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T/T payment terms with China factories: Set the right incentives

By Renaud Anjoran

You might get your Chinese suppliers to sign contracts, you might come and check quality, you might decide on re-orders based on their performance… But, at the end of the day, what the factory really looks at is, ‘how much of the order did we get paid, and how much room for maneuver do we have right now?’


Wire transfer payment terms and China vendors

By Jacob Yount

Negotiating preferred payment terms with Chinese suppliers is a big concern for buyers. “How much deposit is normal? When to pay the balance? Why won’t supplier accept “looser” payment terms? Can’t they trust me?” Let’s shed some light on this topic.


8 ways to facilitate the quoting process

By Li Zhang

The quoting process frequently becomes an extended ordeal because the RFQ lacks info that otherwise would’ve greased the engine of smoothness. Here are 8 ways to avoid time loss, misunderstandings and help your supplier be more efficient in the quoting process.


Thoughts on FOB price term

By Li Zhang

Thoughts on the proverbial FOB price term and promotional product sourcing from China.

The goal of this post isn’t to get into the technicality of the Incoterms but to provide some practical tips on the FOB concept when sourcing your promotional merchandise from China.


How to save money by asking for a quote in a foreign currency

By Michael Sankowski

The first negotiation with your first Chinese supplier is done! They can provide the exact part you need. They can deliver it on time.


VAT on imported goods from China: A complete guide

By Fredrik Grönkvist

Importers based in the European Union must pay Value Added Tax (VAT) on top of the Customs value. In this article, we help you navigate the complexities of ‘Import VAT’ when buying from China.


How to make a telegraphic transfer (T/T) to a Chinese supplier

By Fredrik Grönkvist

Telegraphic Transfer (T/T), which commonly called ‘Wire transfer’ is still the most common payment method, when transferring money internationally.


Before you make the deposit payment in China manufacturing

By Li Zhang

Things to consider in China manufacturing before making that deposit payment to your supplier

In China manufacturing, make sure there is a level of assurance before you wire the first deposit payment to your supplier. Not so much to avoid a scams but to avoid misunderstandings in specs, thus resulting in incorrect mass production from the factory.


Reasons your quoted price changes

By Jacob Yount

Many times in China sourcing, during the sampling and pre-order steps, the quoted price goes up. Is it supplier blunder, something diabolical or reasonable ebb-and-flow of pricing that client should expect in early stages?


Promo item sourcing: Reviewing supplier price quotes

By Li Zhang

Supplier price quotes lay a foundation but as the importer, your job is to think, ask and analyze.

China sourcing requires frequent interaction with supplier price quotes. Clients may have multiple price sheets per week to review. Thoughtfully reviewing supplier price quotes will avoid some of the inefficiencies that plague the importing process.


How to conquer China payment scams

By Dan Harris

Watch your money closely.

Our China lawyers are getting a new wave of American (and one European) companies contacting us about having fallen victim to what we call the China bank switch scam. The amounts lost have ranged from $22,000 to $285,000.


International payment to Chinese factories: Q&A

by Renaud Anjoran 

I had the opportunity to ask a few questions to Richard Bensberg, an expert in the field of international transactions. Richard is CEO of Remitsy, a payment service provider for global commerce. His focus is on enabling British and European companies to make cheaper and quicker payments to China.


More practicality when reviewing supplier price quotes

by Jacob Yount

Price quotes from China require the buyer (if they want to avoid error) to sit down, think about the project, consider what MAY go wrong and formulate questions and scenarios in their minds.


A practical step in analyzing quotations

by Jacob Yount

In the unofficial Part I to this post, I discussed the “mindset in reviewing China price quotes.” Now, let’s pinpoint a practical step in going over your quotations from offshore suppliers.


Mindset in reviewing China price quotes

by Jacob Yount 

China Price Quotes Require Scrutiny

Analyze. Dissect. Scrutinize As a buyer, these words should come to mind whenever you think of China price quotes.


Sales quotations: What's behind the factory price?

by Fredrik Grönkvist 


Sales Quotation

The quoted price is often the final qualifying factor when selecting a manufacturer. However, there’s more to a price quotation that meets the eye. In this article, we explain what you must know before requesting a quotation from your supplier, and what you must look out for once they land in your inbox. 


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