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CSF: Electronics & Components - Latest electronic components underscore eco-friendly features

Energy-saving and power-efficient products take centerstage at the China Sourcing Fair: Electronics & Components in Hong Kong.

LED and solar-powered products, batteries and power supplies headline the environmental protection and innovation trends anticipated at the China Sourcing Fair: Electronics & Components. The show, which is the world’s biggest assembly of Greater China suppliers, will run on Oct. 12 to 15, 2010 at the AsiaWorld-Expo in Hong Kong.

Latest electronic components underscore environment-friendly features
Makers from mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan showcase their new electronic components at the fair.

Major LED display companies will showcase one- to full-color wall, floor and curtain displays and video cloths as innovative applications of LED technology. Buyers can count on product demonstrations at the fair. Both indoor and outdoor units will be on exhibit, including portable displays-on-wheels, perimeter types and scoreboards.

Energy-efficient lighting products are expected to be among the categories that will draw the most interest. A number of suppliers are turning up with LED light tubes in a variety of wattage, socket type and color temperature options. The choices extend to tube base material, which can be plastic or aluminum.

Some high-power LED bulbs are bound to amaze buyers with their complex heatsink designs. Many makers are also set to introduce reels of color LED strips composed of SMD diodes in water-resistant casings. Various other household lighting fixtures to be put on view will be outfitted with LEDs. These will include desk lamps, down- and spotlights, light bulbs and wall washers.

Solar charging products will be presented in assorted portable form factors. The selections include thin panels with metal housings, dock designs, sliding styles, voltage-adjustable versions, miniature 400mAh editions and multipanel sheets for car window and backpack use.

The latest releases of replacement batteries for major brands of digital cameras, camcorders, laptops, mobile phones, cordless phones, GPS devices and handheld gaming gadgets will be at the show floor as well. Visitors will have the chance to examine longer-lasting and cheaper-to-manufacture battery products. Suppliers of Li-ion phosphate batteries will be on hand with samples suitable for cordless power tools, and electric bicycles and golf carts.

Buyers will likewise find various booths filled with switching power supplies, power transformers, linear adapters, battery chargers and power adapters. Many of the suppliers offering these categories are long-time providers to major electronics brands. Their products are backed by international safety approvals such as UL, cUL, CE, GS, EMC, FCC and CSA, among others.

Buyers can also expect to find their cable and assembly requirement from veteran suppliers at the fair. Coaxial, networking and optical cables in a range of standard and custom-made configurations will be on display. Exhibit shelves will showcase selections of patch cords for HDMI 1.4, USB 3.0, SATA and Cat 6, and complex wire harnesses. Accessories such as telephone jacks, ADSL splitters and adapters would also be available from one-stop shop solution providers.

Besides exhibitor booths, show visitors will be able to check out up-and-coming electronics brands at the Brand Zone. They can also attend the Conference Program that will have industry professionals as resource persons and consult with import/export veterans at Ask the Experts.

The China Sourcing Fair: Electronics & Components is colocated with the China Sourcing Fair: Security Products and Korea Sourcing Fair: Electronics & Components.

ABP (Shenzhen) Electronics Ltd
Amtek Technology Co. Ltd
Baoding Fengfan New Energy Co. Ltd
BMZ Co. Ltd
Cabletree Industrial Co. Ltd
Cherng Weei Technology Corp.
Chyao Shiunn Electronic Industrial Ltd
Comways (H.K.) Electronics Ltd
Co-Wave Enterprise Co. Ltd
Dongguan Anhuan Electronic Co. Ltd

Latest electronic components underscore environment-friendly features
ABP (Shenzhen) Electronics Ltd

Guangdong province-based ABP offers two- to 30-layer PCBs made of materials sourced from the US, Japan and China. Products come with thick gold plating, and buried and blind vias.

The maker also provides a range of services, including electronic component sourcing, PCB assembly and customized packing design. It caters to more than 300 global clients from the telecom, industrial test and control, medical equipment, power supply and research sectors.
Booth no. 11M12

Latest electronic components underscore environment-friendly features
Amtek Technology Co. Ltd

A major connectors manufacturer for nearly 20 years, Amtek boasts strong R&D capability, offering a range of standard and custom styles and configurations for various applications.
that suit almost any design requirements.

About 50 percent of facilities in Amtek’s China factory are automated, 35 percent are semiautomatic and the rest manually operated. The plant houses EDMs, cutters, injection, grinding and assembly equipment, punches, packing tools and plastic resin mixers.
Booth no. 9F02

Latest electronic components underscore environment-friendly features
Baoding Fengfan New Energy Co. Ltd

Using raw materials sourced from the US, Switzerland, France and Japan, Baoding Fengfan produces RoHS-compliant Li-ion batteries. Products also meet UL, CE and UN38.3 standards and are available in 1865, 18500, 26650 and 14500 models.

To ensure quality further, the maker uses Munters-brand apparatus to maintain 1 percent humidity in the production area. Investment in such equipment has already reached $88 million. Machines are generally from the US, France, Canada and Japan.
Booth no. 9C14

Latest electronic components underscore environment-friendly features
BMZ Co. Ltd

BMZ leverages 15 years of expertise in battery and charger production to offer models that meet CE and UL requirements. Backed by 15 skilled designers, the maker rolls out 100 new models monthly. It caters to more than 100 buyers from North America and Europe.

The company owns a 4,000sqm factory equipped with machines from Germany. Operations are manned by a team of 150, including two in the QC department carrying out inspections at each production stage.
Booth no. 9D11

Latest electronic components underscore environment-friendly features
Cabletree Industrial Co. Ltd

Established in 1983, Cabletree positions itself as a total-solutions provider, with tooling, machining, stamping, plastic injection and product testing among the services offered. Diagnostic adapters and cable assemblies are the main categories the company manufactures. OEM and ODM orders are accepted.

A 30-member QC team ensures products are all RoHS-compliant. The Taiwan-based supplier has a 10,000sqm factory in Guangdong province, mainland China, established in 2001. The plant houses 15 manufacturing lines with imported and domestic equipment.
Booth no. 9F06

Latest electronic components underscore environment-friendly features
Cherng Weei Technology Corp.

Cherng Weei has been producing pin headers, IC sockets, and USB, IEEE 1394 and FFC/FPC cables and connectors since 1994, generating between $10 million and $15 million in revenue annually. It accepts OEM and ODM orders.

The company operates an ISO 9001:2000-certified 990sqm factory in Taipei. Its testing facility is equipped with electrical tension, continuity and telephone core testers. Emphasizing quality, Cherng Weei maintains a reject rate of a less than 0.2 percent.
Booth no. 9G05

Latest electronic components underscore environment-friendly features
Chyao Shiunn Electronic Industrial Ltd

Established in 1985, connectors maker Chyao Shiunn uses materials sourced from Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. The supplier is backed by a 10-member design team and Japan technology and invests significantly in R&D to strengthen OEM capability.

The ISO 14001:2004- and OHSAS 18001-certified maker is based in Taiwan and caters to clients from the US, the UK, Italy, Japan, mainland China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. Acer, Lite-On, SDN and BHD are among its top clients.
Booth no. 9H33

Latest electronic components underscore environment-friendly features
Comways (H.K.) Electronics Ltd

Comways is an ISO 9001:2000-certified maker of crystal components. It offers RoHS-compliant surface-mount quartz crystals that operate in kHz and MHz frequencies. These are typically applied in tuning forks.

To ensure consistent quality and minimize production costs, the company adopts automated manufacturing processes. Its factory is equipped with measuring, frequency calibrating and sorting machines.
Booth no. 9J27

Latest electronic components underscore environment-friendly features
Co-Wave Enterprise Co. Ltd

Established in 1980, Co-Wave manufactures digital optical fiber cable and OFC interconnects using materials sourced from Japan-based companies such as I-Pex, Murata and Hirose.

Co-Wave has roughly 10 years of OEM experience. It also provides design services. The company owns a 2,000sqm factory with equipment from the US, Europe and Japan, including cutting, molding, braiding, insulation, spiral and terminal machines. There are 50 production personnel in the plant.
Booth no. 9H12

Latest electronic components underscore environment-friendly features
Dongguan Anhuan Electronic Co. Ltd

Located in one of Guangdong province’s major economic hubs, Dongguan Anhuan counts GN, Sennheiser, WKK and VTech among its key customers for various cables and cable assemblies. Its UL1581 VW-1-rated models are used in headsets, earphones, telephones, laptops, LCDs and audio systems. Earphone cable assemblies are made of tin-plated copper, Kevlar twisted wires, Hyterl insulation and TUP housings.

Dongguan Anhuan is certified to ISO 9001:2008 and 14001:2004. It ensures product quality by adopting 2D measuring instruments, salt-spray, aging and tensile strength testers, 100RX analyzers and color assessment cabinets.
Booth no. 9G30

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