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China Cultural Considerations

The Chinese New Year and its impact on your business

By Manuel Becvar

So what is all this Chinese New Year delays and why are your factories telling you their staff hasn’t come back and they can’t make samples yet or production will be delayed?


How to avoid logistical delays to your shipment during the Chinese New Year?

by Ashish Monga 

In the first part of this series we looked at what the “Chinese New Year” is all about & what happens in China during this time while in the second part, we focused on the impact of the Chinese New Year on “Production Timings” & “Product quality” as well as how Chinese factories normally prioritize their orders and clients.


How does the Chinese New Year impact product quality and production time?

by Ashish Monga

In the first part of this series we looked at what the “Chinese New Year” is all about & what happens in China during this time.

In this part on the “Chinese New Year” series, we look at the impact of Chinese New Year on “Production Timings” as well as “Product quality”. We also briefly discussed the criteria factories often used to prioritize which orders hit the production lines first.


What happens in Chinese factories during the Chinese New Year?

by Ashish Monga

We are once again at that time of the year where we have to try & convince new importers & sometimes existing importers to speed up their decision making due to the approaching Chinese New year holiday. When they ask us the dates and realise it’s nearly 3 months away, they are bemused as to why we are pushing them. You could potentially get three rounds of production completed in that time, then why the fuss?


A guide to business etiquette in China

by Adam Gilbourne

With Chinese business representing an increasingly large, if not dominant, portion of the world’s trade, it is necessary that business travellers learn the appropriate etiquette before conducting business in China.


Cultural caveats: On wining and dining

by John Niggl

Have you ever been in the position of a guest who tries graciously to refuse a lavish gift or over-generous act of kindness from a host? How about the sometimes awkward task of declining an invitation?


The art of giving business cards in China

by Asia Quality Focus team

In order to better communicate with your Chinese supplier or Chinese vendor, you should know how to give and receive business cards in China.

See below the 10 rules about giving and receiving business cards in China.


China reality check. Please.

by Dan Harris

Got an email today in response to our post, When NOT To Fire Your “China Guy.”  The email was from my friend and China hand, Kurt Braybrook, owner of Fatwater Consultancy. Kurt’s email essentially said, “you got that right” and it also referred to a piece he wrote on China six years ago. Kurt says that piece is as accurate today as it was then and he sees it as a good follow up to our “China Guy” post. I generally agree, so here we go with Kurt’s slice of China reality:


Western negotiators in China must know the difference between guanxi and corruption

by Andrew Hupert

If you are arranging business deals in China, it is just a matter of time before someone tells you that A) everyone does it, and B) it is the only way to get things done in China. How can negotiators in China draw the line between cordial relationships and graft?


Doing business in China - When do you want it?

by Andrew Hupert

One of the exciting things about working with Chinese partners is the tight lead times. I am in talks with two groups right now about partnerships – an American and a Chinese. One conversation has been proceeding steadily for over a year, and will reach fruition in about 3 weeks. The other popped up out of the blue a week ago – and will go live in about 3 weeks. If you have experience doing business in China, you should have already guessed that the hyper-drive team is Chinese.  Jia You!


China vs.US management: Focus on the fundamental differences

by Andrew Hupert

Chinese view markets as exclusive territory, but IP as universal and free to all. Americans see markets as open but IP as private property. This is a pretty fundamental difference in orientation, and it is not getting better. If anything, the trends are pointing towards further divergence. International managers need a strategy to deal with the legal and commercial differences in the way Chinese and western administrations approach basic business practices.


You cannot solve Chinese problems with western solutions

by Andrew Hupert

An American negotiator we know in China thought he was being a smart, heads-up negotiator. He directed his Shanghai team to put a buy-back clause in a recent purchase order to their local supplier, giving his company some downside protection. When his company purchased material XYZ last year, the seller was required to buy back an unsold percentage of the order at the same price.This American then told his boss they are bullet proof. All good.


Creativity–It is not that they cannot…

by David Dayton

…They’ve just never been asked to do it before.

Interesting article in the WSJ about the lack of creativity in Asian graduates.  But I think that the article misses the point.


Culture of Copy

The money quote from Bianca Bosker, the Author of Original Copies, in an interview with the WSJ China Real Times Reporter James T. Areddy:


Chinese New Year: how to manage the disruption?

My friend Brad Pritts was kind enough to share the advice he gives to importers who are not familiar with Chinese New Year.


China non disclosure agreements (NDA). Done aLL the time.

Just responded to an email from a client that went something like this:

A couple of the potential manufacturers to whom we are showing the NDA you did for us are saying that “we don’t respect” them and that these sorts of agreements are “not done in China” in the _____ industry.  Is this true?


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