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The ultimate guide to Global Sources Hong Kong exhibition – Free eBook

by Ashish Monga 

I still remember the first time I came to China. I used to work in Beijing and was looking to set up a business that had something to do with international trade but that’s pretty much all I knew. I had no clear plan for my business model or an understanding of what value I could offer. 

Click Here to Download The Ultimate Guide to Global Sources Hong Kong Exhibition eBook

What I did know was that the best way to look for answers and inspiration would be by attending a lot of trade fairs. Global Sources show & the Canton Fair were some of the first ones I attended because they are by far the biggest and strategically timed in a way that with the right planning visitors can attend both of them in a single visit.

This was a real eye-opening experience for me & I went back with tons of inspiration and some knowledge.

Fast forward a few months from these visits. I moved to Guangzhou and have since attended both these trade shows on countless occasions. At my company, IMEX Sourcing Services, we don’t really use the fairs so much for sourcing but they are a great source of information about how the market is changing & the general mood of the market.

I have shared everything I had to share about the Canton Fair in an eBook earlier, that you can find here, so it was high time I did one for my other favorite sourcing exhibition, i.e. the Global Sources Hong Kong Exhibition and hence this eBook.


Click Here to Download The Ultimate Guide to Global Sources Hong Kong Exhibition eBook


I hope this eBook can serve as a valuable resource for all things “Global Sources”. I address the basic questions that any visitor to the fair would have: travelling to the fair, hotels, food, etc. and then some tips & tactics on finding the right suppliers, differentiating between factories & traders so you can get maximum value out of your visit & can minimize the (unpleasant) surprises that come with a “learn as you go” approach. I also touch open the various facets of the Global Sources B2B platform and how it integrates with the fair.

Hopefully the ebook will help you decide if a visit to the Global Sources show is worth your time and help you prepare and plan for it so that you can maximize your return from a visit to the Canton Fair.

If you read the Canton Fair eBook before, you will find some overlap between the two as some of the information like “differentiating between manufacturers & traders at the fairs”, preparing for the fair, etc. can be used for any trade fair, therefore, feel free to skip these sections.

In this eBook you will get:

·         5 Reasons why I love the Global Sources Show

·         5 Tips about Global Sources Shows that will make you a smart cookie

·         How reliable are suppliers at the Global Sources Exhibitions?

·         Details of Exhibition sessions and industries covered

·         The Ultimate Global Sources Show Checklist

Preparing for the Global sources exhibition

·         Determining your goals

·         Pre-Visit Research

·         Getting quotes from suppliers before your visit

·         Mastering the product & standing out as a hot prospect

·         Questions to ask suppliers at the fair

·         Recommendations for Travel & Hotels

·         Visa information

·         Things to carry with you

·         Do you need an interpreter for the show?

During the Global Sources show:

·         Different transport options for getting to AsiaWorld Expo in Hong Kong.

·         What to wear at the show

·         Exhibition venue decoded

·         Online services & the Global Sources App

·         Best Places to Eat Out and Enjoy Hong Kong Nightlife

·         Useful travel Tools & Emergency Numbers

Preparing for your trip back home

·         Following up with suppliers

And lots more!


Click Here to Download The Ultimate Guide to Global Sources Hong Kong Exhibition eBook


I am sure after reading this eBook you will still have questions about the Global Sources Exhibitions that may not have been answered. Please feel free to use the comments section under this post and I will try my best to respond to your questions.

Ashish Monga is the founder of IMEX Sourcing Services, a sourcing & Quality Control company helping people importing from China manage their costs & risks as well as develop new products. Ashish also does consultancy work in the field of international trade & import risk management. He is also the author of The Sourcing Blog, a blog focused on sourcing advice for importing from China.

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