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Product sourcing in China: 8 tricks for small businesses to keep costs down

By Sky Chaz

You know clearly that well begun is half done, and I hope you will also agree with when I say: Costing down your product sourcing is already half the success for your business.


Trade shows in Hong Kong & Guangzhou – April 2017

Here are dates and key product categories of sourcing exhibitions being held in Hong Kong and Guangzhou in April 2017.


Why importers must understand the 5 types of suppliers In China

By Adam Gilbourne

factory 3

The biggest challenge importers face when sourcing from China is selecting the right manufacturer.  If you don’t understand the type of factory you are buying from you risk paying higher prices, opening yourself up to IP theft, having delays with lead times, receiving defective product, or in the worst case, losing your initial down payment as the factory collapses due to unpaid debt obligations.


5 important habits when working with overseas suppliers

By Jacob Yount

Importers that gain traction and succeed when dealing with overseas suppliers, tend to develop the right habits. When every order becomes painful and mired with the same problems, a little digging will show that person doesn’t consistently apply the right habits. I’m laying out 5 import pieces of discipline that’ll help when managing overseas suppliers.


Real-time inspection updates on WeChat/Whatsapp? Really?

By Renaud Anjoran

More and more potential clients ask us, ‘can your inspector do real-time updates, in photos or videos, on WeChat or Whatsapp?’ I thought it was an interesting topic.


Making changes once mass production starts

By Li Zhang

Making changes, once mass production starts, can either be tricky, difficult or all the way up to impossible. In this post, let’s look at how to handle when making changes are required after mass production has already started.


Incoterms in plain English: A freight shipping guide

By John Edmonds

Freight incoterms are the standard contract term used in sales contracts with importing/exporting to define responsibility and liability for shipment of the goods. In plain Englishhow far along the process will the supplier ensure that the goods are moved, and at what point does the buyer take over the shipment process.


Product liability insurance

By Manuel Becvar

Do you need Product Liability Insurance (PLI)?


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