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KSF: The latest connector and power supply selections top Korea show

Electronic components from South Korea makers will be showcased during the exhibit.

Popular and emerging exporters of electronics products from South Korea will demonstrate their latest innovations at the Korea Sourcing Fair: Electronics & Components in Hong Kong from April 12 to 15. All-in-one car entertainment systems, digital information displays, and accessories for smartphones and tablet PCs will be among hundreds of products that will be introduced to global buyers. The specialized event will be held at the AsiaWorld-Expo.

The latest connector and power supply selections top Korea show
  An array of electronic components, including board-to-board connectors and switch mode power supplies, will be featured at the four-day event.

South Korea-designed board-to-board connectors will take center stage at the electronic components section. Featured models will be available in various positions and 0.5 to 2.54mm pitch. RoHS-compliant shield can clips, emboss clips, 0.6 to 0.8mm conductive rubbers, reflow-solderable metal dome switches, SMD RF cable clips and strip connectors will be offered at competitive prices.

Visitors will also find leading-edge power supply-measuring equipment. Programmable DC switch mode power supplies, system power supplies, and regulated DC single-output power supplies will be ready for testing.

In the auto parts and accessories section, car security specialists will present car black boxes with TFT-LCD screens and optional dual-channel recording of speed and location information. The devices can integrate a microphone and digital camera, or bundle a miniature, water-resistant camera, including wide-angle versions. Two-way car alarm and starter systems to be featured have color OLED screens, vibration and temperature sensors, digital door locks and bypass function.

The latest mobile DVRs, motorized rear cameras, wireless auto parking sensors, HID xenon lamps and headlight conversion kits will be demonstrated during the four-day fair.

GPS trackers at the fair will provide 30fps continuous and event recording in MPEG-4 format, SD card storage, video output and time stamp function. Some 3G and Wi-Fi-enabled models will support multichannel sensor inputs, Web browsing and various search methods.

At the in-car electronics pavilion, buyers can sample a range of widescreen monitors and TVs. Ceiling-mounted, flip-down models from 7 to 20in integrate an infrared transmitter, DVD player, FM radio receiver, detachable A/V control box and ceiling lamp. Stand and headrest types from 3.5 to 9in will be on view as well.

For theft prevention, 2-DIN all-in-one multimedia entertainment systems with detachable faceplate will be presented. Top-of-the-line devices will pack high-brightness 800x400-pixel TFT displays, Mini USB ports, SD slots, Bluetooth, high-sensitivity digital TV tuners, intuitive touchscreen interfaces, and steering wheel remote controls. On-dash versions will also be offered.

Other in-car electronics include rearview mirror monitors with OSD, remote controls, built-in speakers and optional analog/digital TV tuners. Some suppliers will pitch accessories such as diversity antennas, detachable A/V boxes, power converters, cigarette lighter socket splitters, 2-channel IR headphones, audio transmitters, video amplifiers and headrest stands.

Hundreds of accessories for the iPad and other tablet PCs are expected at the exhibitor booths. A number of innovative crystal cases will have adjustable genuine leather straps for a firm and convenient grip during extended use.

Sophisticated USB flash drives that double as styli for both capacitive and resistive touchscreens will be introduced. The stylus’ tip is a soft fiber brush to avoid scratching the screen surface. The devices are water-resistant and come with 360-degree swivel caps.

Among exhibitors of computer terminals and peripherals, some will be addressing industrial and panel computer requirements. These suppliers are experienced ODM providers of fanless panel PCs running Intel Atom CPUs, automotive PCs, and all-in-one digital information displays or DIDs in dual-panel, 1x4 to 4x4 configurations. Some suppliers’ expertise extends to industrial-grade solid state disks utilizing single- or multilevel cell flash memory ICs.

At the personal digital electronics exhibit, high-value digital voice recorders supporting linear pulse-code modulation stereo recording will be demonstrated. Key models will have 4GB or larger storage capacity, microSD slot, voice guide, LCD, playback speed control and alarm clock function.

Under accessories for handheld gaming devices, cases for the Nintendo DS Lite and DSi will showcase elegant laser-engraved drawings. Other models are coming in attractive finishes such as rubber, glossy, textured and mirror.
High-end vacuum tube amplifiers will be among the star products in the audio equipment and accessories segment.

Makers of mobile phone accessories will unveil dozens of new designs targeted at smartphone users. Portable cradles with powerful suction cups for Apple’s iPhone allow for angle adjustment, and windshield and dashboard mounting without the need for tape or screw. A plug-in flash for the iPhone and iPod touch features a high-brightness LED for optimal illumination during video recording and still image capture. A docking stand for recharging and synchronization is designed to resemble a worm-eaten apple in pastel colors or stylish corded desktop phones. Another innovative device converts the car cassette deck into a cradle for the iPhone or iPod.

Novelty protective cases come with donut-shaped or clip stands. Decorative metal stickers in assorted designs will jazz up and personalize any handset.

Buyers can also check out high-transparency screen protectors with hard surface coating, no-residue silicone adhesive, and anti-static, -fingerprint, -bacteria and -UV protection. Finger and neck straps, belt clips and Swarovsky crystal-studded charms will also be lining display shelves.

The Korea Sourcing Fair: Electronics & Components is colocated with the China Sourcing Fair: Electronics & Components, China Sourcing Fair: Security Products, and China Sourcing Fair: Solar & Energy Saving Products.

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