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Diversified car horns & siren designs target various applications

R&D efforts are steered toward aesthetic enhancements and simplified installation.

Product development in China’s mature car horns and sirens industry underscores target applications, value-added features and design innovations. Many units cater to specific vehicle models, although universal types remain aplenty.

Car horn

These car horns from Shenzhen ATR are made of plastic and iron.

Sixty percent of output goes to the aftermarket, but a growing number of manufacturers are setting their sights on the OE segment, which generates more stable demand than the former. Makers expect 10 to 30 percent higher profit from this line.

Versions for special applications such as police cars and fire trucks are also available. Suppliers equip these units with amplifiers and controllers.

Wenzhou Inray Electronic Co. Ltd has developed a series of police sirens with several tones, including bass, yelp and wail. The built-in controller operates not just the siren but also the horn and lighting. The product comes with a microphone.

Makers are releasing options that can generate multiple types of sound, with many able to customize the tone and voice on request. Upscale units can support up to six different tunes.

Some products, including the model 57432 car siren from Shenzhen ATR Industry Co. Ltd, target a specific buyer group. The unit has preinstalled Alcoran music specially made for Islamic clients. The ABS-encased device produces 40dB of sound, and has a 3A working current and 12V rated voltage.

The 57430 model, meanwhile, can be programmed with any music on request. Similarly in ABS, it emits 80dB audio.

To simplify installation, companies are incorporating electric plugs instead of the usual wires. The former can be connected to a socket as opposed to the second option, which requires an expert.

Efforts to enhance the visual appeal are prompting many companies to go beyond the basic and diversify through colors and shapes. Options in unique forms such as Chinese chess pieces, snails, antiques and bombs are available.

The model 57445 car horn from Shenzhen ATR, for example, is constructed similar to a snail and it emits 115dB. The 57446 model takes a Chinese chess piece contour in red and produces 80dB of sound.

With domestic sales dropping due to restrictions on vehicle purchases, suppliers are turning to export business to remain afloat. Companies are anticipating 10 percent growth in foreign trade this year.

North America, the EU and the Middle East are the main destinations. Together, these areas account for about 80 percent of overseas shipments.

Car horns & sirens in various shapes

Products from China are usually made of plastic, with ABS and PP the typical options. Square, round, and snail- and trumpet-shaped designs are available, and most makers can offer other styles on request.

Models in the low-end category adopt locally sourced ABS or PP. Prices start below $3 and go up depending on the raw materials and patterns used. Releases produce one tone and come with a 1-year warranty.

Versions in the midrange list at $3 to $10 per piece. These use imported ABS or PP, with housings boasting IP54 rating. The number of sounds may vary. Some units are also equipped with a lighting function.

Upscale designs are available from $11 to $30, and several even exceed $100. These can play multiple tones. Sirens incorporate lighting support. Products are usually sold in sets and come with a 10- year warranty.

Most car horns and sirens have a rated voltage of 6 to 24VDC. The current ranges from 600 to 4,000mA.

The majority of products from China deliver 40 to 125dB. Some models have varying tones, with six being the maximum. The sounds can be customized with music.

Water-resistant exteriors are used in several versions.

Product gallery

Car horns & sirens price guide

Car horn

Product gallery

Changchun Reda Imp. & Exp. Co. Ltd

Model: 3DSC_6918
MOQ: 1,000 units
Delivery: 20 days
Description: Car horn; 12V rated voltage; 4A working current; 330 to 400Hz AC frequency; 105 to 118dB; 92mm outer diameter; for Honda models

Car horn

Changchun Reda Imp. & Exp. Co. Ltd

Model: DSC_6920
MOQ: 1,000 units
Delivery: 20 days
Description: Car horn; 12/24V rated voltage; ±4A working current; 330 to 400Hz AC frequency; 105 to 118dB; 72mm outer diameter; for Hyundai and Kia models

Car horn

Shenzhen ATR Industry Co. Ltd

Model: 57432
MOQ: 3,000 units
Delivery: 35 days
Description: Car siren; ABS; Alcoran music; 12V rated voltage; 3A working current; 40dB

Car horn

Shenzhen P&H Electronic Co. Ltd

Model: 512
MOQ: 1,000 units
Delivery: 30 days
Description: Car siren; ABS; 6 to 15VDC operating voltage; 12VDC rated voltage; 600 to 1,200mA rated current; up to 118dB; 1 or 6-tone sound, or a combination; compatible with alarms; IP54 rating; CE

Car horn

Wenzhou Inray Electronic Co. Ltd

Model: TB990
MOQ: 100 units
Delivery: 20 days
Description: Car siren; 12VDC input voltage; >70mA standby current; <5mA current draw

Car horn

Zhejiang Jinli Industry Co. Ltd

Model: QLD141-01
MOQ: 3,000 units
Delivery: 50 days
Description: Car horn; 10 to 15 or 22 to 30V operating voltage; 12/24V rated voltage; 105 to 125dB; CCC RoHS

Car horn

Zhejiang Jinli Industry Co. Ltd

Model: DL139
MOQ: 3,000 units
Delivery: 60 days
Description: Car horn; 10 to 15/22 to 30V operating voltage; 12/24V rated voltage; 410±30Hz to 510±30Hz frequencies; 105 to 118dB

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