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Things to know about Outsourcing to China

Promotional item RFQ: Vital components – Part 3

By Li Zhang

A complete promo item rfq from a buyer leads to a better quotation from the vendor.

Leaving certain aspects OUT of a promo item RFQ leads to a less than accurate quote from your China vendor. Vital information in the RFQ gives vendors what they need for accurate quoting.


Getting your China products through U.S. Customs: The 101

By Emily Lawson

How to get your product through U.S. Customs

If you are importing products from China you need to do your homework to make sure your incoming shipments into the United States comply with U.S. Customs laws and regulations. Compliance with U.S. Customs laws and regulations is critical in avoiding your shipments being detained or seized, and/or penalties assessed. Common issues importers of products from China typically face include the following:


Stylistic tips for your promo product RFQ – Part 2

By Li Zhang

In your promo product sourcing; the more professional the RFQ, you increase the likelihood of a professional price quote from your Chinese vendors.

Successful promo product campaigns start with a professional RFQ. In China sourcing, if the RFQ lacks, it’s no surprise that the vendor’s price quote also lacks. Initial low effort sets the project on the WRONG path. From the beginning, work to optimize your promo product RFQ.


Buying in Asia and selling on eBay & Amazon: By Mike Michelini

By Fredrik Grönkvist

Mike Michelini is a serial entrepreneur from New York. After a few years on Wall Street, he moved to Shenzhen – a place he has called home for close to a decade already.


Things to include in your promotional product RFQ – Part 1

By Li Zhang

A sloppy RFQ, leads to a sloppy quote, leads to a nightmare of a project. Let's start out on the right foot with a proper request for quotation.

An effective RFQ is the start of a successful China sourcing project. As we all know the RFQ is the “request for quotation” and it’s basically when you contact the supplier to provide you a quote. So what to include in that RFQ? Let’s get to it….


5 keys to successful sourcing from China

By Chao Wang

sourcing in china

If you were about to invest a million dollars in a company, you probably wouldn’t do it without a little research beforehand. Similarly, if you’re going to invest in sourcing products from China, you’d be wise to practice due diligence.


How to scale your (Amazon) business

By Manuel Becvar

A lot of people ask me how to scale their business. They get to a point where they have 2, 3 maybe 5 products online and are either facing cash flow problems or don’t know what to do to grow to the next magical number. 


Another batch of possible changes during the China sourcing process

By Jacob Yount

The China sourcing process, whether quoting an existing stock item or developing something from scratch, is more than pulling a lever on a machine. Because the human element is involved, from RFQ to delivery, something is very likely to get off course.


Importing sunglasses & eyewear from China: A complete guide

By Fredrik Grönkvist

About to import Sunglasses from China? In this guide, you’ll learn what you must know before getting started, including:


9 mistakes that can kill your import business

By Mike Bellamy

Thanks to the internet it is fairly easy for a small buyer to place an order direct to an Asia supplier. Starting an online store or small business has never been easier. But the sad fact is that most of these startups and first time FBA importers don’t survive the first year. Here are the 9 mistakes which can kill your import business:


The one thing that can save 25% shipping from China to Amazon FBA

By Brian Pitchford

Let’s cut to the chase. How would you like to see a significant decrease in your shipping cost from China? Who wouldn’t right? Give me five minutes and I’ll show you how to save 25% on your total shipping bill, eliminate the confusion around logistics out of China and reduce your stress as you import your physical product from China. 


Importing from China to Singapore: A complete guide

By Fredrik Gronkvist

Singapore is a country that’s punching far above its weight. With a population of only 5.4 million, the size of its economy is on par with many of its far bigger Southeast Asian neighbors.


Fundraising on Kickstarter & making in China: How to NOT fail

By Fredrik Gronkvist

At a time when banks often refuse to support startups and small business, crowdfunding may become the only option.


Huaqiangbei in the electronics supply chain

By Renaud Anjoran


Last week, a journalist asked me questions about the electronics market located around HuaQiangBei road in the center of Shenzhen.


Importing from China to the UK: A complete guide

By Fredrik Grönkvist

About to Import products from China to the United Kingdom? Eager to know how the ‘Brexit’ will affect your business?


Buyer sourcing approach: Read my mind and do it right!

By Jacob Yount

A large portion of sourcing and product development is tackled from the position of “Read my mind and do it right.” Ok, this is not literally said or even thought, but the practical actions of the would-be-buyer reflect this attitude.


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