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10 reasons to visit a sourcing trade show in Asia

The decision to visit a show mainly depends on your business model, scale of business, and availability of financial resources. Here are some benefits of visiting a trade show:

1. Get new product ideas

Sourcing fairs are a great way to discover new products to source. Walk down the aisles and you might find an exciting new product you wouldn’t have thought about sourcing.


2. Be the first to source a new product

Many suppliers launch new products at trade shows, and these are not posted online until the shows are over. You get a first-mover advantage by discovering these products.


3. Speed up your sourcing

When sourcing online, you have to wait for the supplier to send you samples before you can decide whether or not a product is suitable for you. At trade shows, you can shortlist products much faster by seeing the product and asking all your questions.

You can select products manufacturers are displaying, or have them custom make a product for you. Most of the manufacturers will do custom work.


4. Touch and feel products

You can touch, feel and experience products. This experience can't be had from behind a computer screen.


5. Research a product category

If you are starting to source a product that you are not familiar with, trade shows enable you to research the product and identify the right questions to ask prospective suppliers.


6. Network with China sourcing experts and industry leaders

Co-located with Global Sources Electronics phase 2, Mobile Electronics and Gifts & Home shows is the Global Sources Summit – an event especially designed for Amazon and online sellers. Attendees will learn sourcing best practices, and network with industry experts and successful Amazon sellers at the event. Watch this video to learn more about the Summit.


7. See the next big thing

At the Global Sources Exhibitions, you can see and experience next-gen products and trends at the various experience zones.

Here are the most innovative products at the April 2016 Global Sources shows:

• 8 most innovative fashion products at Global Sources Fashion

• 5 most innovative products at the Global Sources Gifts & Home show

• 5 most innovative products – Mobile Electronics show

• 5 most innovative products at the Electronics show


8. Deepen relationships with current suppliers

If your current suppliers are attending a trade show, this is a great opportunity to meet up with them and deepen your relationship.


9. Find suppliers that don’t market themselves online

Some suppliers feel they get higher quality leads at trade shows, and therefore only market themselves at trade shows. Buyers sourcing online only won’t find these suppliers and their products. You generally won’t find these suppliers online, or you won’t find all their products online.


10. Find manufacturers more easily

Some of the largest online sites have become very crowded with agents and trading companies, making it more difficult to go direct to factory. While trade shows also have trading companies, it’s much easier to find manufacturers, and then differentiate them from agents and trading companies. For example, manufacturers tend to deal in a single product line, while agents may carry multiple product lines that require different raw materials and different manufacturing skills. The company that carries both a power bank and an umbrella is likely and agent or trading company.

Now take a look at the various trade shows being held in Hong Kong in Guangzhou in October 2016 to decide which ones you want to visit.


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