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Managing Supplier Relationships

Supplier communication: Look for and give relevant detail

By Jacob Yount

By focusing on relevant detail in your supplier communication you avoid time waste, misunderstanding and even incorrect mass production. In offshore manufacturing, nothing is to be taken for granted. Nothing? Nothing. For each phase, consider “what relevant detail needs to be put forward.”


Bring value & motivate your suppliers

By Li Zhang

The supplier is not the only party responsible in bringing value and clarity to the table.

Bring value to your relationships with your China vendors. As a new buyer and building new relationships, you face disinterest from the suppliers. This is especially true when navigating fast-turnaround quotes for the promotional product business.


China supplier communication: Question & answer tips

By Jacob Yount

Asking your China supplier the right question and interpreting the answer is a critical part of successful China sourcing.

When communicating with Chinese vendors, there’s a better way to handle question and answer process than if you were talking to someone within your own company or own country. I recommend it to be more deliberate purposeful and record what has been said.


3 tips for stronger supplier relationships

By Sunny Wong

stronger supplier relationships

Do you feel like you’re never on the same wavelength with your suppliers? Do you feel like you’re always rushing to meet customer deadlines or working damage control to resolve issues quickly and avoid last-minute catastrophes?


What to do after a quality problem with a Chinese factory?

By Renaud Anjoran

Let’s say you found a quality problem before shipment. The goods are still in the factory. You paid a 30% deposit and you have pre-sold a part of the order to important customers. 


A pricier China — Buyers keep faith but smarten strategies

By Neale O'Connor

Factories In China - Smart Strategies

The relationship between buyer and supplier is maturing as the focus expands beyond cost to long-term benefits.


5 things a QC company can’t control

By Oliver Knack

5 Things a QC Company Can't Control Feature-small

Have you ever had difficulty scheduling a product inspection or factory audit through a third-party? Have you received a product inspection report that was missing some key requirement or process for checking your goods?


Doing business in China: Bring your own interpreter

By Matthew Alderson

Use your own interpreter or don't bother.

You’ve come all the way to China to talk to a prospective business partner. Maybe it’s an investor or maybe it’s a buyer. China is a big market. And you’ve heard there's a lot of money here too.


Stand out from other buyers in your China sourcing

By Jacob Yount

A few techniques to stand out from other buyers and gain the supplier's eyes and ears.

You know your supplier has other buyers, right? It’s true that the squeaky wheel gets the grease. It’s also true that you don’t have to be the biggest and most important buyer to get favored treatment from a China supplier.


5 reasons offshore promotional product orders fail

By Li Zhang

In the promotional product industry, product orders generally fail for the same reasons. Avoid these 5 same mistakes.

A buyer’s nightmare is when the QC company goes to the factory and the order’s a mess. A buyer’s WORST nightmare is when the order arrives and the goods are a mess. Here are 5 reasons a potentially successful promo product order becomes a failure.


Engage Chinese suppliers to improve their productivity

by Neale O'Connor

Engage Chinese Suppliers Improve Productivity

How to engage Chinese suppliers to improve their productivity? Here are five questions to ask. 


Suppliers and client emails

by Jacob Yount 

In the world of China manufacturing, friction with suppliers and grasping client emails never goes away. Is it that suppliers don’t read emails, suppliers read and don’t understand the emails or clients do a shabby job of composing emails? I say it’s all 3…


How to prevent the factory from swapping the goods after inspection

by Renaud Anjoran 

In general, inspectors leave the factory after their job. They seldom wait for the goods to be repacked. There is an obvious risk: the manufacturer might swap the goods (for example, present a good batch for inspection and then ship a bad batch).


Chinese supplier got my deposit, now ignores me. What to do?

by Mike Bellamy 

Rajvansh in Dubai asks: 

We have placed an order to a Chinese supplier for Paper Bags. The supplier is located near Qingdao.

We have made the advance payment to them as per the agreed terms. We even paid the balance for the first shipment they sent us. But, they had forged the documents and shipped less quantity.


5 simple Chinese phrases for bettering your relationships

by Oliver Knack 

You’re coming to China to visit your suppliers. Maybe you’ve taken the time to learn a couple of phrases like “hello” and “thank you” in Mandarin, which you hope will come in handy during your trip.


How to keep your China manufacturer motivated and why that matters

by Dan Harris 

After having worked with literally hundreds of foreign (mostly American and European) companies that outsource their product manufacturing to China, I have become convinced that those who put in real time and effort at establishing a good relationship with their China suppliers tend to have far fewer supply problems than those who just phone it in.


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