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Basic statistics any Chinese factory can understand

By Renaud Anjoran

Whenever some product attributes can be measured, statistical tools can help understand the situation, prioritize improvement efforts, and even help those improvement efforts.


Stylistic tips for your promo product RFQ – Part 2

By Li Zhang

In your promo product sourcing; the more professional the RFQ, you increase the likelihood of a professional price quote from your Chinese vendors.

Successful promo product campaigns start with a professional RFQ. In China sourcing, if the RFQ lacks, it’s no surprise that the vendor’s price quote also lacks. Initial low effort sets the project on the WRONG path. From the beginning, work to optimize your promo product RFQ.


Buying in Asia and selling on eBay & Amazon: By Mike Michelini

By Fredrik Grönkvist

Mike Michelini is a serial entrepreneur from New York. After a few years on Wall Street, he moved to Shenzhen – a place he has called home for close to a decade already.


3 reasons to conduct production monitoring

By Chao Wang

production monitoring

Organized and disorganized factories have one thing in common: problems can occur at any time and affect production. A disorganized factory will typically be more prone to issues. But that’s not to say an organized factory is immune to accidents, setbacks and poor product quality. All factories are vulnerable, especially those working with more complicated products (related: 4 Challenges of QC for Complicated Products).


Things to include in your promotional product RFQ – Part 1

By Li Zhang

A sloppy RFQ, leads to a sloppy quote, leads to a nightmare of a project. Let's start out on the right foot with a proper request for quotation.

An effective RFQ is the start of a successful China sourcing project. As we all know the RFQ is the “request for quotation” and it’s basically when you contact the supplier to provide you a quote. So what to include in that RFQ? Let’s get to it….


Product labeling regulations in the US, the EU and Australia

By Fredrik Grönkvist

About to import products from China or elsewhere in Asia? Then you need to ensure that the products are properly labeled.


5 keys to successful sourcing from China

By Chao Wang

sourcing in china

If you were about to invest a million dollars in a company, you probably wouldn’t do it without a little research beforehand. Similarly, if you’re going to invest in sourcing products from China, you’d be wise to practice due diligence.


How to scale your (Amazon) business

By Manuel Becvar

A lot of people ask me how to scale their business. They get to a point where they have 2, 3 maybe 5 products online and are either facing cash flow problems or don’t know what to do to grow to the next magical number. 


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