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CSF: Security Products - Emergency dialers, surveillance cameras lead Security Products Show

Mobile communication and navigation continue to grab the limelight at the China Sourcing Fair: Electronics & Components.

GPS devices and mobile phones and accessories will lead the telecom and wireless product exhibits at the autumn edition of the China Sourcing Fair: Electronics & Components. The semiannual specialized event, which will run from Oct. 12 to 15 this year at the AsiaWorld-Expo, brings out the latest trends in Greater China region electronics industry.


Features-rich GPS and mobile phones, 'green' accessories lead electronics show
State-of-the-art telecom technologies will be on display at the four-day event as suppliers come back to showcase their latest products.

Mobile phones return as the star of the fair. Dual-SIM and -camera units with 3in touchscreens are expected to grab buyers' attention as releases boast new designs and better performance via more mature IC solutions, yet at lower prices. Suppliers project quadband TV phones will be best-sellers as well.

Selections will also include models with dual batteries, QWERTY keypads, and e-mail and Facebook link. Music phones with built-in sound effect IC and voice changer will likewise be presented.

Even low-cost, entry-level versions will be packed with value-added features such as FM radios, MP3/MP4 players, cameras, Bluetooth, games and stereo speakers.

The latest replacement batteries for leading brands of mobile phones, cordless phones, GPS devices and two-way radios will be introduced. Participating exhibitors include veteran suppliers to major OEM partners.

Product exhibits will also present new collections of mobile phone cases. Some suppliers follow the "green" trend, showcasing handmade bamboo cases, skins made of recycled PET, and organic cotton pouches. Leather, PU and PVC versions, including gem-studded and novelty styles, will be on display shelves as well.

Manufacturers of GPS devices will present their latest innovations. Selections highlight low-power yet highly sensitive GPS trackers, car navigation boxes with fast TTFF, and personal tracking systems with emergency buttons. Buyers will also find smartphone-compatible, all-weather Bluetooth receivers.

Navigators measuring 3.5 to 7in will be almost indistinguishable from portable media players for merging MP3/MP4 playback, games, FM transmitter, e-book reader and slideshow functions. Although most designs will have a universal appeal, some suppliers are launching feminine, masculine, sporty or youthful exterior finishes to target specific market segments.

Besides checking exhibitor booths, show visitors will be able to check up-and-coming brands on display at the Brand Zone. They could also get insights from industry professionals at the Conference Program and consult with business authorities at Ask the Experts.

The China Sourcing Fair: Electronics & Components is colocated with the China Sourcing Fair: Security Products and Korea Sourcing Fair: Electronics & Components.

Arknav International Inc.
ATrack Technology Inc.
Besstec Electronics (Zhongshan) Co. Ltd
Best Talent Industrial Ltd
Chang Hong Technology Co. Ltd
Chief Tek Electronics Co. Ltd
China New Century Communication Electronics Co. Ltd
Ching Wei Telcom Co. Ltd
Chinmore Industry Co. Ltd
Cosmopolitan Electric Industry Co. Ltd

Features-rich GPS and mobile phones, 'green' accessories lead electronics show
Arknav International Inc.

Taiwan-based Arknav offers GPS and telematics products and peripherals, including antennas and integrated tracking solutions. Engineers in its R&D department have more than 20 years?industry and field operation experience, with many having worked with the military, which pioneered the technology.

Samples of SiRFstar III-driven GPS solutions are given to prospective OEM/ODM buyers. Shipments are delivered within one month and online technical support and aftersales services provided.
Booth no. 1H13

Features-rich GPS and mobile phones, 'green' accessories lead electronics show
ATrack Technology Inc.

Founded by GPS and automatic vehicle location tracking system professionals, ATrack provides aftersales services and boasts trained technical support staff rendering customer assistance.

The supplier also has a manufacturing partnership with AboCom, which is tasked with turning out all GPS trackers in its factory. The plant is equipped with at least 10 SMT lines and automatic testing and assembly machines. Products undergo QC and stability checks to ensure that workmanship complies with ATrack's standards.
Booth no. 1F16

Features-rich GPS and mobile phones, 'green' accessories lead electronics show
Besstec Electronics (Zhongshan) Co. Ltd

Besstec has been specializing in consumer electronics accessories since 2003. Its range, including leather, PU and silicone cases and bags for mobile phones and laptops, has grown to more than 300 models. Ninety percent of output is exported to the US, the UK, Canada, Germany and Japan.

R&D engineers roll out 15 models monthly, and render samples based on customers' specifications. The turnaround for prototypes is five days. Production is carried out in ISO 9001:2000- and 14000-accredited factory, with a team of 120 releasing up to 120,000 units monthly.
Booth no. 5E13

Features-rich GPS and mobile phones, 'green' accessories lead electronics show
Best Talent Industrial Ltd

Kenwood and Motorola are two of Best Talent major clients for earphones and microphones. The supplier selection also covers several models of intercoms, CD and MP3 players and mobile phones. Two-way handheld radios are likewise produced.

With an ISO 9001:2000-accredited factory, Best Talent turns out 600,000 earphones and microphones every month. Many units come in acoustic and voice-activated versions. An 18-member R&D team customizes design or technical specifications. More than 80 percent of output is exported to North America and Europe.
Booth no. 7Q14

Features-rich GPS and mobile phones, 'green' accessories lead electronics show
Chang Hong Technology Co. Ltd

A Taiwan-based producer of antennas and components, and connectors and cable assemblies, Chang Hong tests units individually using network analyzers and anechoic chambers. High QC standards keep the defect rate to below 0.01 percent. About 100,000 models are turned out monthly, all of which are RoHS-compliant and have a 1-year warranty.

Long-term relationships with material suppliers enable Chang Hong to competitive quotes. Costs are streamlined as engineers deal directly with clients, eliminating the need for a sales team.
Booth no. 7S31

Features-rich GPS and mobile phones, 'green' accessories lead electronics show
Chief Tek Electronics Co. Ltd

Chief Tek radios use components from Mitsubishi, Murata and Hitachi, and have military-grade parts and weather-resistant die-cast frames. About 6,000 units are made monthly in the company factories in Taiwan and mainland China. Products undergo testing to keep a pass rate of at least 99 percent.

Exports go to the US, Canada, France and Germany. Retail-ready items bear CE, FCC, ETSI, CSA, CMII and PPT authentication. Devices that conform to MIL-STD-810E and MIL-STD-461C standards are offered.
Booth no. 7R40

Features-rich GPS and mobile phones, 'green' accessories lead electronics show
China New Century Communication Electronics Co. Ltd

China New Century has been developing, manufacturing and marketing two-way radios for more than 20 years, adopting only Toshiba, ST and NEC components. Product inspections are conducted in-house utilizing HP8752C, HP8594E, HP54621A and HP8921A equipment.

The 15,000sqm, ISO 9001:2000-accredited factory has Panasonic and Juki SMT machines and turns out 60,000 units monthly. Models bear CE, FCC and RoHS marks. OEM/ODM projects are accommodated on most wireless communication devices.
Booth no. 7T20

Features-rich GPS and mobile phones, 'green' accessories lead electronics show
Ching Wei Telcom Co. Ltd

Ching Wei is offers accessories for iPods. Models for various brands of PDAs and GPS devices are also available. The range covers leather, metal and silicon cases, standard and in-car chargers, and sync cables, cradles and mounts.

The supplier provides free prototyping services for ODM orders. In-house R&D engineers can tailor existing products to buyers' specifications. A production facility is maintained in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, where the overhead is relatively lower. QC tests are performed according to clients' standards.
Booth no. 6Q36

Features-rich GPS and mobile phones, 'green' accessories lead electronics show
Chinmore Industry Co. Ltd

More than 400 models of telecom components are in Chinmore's portfolio. The product line includes GPS, GSM, 3G, WLAN or WiMax antennas, RF or coaxial connectors, and adapters, cables and assemblies. TV broadcasting and satellite communication are the typical applications.

Japan-trained R&D engineers leverage their 10 years' experience in developing new models, utilizing VTVM meters, oscilloscopes and spectrum analyzers to check product performance. Units are made in ISO 9001:2000- and ISO 14001-certified plant in Taiwan. The QC team adopts precision inspection equipment in AQL.
Booth no. 7T11

Features-rich GPS and mobile phones, 'green' accessories lead electronics show
Cosmopolitan Electric Industry Co. Ltd

Cosmopolitan is a maker of rotary and magnetic telephones, and fully digital PBX systems, supplying Chung Hwa Telecom devices for 35 years. It likewise provides single-line units to several PTTs in Europe.

The company offers hybrid IP connection telephony systems for all businesses. Models have ports, CO and extensions of various capacity. Cosmopolitan also has technical and installation and maintenance support, and welcomes custom specifications.
Booth no. 7R39

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