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Chinese New Year information

by Li Zhang

Here is a list Chinese New Year info tidbits.

The Official Chinese New Year Day

The official holiday, the actual Chinese New Year day is Monday Feb 8th. That Sunday prior will be New Year’s Eve. That day includes all the joy and anticipation that a Christmas Eve may hold for some.

Length of Official Holiday

Does that mean everyone works right up until New Year’s Eve or Chinese New Year day? Not really…

Already, things are slowing down; factory workers are going home and there very little hopes of new projects and orders departing prior to closure.

Closer to the middle of the month, there will be a greater slowdown. The more rural parts of China slowing up considerably more than the cities. Offices and companies having parties. It’s the holiday season.

Officially the holiday is from Feb 7 to Feb 13. But if you are importer, do not consider your supplier contact to rapidly or accurately quote projects immediately after the 13th.

Inconsistent or Untrustworthy Quotes Prior to Holiday

A reminder to all importers, that any quotation you receive prior to Chinese New Year or right after the holiday.

Proceed with caution!

The supplier may have quoted in haste, the supplier contact may not have properly checked material costs or confirmed the quote with their superior. Prices and materials have a history of changing immediately after a holiday.

Be cautious with any quotation around this period.

Mass Production Quality

You also must be careful with your order quality around this time. Be sure to inspect your merchandise or ask your supplier to send very detailed images. Remember, all the workers are in a rush!

Bottleneck at Ports

It’s not just the factories that can cause delays, but the ports are already swamped. You can dispatch a quality-manufactured order from the factory, but a stall at the port can ruin the campaign. As we know, in promotional product manufacturing, timing is everything!

During this Chinese New Year Holiday Season, be in close communication with your freight forwarder and assure your supplier communicates with them as well.

Li Zhang has worked in international manufacturing and exporting since 2003. She has served global brands such as Bayer, Coca Cola and Warner Bros. Her background is in design and engineering. Li is a native of Jiangsu Province and currently finds herself back and forth between Suzhou, China and the USA. Contact Li at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or find her penning manufacturing thoughts at her blog.


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