children's denim garments widens selection

Embellishments such as fabric pieces, lace, tape and zippers are added to enhance the appearance of baby and children's denim apparel.

China makers of baby and children’s denim garments are incorporating design elements to diversify the line. Even simple styles, which dominate output, adopt a few adornments.

Pure cotton denim
Zhejiang Wenling Yanle's 5110 model is made of pure cotton denim. The striped waistband is in 70:30 cotton-polyester.

The latest releases integrate different fabrics in one model. Pure cotton or 70:30 cotton-polyester pieces are employed as trimming for the waist, hem or pockets. These can be solid-colored or printed. Checkered, striped and floral patterns are common.

Suppliers of baby and children's jeans use contrasting ribbed cotton-polyester for the waistband to add visual interest and create the illusion of a lower or higher waist. The feature also boosts comfort and security as the material is softer and more elastic than denim.

In addition, manufacturers utilize lace and butterfly knots for girls’ garments. The first can be placed along the length of pants or on the hem of dresses. Butterfly knots are often on the lower back section. Some designs adopt metal chains or woven tape as belts.

Several models boast pockets with eye-catching elastic or zipper closures. The latter may come in contrasting and bright colors such as red. These compartments are round or square.

Prints, embroidery and buttons featuring cartoon character, geometric and animal motifs are mainstream.

Baby & children's jeans dominate exports
Product gallery

Denim dress
This washed denim dress from Shanghai Shengxing uses pure cotton.
Baby & children's jeans dominate exports

China’s range of baby and children’s denim garments includes jackets, shorts, skirts and pants, with the last contributing 80 percent to total shipments in the line.

The most widely used material is 8oz 95:5 cotton-spandex as this fiber proportion boasts good breathability and stretch. Among the other choices are pure cotton, and 98:2 and 90:10 cotton-spandex or -Lycra. The textiles weigh 6 to 10oz.

Zhejiang Wenling Yanle Garment Fty also adopts a blend of combed cotton, polyester and spandex. The input is smooth, soft and lightweight, rendering it suitable for hotter weather.

Most denim garments are in deep indigo, although black and other shades of blue are available. Casual, vintage and worn-out looks are still popular. The common treatments are enzyme, stone, monkey and dirty wash, sandblasting and abrading. The garments have crinkles, or whisker or distressed effects.

Considering the frequency of denim processing, more manufacturers are using environment-friendly agents for finishes.

In terms of price, the materials and workmanship are the key determinants. For baby and children’s pants, the most basic pairs are $3 to $5, and adopt 6 or 8oz pure cotton. Releases may have up to three combined treatments. Enzyme and stone washing, and sandblasting are common. The products come in simple designs.

Midrange jeans are between $5.50 and $9. Weighing 6, 8 or 10oz, cotton blended with 2 to 5 percent spandex is typical. Combed variants can be utilized.

Three to five garment processes are adopted, including sandblasting, tucking, grinding, tinting, abrading, enzyme and stone washing, and handscrubbing and -sanding. Models with crinkles and whisker effects are available. Prints, embroidery, rhinestones, applique, beads and sequins are employed. Some incorporate belts.

High-end versions range from $9.50 to $15. The material options comprise cotton combined with 5 to 10 percent spandex or Lycra. Similar treatments and embellishments are used as in the midrange, except the construction and design are more complex.

Prices of baby and children’s denim garments increased less than 5 percent between November 2010 and January 2011 amid mounting material spending, particularly for cotton.

To remain viable, suppliers are acquiring and upgrading to specialized washing equipment to boost efficiency and lessen outlay for subcontracted procedures. They are also enhancing R&D capability, releasing 300 to 400 new models annually.

Other companies are venturing upmarket to leverage higher quotes and avoid competition from other sourcing centers, including Cambodia and Vietnam, which focus on the low end.

As part of the initiative, Shanghai Shengxing International Trade Co. Ltd will launch its in-house brand this year, cultivating sales in Russia and the domestic market.

The maker also intends to move factory operations to central provinces where labor is less costly.

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Product gallery

Shanghai Shengxing International Trade Co. Ltd

Model: 09W2842
MOQ: 1,000 pieces
Delivery: 60 days
Description: Romper; washed pure cotton denim legs; single jersey bodice; polyester elbow pads


Shanghai Shengxing International Trade Co. Ltd

Model: 1928
MOQ: 1,000 pieces
Delivery: 60 days
Description: Dress; pure cotton denim; washed; lace, button trimmings; 4-button closure on back


Union Kudos Co. Ltd

Model: UK-12233-T
MOQ: 800 pieces
Delivery: 60 days
Description: Skirt; pure cotton denim; 10.5oz; washed, sandblasted; with PU leather belt


Union Kudos Co. Ltd

Model: UK-12235-T
MOQ: 800 pairs
Delivery: 60 days
Description: Shorts; 97:3 cotton-spandex; washed, sandblasted; with elastic woven belt


Zhejiang Wenling Yanle Garment Fty

Model: 5110
MOQ: 1,000 pairs
Delivery: 20 days
Description: Shorts; pure cotton denim; washed, sandblasted; crinkled, distressed effects; 70:30 ribbed cotton-polyester waistband


Zhejiang Wenling Yanle Garment Fty

Model: 82810
MOQ: 1,000 pairs
Delivery: 20 days
Description: Pants; 95:5 cotton-spandex; 8oz; washed, sandblasted, printed; whisker, crinkled effects; 70:30 cotton-polyester ribbed waistband; checkered pure cotton trimming


Zhejiang Wenling Yanle Garment Fty

Model: 82879
MOQ: 1,000 pairs
Delivery: 20 days
Description: Pants; pure combed cotton denim; 8oz; washed, sandblasted; whisker, crinkled effects; 70:30 ribbed cotton-polyester waistband; printed pure cotton, lace trimmings

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