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Product liability insurance

By Manuel Becvar

Do you need Product Liability Insurance (PLI)?


Amazon vendor central vs. seller central

By Will Tjernlund

VENDOR CENTRAL: All products sold and fulfilled by Amazon on Amazon are sourced by Vendor Central partners. In this business model you act as a wholesaler to Amazon. The Vendor Central business model breaks down like this.


What cross border eCommerce could be bringing your way

By Yarden Altshull

What Cross Border eCommerce Could Be Bringing Your Way

Exotic goods from lands afar have captivated minds since the dawn of humanity. For thousands of years, camel trains and ships carried goods from distant lands. More recently, travellers would sail or fly abroad, filling suitcases to the brim with local fashion and memorabilia. Today, we still seek the “alluring” and the “different,” and competition has added “bargain” to the list. But there’s no need to board a plane. We can simply launch a web browser from the comfort of our own homes to experience the back-to-back sales and endless choices that eCommerce has to offer.


What do suppliers do with rejected products?

By Chao Wang

rejected products

Imagine one day you’re walking down a busy street full of vendors in China. Suddenly, you notice something: your company’s flagship product, luxury handbags, is being sold by a random merchant you’ve never met. Upon closer inspection, you notice there are several problems with the bag. These are the same bags you rejected in an earlier order from your supplier. Yet here they are for sale, still with your branding.


The future of manufacturing in China: 3 big trends

By Fredrik Grönkvist

“It’s only a matter of time before Chinese suppliers take over on Amazon. Who needs a middleman”


5 habits of successful promotional product importers

By Li Zhang

Promotional product importers are different than your average importer. They frequently work on a wide range of products and aggressive time frames.


China’s new opportunities: Slowdown, what slowdown?

By Dan Harris

China Lawyers

I have always found it fascinating how macroeconomic issues can have such widely varying microeconomic impacts. When an economy declines, let’s say 10%, the impact on individual businesses can be all over the map.


Best packaging practice – How to create a great private label packaging!

By Manuel Becvar

Hey guys,

I recently asked in ImportDojo’s Facebook group what topics you would like me to cover on my next blog post and I listened.


6 must-know facts about Yiwu's wholesale market

by Zhu Jing 


Talk of sourcing suppliers or products in China usually brings to mind first and foremost Guangzhou and Shenzhen. And for importers who do not have a lot of experience trading in China, it is likely they have never even heard of the town of Yiwu, home to what has been dubbed the “world’s largest wholesale center” and our company.


Podcast: Go inside China manufacturing with Global Sources CIO Peter Zapf

Peter Zapf, Global Sources CIO, joined Seller Dojo recently for a podcast. In it, he talked about what importers need to keep in mind when selecting China suppliers, the misconceptions buyers have about suppliers and how buyer/supplier communication is vital in ensuring product quality.


Tips & tricks for using from an importer with 10 years' experience

Manuel Becvar of ImportDojo describes Global Sources as the most professional supplier directory. His webcast shows tips on how he uses Global Sources. Check it out here:


Basic China compliance rules For SMEs

by Dan Harris

As a member of AmCham China, I get a copy every month of AmCham’s magazine, Business Now. This month’s issue [hard copy version] has an article by John Zane, entitled, Playing by the Rules: As compliance comes to the fore, small businesses must take action. The thrust of the article (and the thrust of many a blog post we’ve done over the past year) is that China is cracking down on all businesses, foreign and domestic, large and small, and because of that, foreign SMEs need to initiate a compliance program to ensure that they are understanding and complying with China’s legal system.  


China WFOEs: Don’t let this happen to you

by Dan Harris

Every so often, someone with a WFOE about to be shut down by the Chinese government (broadly defined) contacts us. These contacts seem to accelerate during economic slowdowns and that has been the case of late. The following is a totally scripted composite of some of the emails we have received relating to a WFOE shut down:


WEEE regulation for importers and manufacturers in China

by Asia Quality Focus team 

WEEE regulation for importers and manufacturers in ChinaThe WEEE regulation is represented by the black and white crossed bin which means that the product should subject to a separate collection at the end of life. It refers to the standard EN 50419 which is applied to all electric equipment since august 2005. Most of us recognize this image and find it on all product exported from China however do we really know what is the WEEE regulation for and what are the requirements of the WEE regulation for importers and manufacturers in China? 


Compliance in China -- Challenges of transparency, interpretation & enforcement

by Mike Bellamy

While there is a law/policy/regulation/suggested standard promulgated by Beijing for almost every aspect of doing business, for the typical Western owned company operating in China, the problem is two-fold:


How to get legal in China. Now

by Dan Harris

During the past year, the number of calls from American (sometimes European) SMEs pushed out of China for having operated there without a legal entity (such as a WFOE) have doubled? What is causing this increase of foreign companies getting shut down in China? It’s the economy, stupid.


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