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Evaluating Suppliers

Why importers must understand the 5 types of suppliers In China

By Adam Gilbourne

factory 3

The biggest challenge importers face when sourcing from China is selecting the right manufacturer.  If you don’t understand the type of factory you are buying from you risk paying higher prices, opening yourself up to IP theft, having delays with lead times, receiving defective product, or in the worst case, losing your initial down payment as the factory collapses due to unpaid debt obligations.


How understanding China’s manufacturing geography leads to better sourcing results

By Adam Gilbourne


As an importer it’s vital you’re familiar with China’s manufacturing geography as price levels, quality, logistic costs and manufacturing capabilities all vary region to region. The information that can be gained through a quick survey of manufacturers and their location is significant and should not be ignored.


How to avoid working with factories that close unexpectedly

By Stacy Bruce

factories that close unexpectedly

You’ve been watching the calendar, anxiously awaiting that first shipment of leather handbags that’ll mean the beginning of your online business. You’ve already received orders, and it’s looking like your bags will be a sell-out success.


China compliance: A basic checklist

By Dan Harris

China compliance Checklist

With the last quarter of the year approaching and China increasing its scrutiny of foreign businesses operating in China, now seems like the right time to talk about what such businesses (WFOEs, joint ventures, representative offices) should be doing to protect themselves on the compliance front.


How to know if your China factory is good?

By Renaud Anjoran

I hear buyers talk about their “good suppliers” and their “bad suppliers”, yet they are often unable to pinpoint what makes them “good” or “bad”.


The danger of choosing a “cheap” Chinese factory

By Renaud Anjoran

One of the biggest mistakes importers make is to work with a “cheap” factory. The price is good, but you need to revise your expectations way, way down.


NDAs, agreements and having your own tooling in China

By Manuel Becvar

A lot of people are concerned when they produce their own design in China that the supplier will copy it and sell to other sellers.


Sending a regular survey to your Chinese suppliers

By Renaud Anjoran

Large companies usually send an annual survey to their suppliers. The feedback helps them see opportunities for improvements and gives them data to justify some of those improvements.


China factory audits: What questions should you be asking?

By John O’ Grady


Whether it's yourself, a colleague or a 3rd party sourcing company that conducts your China Factory Audits - it's an operation that simply needs to be done at some point. Keeping costs down is a wonderful thing put we need to be mindful not to squeeze to tight in this area - it's really about managing your risk. China factory visits can be really great, really difficult, can be very interesting and can even be a bit shocking. You are certain to have experiences to conjure lots of different adjectives, boring is unlikely to be one of them no matter how many visits you make.


Assessing Chinese suppliers. What information should you be recording?

By John O' Grady


A good chunk of your time needs to be invested in analyzing the information that you gather from suppliers in China. Sourcing from China and assessing Chinese suppliers is time consuming full stop. It's even more so if you are not organized. Today let's talk about how you can be a bit more organized in this area.


Top 7 benefits of China factory inspections

By John O’ Grady


I know many of my peers have taken up considerable white space on this topic's super important.


Good visual management changes how internal auditing gets done

By Renaud Anjoran

The concept of visual management is often misunderstood, yet it is quite an important topic.


Pre-production sample order terms: A complete guide

By Fredrik Grönkvist

Developing pre-production samples is the only way to truly test the viability of a new design, and the manufacturers capability to produce it. It’s also a minefield, that can cost you months, sometimes up to a year, in lost time if not managed properly.


3 ways to monitor environmental management systems

By Vicky Yu

environmental management systems

Every year, 1.6 million people in China die from lung, heart and other health problems related to air pollution.


Establishing a potential China supplier’s interest

By Jacob Yount

The existence of the supplier does not determine your China supplier's interest. You may have to put forth effort.

A misconception seems to be that if the supplier is operative, has a website, a B2B page, then by default they must be interested in all inquiries. Learning to gauge a potential China supplier’s interest will help you save time and headache in your initial RFQ stages.


5 qualities of a good supplier

By Oliver Knack

good supplier

Remember that old T.V. show The Dating Game? A bachelorette could choose to go on a date with one of three bachelors who were hidden from view. After a brief Q&A session, the chosen bachelor was revealed and the bachelorette would join him on a date.


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